Angelique & Angelique Duet

at the title screen

新しい物語 new story - Start a new game
物語の続き continue story - Continue a saved game
おまけ extra - View the cinemas from the game, once you beat the game, you can see the endings and other special events

opening scene

The game opens with the Queen talking to Dia.

Queen: Dia.... I have decided.
Dia: Your Majesty, then it is finally time for that plan....
Queen: The time has come. I'm sure it may be difficult. But....
Dia: It's alright, Your Majesty. If it is those two children, I'm sure they will accomplish it.
Queen: Let us entrust it to those two. This cosmos, the future, and hope...

choosing a character (Duet only)

Dia: Queen Candidate, awaken. Which Queen Candidate are you?

About Angelique-
Second year student at the Smallney Girls' Academy. She is a bright and energetic average girl.
Are you the golden haired girl? [Yes]/[No]

About Rosalia-
Second year student at the Smallney Girls' Academy. Born into a noble family with a queenly dispositon, she is a fully prepared girl.
Are you the blue eyed girl? [Yes]/[No]

Child with the mission to guide the stars. The time has come. Open the door.

Playing as Angelique-
Rosalia: You? The Queen Candidate chosen besides me.... You may be a student at the same Smallney Girls' Academy, I'm from a royal family, an honor student, moreover you're totally different from a beauty like me, but you don't have any merits...? Oh well. Since anyway I'm going to become Queen. Well, I'll open the door. Okay.

Playing as Rosalia-
Angelique: Hello! Are you the other Queen Candidate? Are you also a student at the Smallney Girls' Academy? We haven't spoken once but let's be friends! Even though I'm common compared to you.... I'll try my best! Um, alright if I open the door? Shall we go?

Julious: Here are the ones chosen to be the next Queen Candidates. Introduce yourselves to Her Majesty.

entering your name, etc

カタ katakana
ひら hiragana
きまり done choosing
? your rival shows you how to input a name

If you say that you are done without having chosen a name the Queen will ask you if you want her to choose a name for you.
[Please.]/[I'll decide myself.]

If you let her choose, you get the default name.
[like the name]/[don't like the name]

The commands are similar for your sign and blood type.
Here are the zodiac signs-
牡羊座 Aries 3/21-4/20
牡牛座 Taurus 4/21-5/21
双子座 Gemini 5/22-6/21
蟹座 Cancer 6/22-7/23
獅子座 Leo 7/24-8/23
乙女座 Virgo 8/24-9/23
天秤座 Libra 9/24-10/23
蠍座 Scorpio 10/24-11/22
射手座 Sagittarius 11/23-12/22
山羊座 Capricorn 12/23-1/20
水瓶座 Aquarius 1/21-2/19
魚座 Pisces 2/20-3/20

explanation of the examination

Queen: Rosalia, Angelique. In the name of the Queen, the two of you have been nominated as the next Queen Candidates. From now on you will undergo an examination to decide which of you is appropriate to be the Queen controlling the cosmos. It is an exceptional thing to decide by examination the Queen of the next era, because I expect this of your excellent dispositions. To be Queen, I would like you to show your personal power. In the examination, the Guardians here and my representative... Dia. I give you the Queen's Aide Dia. You will be able to borrow their power while taking this examination. Children with the mission to guide the stars. And the ones who will inherit my will. I hope you will answer my expectation....
Dia: I am Dia. During this examination, I will serve as your consultant. If there is anything you don't understand, please ask. Shall I explain how the examination works?
[Please]/[It's alright]
If you say no, you skip to straight to the game.

Julious: Well then, I will explain how the examination works. The Queen Examination is cultivating a new continent born in a new cosmos. We nine Guardians who have the guiding power to develop the continent, in completing your requests will each send the power we preside over. Use this power well, whoever guides the new continent to better development is the next Queen. Is that enough for both of you?
If you say no, he repeats it.
Julious: Do not go against Her Majesty's expectation.

