Randy - Guardian of courage-bearing "Wind"

character voice: Canna Nobutoshi (formerly known as Hayashi Nobutoshi)

basic character information

Height174cm (5ft 9in) (in Trois- 177cm or 5ft 10in)
Weight61kg (134lb 8oz) (in Trois- 64kg or 141lb 2oz)
Eye Colorsky blue
Hair Colorchestnut brown
BirthdayMarch 28
Blood TypeO
Originmain planet
Lineagenobility (mother is a commoner)
Familyfather, mother, younger sister, grandmother
Nature of Sacreamovement, bears the breath of life
Messenger Cameage 14
Became a Guardianage 16
Hobbiessports, archery, rock climbing
Interestsbasketball, singing
Best FriendMarcel
Worst FriendZephel
Ideal Womana girl who says things that come to the point
Favorite Scentattractive scents
Favorite Itemfrisbee
Favorite Animaldog
Favorite Drinkcola
Favorite Foodteriyaki burgers, pot-au-feu
Disliked Foodtomatoes, shiitake mushrooms, olives
PersonalityA hot-blooded youth with a strong sense of justice.

costume evolution

Special 2
TV Series


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