a joint project by Rahenna and Marfisa

Welcome to the new version of AngeLYRIC! The site has been completely revamped with a new layout and better organization of lyrics. Each character has his own page now, all CD codes are given, and there are even thumbnails to help in identifying CDs.

This site was inspired in part by Marfisa's disgust with other anime lyric archives that stole her work and posted completely inaccurate lyrics - then refused to correct them! That will NOT be happening here. All romanizations and translations are either mine or used with permission, and any visitor is free to contribute lyrics and correct mistakes.

updated 05.14.05
Added five romanizations and made several corrections thanks to Wassery_harp! <3

updated 02.05.05
Added one romanization that Shasta donated... er... OVER a month ago. >.<

updated 12.23.04
Added five romanizations that Shasta donated... uh.. a month ago. >.<


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