Dia: You will be introduced to all the Guardians later. Well then, Angelique, Rosalia. Let us go.

(You and your rival leave with Dia.)

Clavis: ... So it finally comes to this? Julious.
Julious: Clavis, this is Her Majesty's will. It is our job to obey. Is it not?
Clavis: .......

光の守護聖 Guardian of Light
ジュリアス Julious

闇の守護聖 Guardian of Dark
クラヴィス Clavis

Lumiale: Clavis-sama.... Just what is this electing a new queen? Is Her Majesty's will....
Clavis: Do not ask, Lumiale.
Lumiale: ... Clavis-sama.

水の守護聖 Guardian of Water
リュミエール Lumiale

Oscar: A Queen Examination.... This looks like it's getting interesting. Only those girls may be too young for I, Fiery Oscar.

炎の守護聖 Guardian of Fire
オスカー Oscar

Marcel: Hey, Randy. What is everyone talking about? I'm not sure.
Randy: Umm.... The truth is that I'm not sure either. But I don't think it has much to do with us.
Marcel: Really? But the Queen Examination... is kind of exciting. I'll try my best!

緑の守護聖 Guardian of Green
マルセル Marcel

Randy: Haha, enthusiastic! Marcel will use his true power for the first time. I won't lose either!

風の守護聖 Guardian of Wind
ランディ Randy

Zephel: Going to a new cosmos, sounds really interesting. I've been just bored.
Luva: Zephel, you're not going to play are you? Alright? The Queen's existence in the cosmos....
Zephel: Really, another of Luva's lectures!

鋼の守護聖 Guardian of Steel
ゼフェル Zephel

Luva: Not a lecture, an explanation... is what it was. He's always quick.

地の守護聖 Guardian of Earth
ルヴァ Luva

Olivie: Support of the cosmos, Queen who guides the world...? Hahaha. Why is everyone becoming so serious.

夢の守護聖 Guardian of Dream
オリヴィエ Olivie

Luva: Olivie, everyone has left.
Olivie: ... Luva, you never change.
Luva: Huh?
Olivie: I guess that means I have to leave after all. But, this looks like it's getting kind of interesting... don't you think?

on the new planet

Dia: This is the planet born in the new cosmos. The Queen examination takes place here. And this is the center island of the planet. You guide the people from either end of each continent, when whichever reaches this island, the test ends. For each continent there is one person, a priest who serves to transmit the wishes of the people to you, who has been chosen. Rosalia, this is the continent you nurture. Decide a name for the land and greet the priest....
Rosalia: Yes, Dia-sama. I will call this land Felicia. Well, I'm going to introduce myself. Go ahead, Angelique.
Dia: Angelique this is the land you will nurture. Please choose an appropriate name.

(You choose a name. The default name is Elysion.)

Dia: Elysion is an ancient word meaning "land of happiness". The land that you nurture will be full of happiness.

Dia: Well then, let us greet the priest of Elysion.

Priest: I saw it, I saw it. I really saw it! What the dream told me was true! Forgive me, I am the priest here. Um, would you tell me your name?
Angelique: My name is Angelique!
Priest: Angelique... that is a word here that means angel! Then, I will call you Angel. Alright, Angel! I have a request for you, Angel! We living on this land would like you to choose a name... Oh, you've already chosen one? You're great Angel! You know our wants! Elysion... It's very good! The truth is there is one more request. Right now, on this land, no matter what, the population doesn't increase. We do our best to live but.... We would like you to use your power to save us somehow. May I request it? Is it alright?
[Leave it to me!]/[I'm not self-confident but...]

Priest: Angel, please guide us somehow.
Dia: Let us go, Angelique.
Priest: Please. Angel!

So began the examination to decide the next Queen. From a notable aristocratic family, her birth recognized universally, the Queen Candidate Rosalia. And, chosen for some reason, another candidate, Angelique. Having each their thoughts, the first day of the examination of nurturing a continent, Monday morning arrived...


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