Biography of Lumiale
from LoveLove Tsuushin 34

Told by Rosalia, with Angelique as queen and herself as the aide.

home and family

Lumiale's home is an ocean planet with natural beauty and a mild climate.

It seems to be a planet where activities such as music and art became popular in order for the people to express their love for the planet they lived on and to gladden their hearts. The good disposition of the people who live there shows. I feel I understand the reason Lumiale devotes such deep affection to his home planet even now.

Lumiale was born the third son of an artist on that planet. Besides his two older brothers he has a single younger sister.

It seems his father was always busy so I guess he was very successful as an artist. There was a bit of an age difference between him and his two older brothers so the one he spoke to most often was his younger sister, although he got along very well with his parents and siblings.

In his youth, Lumiale spent his days painting at the nearby beach, enjoying playing music with his family, playing the harp at the seashore, and playing violin duets with his sister at home.

into the Sanctuary

Although Lumiale's childhood was filled with happiness, he had one seed of worry. It was his mother's health.

It is said that Lumiale's mother had a bit of a weak constitution. Since the time he was still young, it seems she was sometimes bedridden with illness. After Lumiale's two older brothers left home, perhaps her defenses fell, and it seems she became ill much more frequently.

Because as usual his father was very busy as an artist, it was Lumiale and his sister who looked after their mother when she was ill.

It was just at such a time that a messenger from the Sanctuary visited Lumiale....

Because of his worry for his mother, he was strongly opposed to becoming a Guardian. But it seems his mother gently debated with him.

"True gentleness is considering the happiness of others before yourself. And considering the happiness of many before the happiness of one."

His mother told Lumiale that because he could make many more people happy by becoming a Guardian, he should choose that path.

Out of love for his home and love for his family, Lumiale chose to become a Guardian not for his own happiness, but for the happiness of many more people.

as a Guardian

Under those circumstances, Lumiale became a Guardian, but at first, his thoughts remained with his family and home, and he couldn't deal with his duty very optimistically.

But it has been a long time since then and I guess Lumiale has changed a lot.

Since I first met him, little by little, though surely, I feel Lumiale has been acquiring "strength".

Of course, his gentleness from before hasn't changed, but that gentleness feels more like an unlimited affection for the world and everything in it. I feel a gentleness to protect what he loves is tied to a strength Lumiale didn't have before.

Now I'm asking him to manage the Royal Art Institute, but the picture of Arios that's there is something Lumiale painted himself. I believe the existence of that painting symbolizes the gentleness to forgive Arios and the strength to trust in his friendship, and I'm not the only one.

In his days with the Guardians, the Queen, and other friends, it seems Lumiale has learned "true gentleness".


age 0

- Born the third son of an artist on an ocean planet.

age ?

- Younger sister is born.

age ?

- His two older brothers leave home independently.

age 16

- A messenger from the Sanctuary comes. Summoned to the Sanctuary as the next Guardian of Water.

age 17

- He proceeds to the Sanctuary and becomes Guardian of Water. The previous Guardian of Water leaves the Sanctuary.

age 21 (estimated)

- New Queen Examination. Meets Angelique Limoges and Rosalia.
- New Queen decided. The cosmos is transferred by the new and old Queens.
- 2nd Queen Examination. Meets Angelique Collet and Rachel. New cosmos is born and Angelique Collet becomes its first Queen.
- Defeats "Emperor" Leviath who invades the cosmos.
- Summoned to Arcadia which is in a dimensional rift.
- Sacrea-containing "gems" are discovered. Because a gem is buried at the planet of Silver Water and Peaks (Ginsuirei), he goes to the new cosmos.


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