A large archive of Angelique translations, ranging from the official comic to information found in the Memorial Books to song lyrics and fansubs.


A near-complete translation of Yura Kairi's Angelique manga.

Angelique manga translation: Vols.1-5
Angelique manga translation: Vols.6-11
Angelique manga translation: Etc.
Angelique manga translation: Purchasing Info

Memorial Book

Basic information from the first Angelique Memorial Book.

Angelique World & Game Explanation
Angelique Q&A

Love Love Tsuushin

Character profiles and information from the Love Love Tsuushin official fanbooks.

the former Guardians
Julious' biography
Clavis' biography
Olivie's biography
Lumiale's biography

music & fansubs

These outside sites will eventually be incorporated into, but for now, you can visit them seperately.

Neo-Romance Fansubs


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