Luva - Guardian of wisdom-providing "Earth"

character voice: Seki Toshihiko

basic character information

Height177cm (5ft 10in)
Weight65kg (143lb 5oz)
Eye Colorgrey (dark blue in the games)
Hair Colorblue green
BirthdayJuly 12
Blood TypeAB
Origina desert planet
Lineagecommoner (father is a scholar)
Familyfather, mother, younger brother
Nature of Sacreaknowledge, wisdom, the foundation of everything
Messenger Cameage 14
Became a Guardianage 15
Hobbiesreading, fishing, go and shogi
Interestsmarimo algae, studying customs
Best FriendZephel
Worst FriendJulious
Ideal Womana gentle and cheerful woman
Favorite Scentnature, the scent of trees
Favorite Animallesser panda
Favorite Drinkgreen tea
Favorite Foodrice crakers, miso soup, sea bass en croute
Disliked Foodfried chicken, blue cheese, warabimochi
PersonalityHis tempo is slow, but he has a sincere, warm personality.

costume evolution

Special 2
TV Series


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