Rosalia De Catargena - Queen's Aide of the Cosmos of the Divine Bird

character voice: Mitsuishi Kotono

basic character information

Height165cm (5ft 5in)
Weight45kg (99lb 3oz)
Originmain planet
Familyfather, mother, nurse
Ideal Manan attractive and noble man
Disliked Typea coarse man with no class
Favorite Drinkroyal milk tea
Favorite Foodpear charlotte
Disliked Foodmushrooms, anchovies
Hobbieswatching operas, playing the violin
Misc.A young woman of the famous Catargena family which has produced many queens. She was refined, smart, and beautiful and made an excellent candidate. She took the Queen Examination along with Limoges. At the time, they had very different personalities and sometimes clashed, but now they have a tight bond.

costume evolution

Special 2


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