Biography of Julious

Told by Rosalia, with Angelique as queen and herself as the aide. Information is from LoveLove Tsuushin 30.

home and family

Julious was born to an aristocratic lineage on the main planet. The Catargena family I was born to was the same, but for houses that receive respect as aristocracy, it is often unpublicized that they have produced Guardians and Queens. Because it seems Julious' lineage has produced several Guardians, he must be of very high birth.

Julious, as an only child, since before he could really walk and talk, received a strict special education, it seems. He didn't play much with children his age. Besides, he had several servants and didn't even directly come in contact with his mother. Hearing that, that girl, no, Her Majesty, said "I feel a little sorry for him", but I think aristocratic families are more or less like that.

as Guardian of Light

Normally, a Guardian's power is awakened around age 10, but Julious was only 4 years old when a messenger from the Sanctuary came to summon him to be a Guardian.

When Julious actually came to the Sanctuary, it was soon after turning 5. It was only for a short time, but he received education on being a Guardian from the previous Guardian of Light.

The Guardian of Light, though young, as the head of the Guardians, and the Guardian of Dark, must support Her Majesty as the Queen's two wings. So after the previous Guardian of Light left, the previous Guardian of Dark often guided Julious. But soon, he too left the Sanctuary, and it was Clavis who arrived at the Sanctuary as the new Guardian of Dark.

Though Clavis was innocent, the still young Julious couldn't forgive the unknown boy in his adored Guardian of Dark's sitting room. "I absolutely refuse to acknowledge your existence," he said to Clavis.

Of course, Julious was criticized by the other Guardians and realized his own fault, and as the senior Guardian of his generation, tried in his own fashion to befriend Clavis. But perhaps because even the environments they were born in were opposites, and both had a bad impression of their first meeting, gradually they grew further apart.

Only, seeing Clavis while he wasn't very familiar with the Sanctuary and tried to fulfil his responsibilities as Guardian, Julious himself may not have realized it, but he was relying on Clavis, and may have thought of him as a little brother.

queen alternation

A long time after that, Luva was newly summoned to the Sanctuary as a Guardian of a similar age, and things are difficult to piece together after that... they were summoned to their first Queen Alternation.

For Julious, it may have been the most important duty since he became a Guardian. During the selection of the Queen, he met with the two Queen Candidates as Guardian, and ascertained the two's virtues and faults. To Julious, Clavis falling in love with the golden haired Queen Candidate may have been considered a betrayal...

and now

I think it was a great shock to Julious that Clavis closed his heart at the same time as the inauguration of the new Queen.

But keeping up with his daily duties as head Guardian, and with more new Guardians coming to the Sanctuary, the shock faded little by little. Moreover, with Oscar and Randy as much more optimistic juniors, and Catis and Luva as tolerant friends, Julious' heart may have been eased. Maybe because of that, he came to be able to get along with even uncooperative Guardians like Olivie and Zephel when they were new Guardians.

When Her Majesty and I were Queen Candidates, Julious was filled with so much dignity it was scary, however he listened if one spoke properly, and was sympathetic.

Even now, I can't say that he's very good friends with Clavis, but they've improved so much there's no comparison to before. From now on, I'd like Julious to do his best as head Guardian.


age 0
> Born to an aristocratic family on the main planet. Born of a lineage with the honor of producing Guardians.

age 4
> A messenger from the Sanctuary comes. Summoned to the Sanctuary as the next Guardian of Light.

age 5
> Inaugurated Guardian of Light.

age 6 (estimated)
> The previous Guardian of Dark leaves the Sanctuary. Clavis (age 6) comes to the Sanctuary as Guardian.

age 14 (estimated)
> Luva (age 15) comes to the Sanctuary as the new Guardian of Earth.

age 20 (estimated)
> First Queen Alternation. Meets Angelique and Dia. Angelique is enthroned as the 255th Queen.

age 21 (estimated)
> Oscar (age 18) comes to the Sanctuary as the new Guardian of Fire.

age 25 (estimated)
> Marcel (age 14) comes to the Sanctuary as the new Guardian of Green. The previous Guardian of Green, Catis, leaves the Sanctuary.
> New Queen Examination. Meets Angelique Limoges and Rosalia.
> New Queen decided. The cosmos is transferred by the new and old Queens.
> 2nd Queen Examination. Meets Angelique Collet and Rachel. New cosmos is born and Angelique Collet becomes its first Queen.
> Defeats "Emperor" Leviath who invades the cosmos.
> Summoned to Arcadia which is in a dimensional rift.
> Sacrea-containing "gems" are discovered.


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