Francis - Guardian of "Dark" which brings sleep

character voice: Sugita Tomokazu

basic character information

Eye Colorviolet-blue
Hair Colorslate blue
BirthdayMarch 12
Blood TypeAB
Originplanet Kirievir
Familymother, younger sister (Claire)
Hobbiesplaying the piano
Ideal Womanall (women are all goddesses to him)
Favorite Foodwhite wine sherbet
Favorite Drinkgin and lime
Disliked Foodliver
PersonalityA gentle-mannered youth. With a refined appearance and elegant smile, he comforts the hearts of people who see him. But, he never tries to show his heart.
Misc.When he was young, the shock he received when his father died in accident made him lose part of his memory. He worked as a psychotherapist before becoming a Guardian.

costume evolution



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