Biography of Clavis
from LoveLove Tsuushin 30

Told by Rosalia, with Angelique as queen and herself as the aide.

home and family

"Nomadic people" means a few people in a caravan traveling around various planets, making a living in a circus or by fortunetelling. It is rumored that Clavis' mother was one of such nomads. And as for Clavis' father, it seems Clavis himself has no memory of him, and there is no record left.

Nomads are, as the name implies, a few people repeatedly traveling to various places so they have a solid bond, all the members are like family. I think, if Clavis was raised among such nomads, the young Clavis, though poor, was loved by many people.

But that life came to an end when he was age 6.

as Guardian of Dark

When a person is chosen as the next Guardian, a messenger is sent from the Sanctuary, and that person and their family are informed of it. But until he is actually called to the Sanctuary as a Guardian, it is normal to be granted time to sort his feelings and prepare to go to the Sanctuary. But in Clavis' case, he was given almost no time. Perhaps because the search for Clavis, who was the next Guardian of Dark, took time, or because the current Guardian of Dark's Sacrea suddenly faded.... The reason is unknown, but Clavis received a "telescopic crystal ball" from his mother, and thus the messenger took him to the Sanctuary.

in the Sanctuary

The person Clavis met first in the Sanctuary, was Julious, who had recently become Guardian of Light.

The previous Guardian of Dark treated Clavis, who had just been separated from his mother, very kindly, and of course the other Guardians watched over him warmly. But the only Guardian his age, Julious, was not like that.

To Clavis, who was forlorn having just come to the Sanctuary, his first meeting with Julious ended up being very traumatic.

The other adults made Julious and Clavis do their activities together, and Julious and Clavis tried to befriend each other, but for the two young children, it was very hard.

parting and love

For Clavis, who couldn't get used to life in the Sanctuary, the sole comfort of his heart was his "telescopic crystal ball", where he could see the form of his mother and friends. But the Sanctuary and the outside world have a different flow of time. Before he knew it, the crystal stopped reflecting the people close to him, and Clavis' heart was seized with a deep loneliness.......

What thawed his heart was the first of the two Queen Candidates he met. That time, a Queen Examination wasn't carried out, it was of the form where the Queen Candidates were called to the Sanctuary, and the Queen and Guardians ascertained their suitability. Clavis and the golden haired Queen Candidate, who met in the Sanctuary, for a short while were attracted to each other. But her Majesty chose a new Queen, and it was the golden haired Queen Candidate....... And so she chose to become Queen, and it announced the end of Clavis' first love.

Taking that opportunity, Clavis was seized by even more loneliness, and ended up closing himself off.

and now

After that, though Oscar and Lumiale took up their posts as new Guardians, it seems Clavis didn't change.

But, when I and Her Present Majesty were Queen Candidates, the times he showed gentle features increased, Dia-sama told us during the examination.

At the time she told us, we didn't really understand, but with the Queen Examination after I became Aide, the battle with Emperor Leviath, and the days spent in Arcadia, Clavis seems to have opened his heart so much that there is no comparison to before. I think that is a very, very good thing for Clavis, of course we're very happy.

Hopefully, though these aren't Julious' words, Clavis will work a little more diligently on his duties as a Guardian, and lift a weight off our shoulders.


age 0

- Born on a remote small planet. His mother comes from a nomadic people with neither homeland or house.

age 6

- A messenger from the Sanctuary comes. He is summoned to the Sanctuary as the next Guardian of Dark, and immediately becomes the new Guardian of Dark. The previous Guardian of Dark leaves the Sanctuary.

age 14 (estimated)

- Luva (age 15) comes to the Sanctuary as the new Guardian of Earth.

age 20 (estimated)

- First Queen Alternation. Meets Angelique and Dia. Falls in love with Angelique, which is ended by her enthronement. He ends up closing his heart.

age 21 (estimated)

- Oscar (age 18) comes to the Sanctuary as the new Guardian of Fire. Almost immediately after, Lumiale (age 17) comes to the Sanctuary as the new Guardian of Water.

age 25 (estimated)

- Marcel (age 14) comes to the Sanctuary as the new Guardian of Green. The previous Guardian of Green, Catis, leaves the Sanctuary.
- New Queen Examination. Meets Angelique Limoges and Rosalia.
- New Queen decided. The cosmos is transferred by the new and old Queens.
- 2nd Queen Examination. Meets Angelique Collet and Rachel. New cosmos is born and Angelique Collet becomes its first Queen.
- Defeats "Emperor" Leviath who invades the cosmos.
- Summoned to Arcadia which is in a dimensional rift.
- Sacrea-containing "gems" are discovered.


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