So you want to play Angelique but aren't fluent in Japanese? No problem! Let these pages guide you through the games.

getting started with Angelique

basic play mechanics
An introduction to the game system of Special, Duet, and Special 2.

compatibility chart
Compatibility with the Guardians sorted by blood type and zodiac sign.

game-specific guides and help

The guides use Japanese characters. You should see a star at the end of this paragraph. If not, set your browser for Shift_JIS encoding.

If you don't have a Japanese font, get the Japanese language pack for Internet Explorer (it works in Netscape too). The language pack contains the MSGothic (sans serif) font, and there is a pack for Microsoft Word that contains the MSMincho (serif) font. Both can be found at

If you use WinXP, you can add Japanese text support through the "Regional and Language Options" under the Control Panel. Under the advanced tab, set Japanese as the language to use for non-Unicode programs.

Angelique & Angelique Duet


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