Version Wind: Courage

Chapter 1: “A New Summer Love Is Okay”

By AnimaeChina

Author’s Note: I’m trying to go by Duet (and maybe a bit of the manga) on this one.... but I haven’t played the game. I want to go by Duet because it has more features and Marfisa-san only has the guide for that one (for just Angelique Limonges and Rosalia). So this won’t be very accurate, I’m sorry for the mistakes (there will probably be many). This fan fic might not be really original but.... it’s the best I can do!

“Let’s see what does Elysion need?” A blonde hair girl with green eyes and a red bow said. “It needs the sacrea of wind.” The girl said reading the forecast of Elysion. Then she turned to a man who looked like he was half dragon. “Good bye Pastha-san! Thank you for the forecast today!”

“Good bye, Angelique. Keep up the good work.” Pastha replied. Angelique then started walking to a big beautiful building.

“I wonder if Randy-sama is in today.” Angelique thought nervously as she approached a door. Angelique knocked on the door.

“Come in!” A voice answered making Angelique’s heart beat fast.

Angelique opened the door slowly and walked in tentatively.

“Oh, it’s you Angelique! I’m glad you came! How may I help you?” Randy asked cheerfully smiling.

Angelique’s heartbeat began to slow down once she saw him smile, “Um, I would like cultivation for Elysion please.” Angelique said softly.

“Okay, no problem, I’ll do it as soon as I can.” Randy replied.

“Arigato, Randy-sama.” Angelique replied smiling. When she left his office and closed the door behind her she leaned on it and put her hand over her heart.

“Why, why did my heart beat so fast just before?” Angelique wondered for a moment then walked away. As she was about to walk out of the Holy Palace she bumped into another girl with blue hair, eyes, and bow.

“Watch where you are going, Angelique!” The girl snapped.

“Gomen nasai, Rosalia! I won’t do it again!” Angelique said flustered.

In response she just laughed and said, “It’s all right I’m not hurt.”

“Yokatta.” Angelique breathed. Then she thought of something, “Hey Rosalia, would you like going to the cafe with me after the inspection period on Saturday?”

“I guess it would be all right.”

“Great! I’ll see you on Saturday!” Angelique said running and waving at the same time.


“Before I go home, I’ll think I’ll go to the park.” Angelique thought to herself. Angelique walked into the park and went straight to the fountain. “Whenever I look into this fountain it seems like it wants me to ask where somebody is, I guess it wouldn’t hurt if I tried once. I want to know where Randy-sama is right now, even though I just saw him a while ago.” Angelique wondered.

All of a sudden she saw a brown haired, blue eyed boy appear in the water. Angelique was so surprised that the water fountain did what she asked, she leaned in closer to take be sure.

Angelique almost fell into the water. “That’s--that’s Randy-sama!” She thought surprised. “What is he doing here? Is he done with the cultivation already?” Thinking frantically speed walking to the entrance. “I hope he doesn’t notice me.” She thought blushing.

Angelique’s hopeful thinking was all in vain Randy had caught sight of her.

“Angelique!” He cried waving a hand and running to her.

She quickly turned around, waving, and smiled back. “Randy-sama! What are you doing here? Are you already done with the cultivation?” Angelique asked, politely trying to hide her nervousness.

He nodded, “I’m surprised to find you here. Do you like to go out often?”

“Uh-huh.” She responded shyly. “Studying is okay but if you stay inside too long you could get sick.”

“That makes sense.” Randy said looking at her thoughtfully. “Uh...Angelique...” He began nervously.

“Nani?” She asked innocently.

“W-would you l-like to go out on a date with me on Sunday?” Randy stammered.

“Honto?!” Angelique yelped blushing.

Randy turned on her also blushing, “I know it’s surprising but you don’t mind do you?” He asked anxiously.

Angelique stepped closer to Randy, “I’d be glad to! Do you want me to come to your office or would you like to pick me up?” She responded animatedly.

“I’ll go pick you up!” Randy insisted.

Angelique smiled at him happily, “Yoshi! Ja ne! See you Sunday!” She said cheerfully, running out of the exit.

“Sunday...” Randy murmured.


On Saturday Angelique and Rosalia toured around the main island. Angelique actually got Rosalia to laugh a couple of times. They ate confectionaries and browsed in stores. Angelique found a store that specialized in wedding gowns and suits.

“Let’s go inside Rosalia!” She said, dragging Rosalia by the arm.

“Not so hard!” Rosalia snapped irritated.

The two queen candidates tried on a whole bunch of dresses, commenting each other, telling each other what dress is good and what dress is bad. Then Rosalia asked a question that startled Angelique. However, to Rosalia’s surprise Angelique answered it easily.

“Why are we in this store?” Rosalia asked eyeing Angelique inquisitively.

Angelique blushed and turned her head away from Rosalia, “I thought it would be appropriate for us to try on some wedding gowns because we won’t be able to get a chance once the examination is over.” She answered calmly but shyly.

“Angelique.” Rosalia breathed, staring at Angelique wide-eyed.


They went back to their rooms at sundown and said good night to each other. After Angelique changed into her pajamas she started thinking about Randy.

“I wonder what it would be like to get married to Randy-sama.” She thought wistfully. After a couple of seconds of silence she shook her head fiercely. “What are you think Angelique! You’re in a middle of an examination! You can’t be thinking like that many people are counting on you!” She scolded herself. When she lay on her bed she realized that Rosalia would scold her that way too. “I wonder if was a good idea to accept Randy-sama’s invitation.” She thought warily, closing her eyes.

Author’s Note: I hope you all like this first chapter. I hope I finish this story before summer vacation ends and maybe start an Angelique Limonges and Zephel story. I want to do stories pairing Angelique Limonges and guardians. I also want to write stories pairing Angelique Collet, the tutors, collaborators, and Arios. I would like some advice and criticism. I’ll even accept flames but it depends on how strong they are. E-mail me!