Biography of Olivie
from LoveLove Tsuushin 34

Told by Rosalia, with Angelique as queen and herself as the aide.

his time on the main planet

The secretive Olivie doesn't talk very much about his home and family.

What I know is that his birthplace is a cold planet very far away from the Main Planet. He has both parents and siblings. While he was still a boy, he left his home planet and traveled to the Main Planet.

Olivie had a precious "dream", and to make that "dream" a reality, he left his family and traveled to the Main Planet.

It seems Olivie's career on the Main Planet started out as being a displayer for a famous brand. A displayer is an occupation that's kind of a combination of regular sales staff and fashion advisor. Though I think it's an occupation that doesn't just require fashion sense, but product knowledge and skill at dealing with customers, I'm sure Olivie did it flawlessly.

After a while, based on his good sense, he was scouted as a model.

Becoming a model was the catalyst that awakened Olivie to makeup. Because unsuccessful models, with Olivie's makeup, suddenly became successful, I think actually he had considerable skill with makeup.

Olivie took the opportunity to start studying to be a designer. He devoted all his earnings as a model to materials for clothes, and at any rate, continued to make many clothes. He took his completed clothes and promoted them at various boutiques. Of course, at first they didn't sell very much, but he got the opportunity to give an outfit to a model friend and the popularity of Olivie's clothes skyrocketed.

From then on, his work as a designer was well under way, and becoming a famous designer was right before his eyes.

until being inaugurated Guardian of Dream

But just before Olive's dream came true, he was visited by a messenger from the Sanctuary. Olivie kept refusing his request of "we want you to become the next Guardian of Dream".

Olivie must have considered it a sudden disaster at the critical moment when he was about to know whether he was going to succeed or not as a designer.

But even lacking one Guardian's power ends up having a great influence on the motion of the cosmos. The Sacrea of the Guardian of Dream was on the verge of disappearing.

In the end, the Guardian of Dream himself persuaded Olivie.

Speaking to the Guardian of Dream, Olivie realized that even he had dreams and had not yet given them up.

Even if he became Guardian of Dream, that didn't mean Olivie's dream couldn't be realized. If Olivie became a Guardian, he could give a present to continue the dream of the present Guardian of Dream.... Realizing that, Olivie decided to become a Guardian.

in the Sanctuary

Because Olivie refused to be inaugurated a Guardian until the last moment, he didn't get very much instruction to be prepared to be a Guardian or about his work from his predecessor.

So at first, being in the Sanctuary as a Guardian was very hard, but being sophisticated as he is, Olivie gradually got used to it, doing things his own way.

Most people become Guardians in their teens, there are few like Olivie who have experience as members of society. After all, becoming a Guardian late in life, I wonder if he resembles Catis who was just as sophisticated.

Even Julious, who at first disliked Olivie's attitude, since he held to his own style, now recognizes Olivie as being reliable and I wonder if that's the reason.


age 0

- Born on a cold planet.

age ?

- Leaves home for the Main Planet. Becomes a displayer for a famous brand.

age ?

- Becomes a model. Self-studies fashion design.

age 18

- A messenger from the Sanctuary comes, requesting that he become the next Guardian of Dream. Thereafter, he continues to refuse to take the post of Guardian.

age 20

- Finally decides to become a Guardian. He proceeds to the Sanctuary and becomes Guardian of Dream.

age 22 (estimated)

- New Queen Examination. Meets Angelique Limoges and Rosalia.
- New Queen decided. The cosmos is transferred by the new and old Queens.
- 2nd Queen Examination. Meets Angelique Collet and Rachel. New cosmos is born and Angelique Collet becomes its first Queen.
- Defeats "Emperor" Leviath who invades the cosmos.
- Summoned to Arcadia which is in a dimensional rift.
- Sacrea-containing "gems" are discovered.


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