Leonard - Guardian of "Light" which brings awakening

character voice: Koyama Rikiya

basic character information

Eye Colorjade green
Hair Colordark blond
BirthdayApril 25
Blood TypeO
Originplanet Branagan
Lineagefactory owner
Family? (he has four younger siblings)
Hobbiesclassic cars
Ideal Womana woman with guts
Favorite Foodspareribs
Favorite Drinktequila
Disliked Foodfigs
PersonalityLives according to his own desires, a hedonist. He takes an overbearing attitude towards people and also has a bossy side, but is really a kind person at heart.
Misc.Born the eldest son to a factory owner, he later ran away from home and was raised in the "Angel's House", an institution for disadvantaged children. He worked as a bartender in a basement club on planet Branagan before becoming a Guardian.

costume evolution



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