Angelique is a series of "neo-romance" games by Koei from Ruby Party with character designs by shoujo manga artist Yura Kairi and music by Kuzuu Chinatsu. The gimmick is that it the games are by women for women. To find out more about Angelique and Koei, click here.

You play a teenage girl named Angelique who has been chosen by Queen Angelique (all the Queens seem to be named Angelique) and her aide Dia as one of two candidates from the Royal Smorny Girlsf Academy to become the next Queen. You are transported to the Flying City to begin your final examination.

Each of you is given a land to populate. Whoever finishes populating their land first wins and becomes the next Queen. You do this with the help of nine Guardians who use their powers to make your people happy, or to devastate your rivalfs. Along the way, you become friends with the Guardians and can fall in love. If you choose love, you forfeit your chance to become Queen, but you live happily ever after.

the Angelique series

The first game appeared in 1994 and is called "Angelique" for the Super Famicom. Your rival is Rosalia. A "Premium Box" version came out later with a special edition comic book "Golden Recollections" by Yura Kairi. There was also an "Angelique Voice Fantasy" version that came with a CD which you could use in a regular CD player or with a special device for the Super Famicom. The CD had voice tracks which supplemented the text in some parts of the game.

Angelique Special
A remake of "Angelique" called "Angelique Special" came out on NECfs PC-FX which boasted voice, cinema intermissions, better graphics, and better music. After it was ported to the Playstation (PS), Sega Saturn (SS), and Windows95 (Win95), a "Premium Box" version was released that came with the CD label illustrated by Yura Kairi, a puzzle with a picture of all the Guardians by Yura Kairi, a memo pad, a pencil set (case, mechanical pencil, and eraser) and a set of 5 postcards (more gorgeous Yura Kairi illustrations).

Fushigi no Kuni no Angelique
"Fushigi no Kuni no Angelique" was a board game type adaptation of "Angelique" with all sorts of mini-games like quizzes and puzzle games. It included a new character: Catis, the mysterious merchant. It was originally for PC-FX and then ported to Win95, PS, and SS.

Angelique Special 2
"Angelique Special 2" was originally released for the PC-FX and takes place after Angelique Limoges has become Queen and Rosalia, her aide. A new cosmos has sprung from the ashes of the one that collapsed in the first game and now they have to find a Queen for it. The candidates are Angelique Collet (brunette) and Rachel Hart.

In this game, you choose between 3 different personality types (gentle, cheerful, strong-minded) and there are six new characters (three of which are your Instructors, Victor: mind, Sei-Lan: sense, Timka: dignity; Ernst replaces Pastha as head of the Royal Research Institute; Mel replaces Sara as the fortune-teller; Charlie is the mysterious merchant) besides the nine Guardians (which all sport new looks). Simultaneously with the ports to PS, SS, and Win95 there was a "Premium Box" version with a travel set theme and comes with a totebag, face towel, sewing kit, toothbrush set, and a special lunchbox-like container.

Angelique Duet
A remake of the Super Famicom Angelique was released recently for PS and SS. This one features the ability to play as Rosalia, new date events, new graphics, and new animation. It also comes with nine bookmarks of the Guardians, and stickers with the SD characters. Simultaneously the "Premium Box" version was released which comes with a music box that plays the Love-Love Ending (LLED) song "Love Ballad", and a special comic, in addition to the bookmarks and stickers.

Angelique Tenkuu no Requiem
After having its release date pushed back over and over since late f97, the eagerly awaited Angelique RPG "Angelique Tenkuu no Requiem" (Angelique Heavenfs Requiem) was finally released for PC-FX. This RPG adaption is set in the Special 2 universe with the Angelique Collet on a quest against a man named Leviath and is accompanied by a man named Arios and the Guardians, Instructors, et al. This highly anticipated game was later released in a normal and "Premium Box" version for Playstation. The "Premium Box" version comes with a "system notebook".

Sweet Ange
Sweet Ange is for GameBoy Color. It is a board style game where your goal is to win the annual "Rose Contest", a confection baking contest held at Smorny School. You can choose to play as one of four junior high girls- Angelique Limoges, Rosalia, Angelique Collet, or Rachel. You then go out and collect ingredient and recipe cards to make over 200 kinds of confections. The Sweet Knights, junior high and high school boy versions of the Guardians, are in charge of the 9 categories of pies, cookies, parfaits, jellies, cakes, Japanese confections, juices, coffees, and teas. They taste your confections and rate them.

Angelique Trois
This Playstation 2 game takes place after the events in the OVA "White Wing Memoire". Queen Angelique Collet must cultivate a floating continent called Arcadia in order to break a mysterious seal. Instead of just adding to the previous games (as Special 2 did to Special), just about everything has changed some. Everyone's functions have changed slightly and everything from cultivation to dating has a new system. The "Premium Box" version comes with a memorial album and 18 cards.

other Angelique products

Screen Utilities
There are two Angelique themed screen utilities. The first is a screensaver and wallpaper collection called "Angelique Bijutsukan" (Angelique Art Gallery) for Mac and Win. The second is a themes collection for Win95/98 called "Angelique Screen Cocktail".

Angelique Manga
Yura Kairifs Angelique manga was first serialized in 1996, in the now defunct manga anthology magazine Fantasy DX (aka Fandela). It is currently running in the manga anthology magazine Asuka published by Kadokawa Shoten.

Angelique LoveLove Tsuushin
Angelique LoveLove Tsuushin is a monthly fan magazine from Koei. A little over 100 pages each, about 1/3 of which are in color, it has things like game information, goods information, interviews, a fan art gallery, comics, short stories, and more.

There are many other products like music and drama CDs, books, comic anthologies, memorial books, and much more.


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