Zephel - Guardian of ingenuity-bringing "Steel"

character voice: Iwata Mitsuo

basic character information

Height169cm (5ft 7in) (in Trois- 171cm or 5ft 7in)
Weight51kg (112lb 7oz) (in Trois- 53kg or 116lb 14oz)
Eye Colorruby red
Hair Colorplatinum
BirthdayJune 4
Blood TypeB
Originindustrial planetoid belt
Lineagecommoner, engineer (father works in a factory)
Familyfather, mother
Nature of Sacreatechnology, technology to process metals and minerals
Messenger Cameage 16
Became a Guardianage 16
Hobbiestinkering with machines, squash, rollerblading
Interestsnanomachines, things about the environment
Best FriendLuva
Worst FriendRandy
Ideal Womanan average girl
Favorite Scentthe smell of soap
Favorite Itemmechanical engineering book
Favorite Animalcat
Favorite Drinkmineral water
Favorite Foodchicken curry, tacos
Disliked Foodjam, fresh cream, the fruit in salad, candy
PersonalityRebellious, but gentle at heart, a boy who likes machines.

costume evolution

Special 2
TV Series


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