w e l c o m e !

All buttons to the left are clickable and will lead to a page listing that character's songs. You will find the romanized title, English translated title, and the title and code of the CD where the song appeared. Once you get to the song listing, simply click on the thumbnail of the album cover to link to the lyrics. Enjoy!

 c o n t r i b u t e ?

Many songs do not have either a romanization or translation yet. Want to help? That would be great! Please, only helpers with a good grasp of Japanese should volunteer. Bad help can be worse than no help.

A few guidelines for potential helpers:
+ I prefer that you actually own the CD so you can look at the lyrics instead of doing them by ear.
+ convert katakana English to real English (haato = heart).
+ keep particles separated ("no you ni" NOT "noyouni")
+ use proper line breaks (stay true to what's printed in the booklet)

Everyone gets credit for their work! You'll be forever immortalized on the song's page.

See any errors? Let me know and I'll make any necessary changes. You'll get credit for helping make corrections.

r a h e n n a ( a t ) r a h e n n a ( d o t ) c o m

 n e e d   m u s i c ?

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