the former Guardians

This information is from LoveLove Tsuushin volumes 15 to 22.

Former Guardian of Green, Catis (v15)

Marcel- The previous Guardian of Green was a very fun and kind person, for a little while he took care of me. Since I'm really indebted to him, when he left the Sanctuary, I absolutely wanted to thank him and see him off... but early in the morning one day, he left the Sanctuary without telling me... It was sad... and I cried a lot. (From Angelique Special 2)

Luva- Falling stars seem to wipe away the heart's troubles and gloom. When I first became a Guardian, all I did was read books, and the previous Guardian of Green urged me to look at the night sky. (From Angelique Duet)

Angelique- He was a golden eyed man with a beautiful smile. (From Fushigi no Kuni no Angelique)

Former Guardian of Fire (v15)

Oscar- My predecessor was a rather beautiful man. Though he also had a harsh side, he could be kind at surprising times. It was a short time, but he taught me the basis of being a Guardian. ... Even now, I haven't forgotten his words when he left. "Though you have lost many things by being chosen, you may also gain many things in the role of Guardian... Do your best." I am helped by those words even now. (From Angelique Special 2)

Former Guardian of Dark (v16)

Julious- When I came to the Sanctuary as a Guardian, the one who guided me, a child who knew nothing, was the previous Guardian of Dark. When I first met him, I realized the warm feeling of parental love I hadn't gained from my real family. (From Angelique Special 2)

Clavis- The previous Guardian of Dark was a good person. Back then, he put my crystal ball, my sole possession, on top of the desk in the office. Placing the crystal ball gently on top of a cushion, he said, "It's as beautiful as the moon." (From Angelique Duet)

Former Guardian of Water (v17)

Lumiale- When I came to the Sanctuary, if I remember correctly...... I must have been about your age. All I did was worry if I could make it as a Guardian, also since back then I was nervous from not being used to the Sanctuary. The previous Guardian of Water, who looked after me then, usually had a stern and cold character, but...... beneath the coldness, he had a gentleness like an oasis in the desert. I couldn't hide my uncertainties about becoming a Guardian and sometimes he gave me words of encouragement...... "You can do it. If you don't do it, who will? Have confidence in yourself." Supported by the casual gentleness of such a predecessor, I was able to be inaugurated a Guardian, you could even say. (From Angelique Special 2)

Former Guardian of Wind (v18)

Randy- I came to the Sanctuary, and on the way towards the palace, where I was told to go first, I tried casually stopping by here (the park). He was playing with a dog, and since it looked like a lot of fun, I was gazing and he called out to me. How should I say, he was a cool person and refreshing like the wind. His eyes were kind when he smiled. Until I was inaugurated a Guardian, he looked after me. Since I was an eldest son, I was happy to have him be like an older brother. The last words he gave me were "Never forget to smile". I intend to follow those words. (From Angelique Special 2)

Former Guardian of Earth (v19)

Luva- When I came to the Sanctuary, the one who gave me instructions about being a Guardian was the previous Guardian of Earth. He was a scholar, but, how shall I say, um...... he had a very openhearted personality. He took me, who didn't know left or right, and led me through the Sanctuary. Heheh, I was glad then. Look, don't people get nervous being in a place for the first time? If you can receive kindness at such a time...... So I too have tried to undertake being an instructor to the Guardians who came after me. (From Angelique Special 2)

Former Guardian of Light (v20)

Julious- When I look up at this statue here, sometimes I remember the education I got as a Guardian. The previous Guardian of Light was a strict person. I only knew him for a short time but, he taught me what it is to be a Guardian. To have pride, and to live for Her Majesty....... Even though I was young, I made an effort to meet his expectations. (From Angelique Duet)

Former Guardian of Dream (v21)

Oscar- From the beginning I had confidence in myself being a Guardian. But a while after the inauguration, the Guardian of Dream said... ah, in those days it was Olivie's predecessor. "Look up at the night sky and look at the stars. The stars are the twinkling of people's hearts. That is the proof that our power is working correctly," he said. Because I didn't have that point of view, those words left an impression on me.... (From Angelique Duet)

Former Guardian of Steel (v22)

Zephel- It was really sudden when I was made a Guardian, and have I told you it was against my will? It was because the guy who was my previous Guardian of Steel ended up disappearing suddenly. I heard several things like he suddenly lost his power, and he went missing...... but since I had my hands full with myself, and it was his fault I was a Guardian..... I was really angry. But...... it must have been hard for him too. Before he disappeared he was talking and crying like he was insane... I'm sure he must have been a really delicate guy. Now, for some reason, I'm a little worried. (From Angelique Special 2)


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