Volume 1: The Two Queen Candidates

The First Chapter

by Yura Kairi
Translation by Marfisa

The cosmos is ruled by one Queen.

The holy Queen, with wings shining with light,

With those white fingers,

With a look full of kindness,

Watching the movements of the stars, was guiding them.

*hiss of rain*


Friend- Ah, the sky is pitch black.

Friend- What bad luck that there's a sudden storm.


Friend- Oh no, I hate thunder.

Sophia- Oh, I love it. Isn't it pretty?

Sophia- When there's a storm, it seems like something is starting and isn't it exciting?

Friend- You're weird Sophia!

Friend- Hey, you think so too, don't you, Ange?

Friend- Angelique, what's the matter?

Ange- Over there...

Ange- In those clouds, can't you see a man riding a horse?

Friend- Where? I don't see anything.

Friend- Oh Ange, the cloud shadows just looked that way.

Ange- No. I really saw it!

Friend- There's no such thing as horses floating in the sky.

Ange- ... That's right, but.

Friend- Oh, the rain stopped.

The cloud shadows? Uh-uh, that's wrong. What was that?



The world is creaking, breaking.

I can hear its scream.

Slowly but surely,

The Queen's power is weakening.

The world is bound for destruction.


Clavis- ............

Guardian of peace-bringing Dark, Clavis

Lumiale- Clavis-sama, what do you see?

Guardian of gentleness-bringing Water, Lumiale

Clavis- Lumiale?

Clavis- I saw the end of the world.

Is the image the crystal capriciously reflects the past or the future...?

Clavis- Lumiale, let me hear some music.

Clavis- For the sake of a dying cosmos.


Lumiale- Certainly.

Oscar- Julious-sama.

Guardian of pride-providing Light, Julious

Julious- Oscar?

Oscar- I've just gotten back.

Guardian of strength-providing Fire, Oscar

Julious- Thank you.
I will come to the point, can you let me hear a detailed report?

Oscar- Yes.

Oscar- According to what is written in that report, in every place, a rapid breakdown of stars is beginning.

Oscar- Throughout the galaxy it can be seen that the dimensions are coming apart.
Superficially, there are slight distortions, but the situation is serious.

Julious- ... This much.

Julious- Our cosmos is at its limit. We can delay the end but we cannot stop it.
Even if Her Majesty had the power.

Her Majesty supports this cosmos by herself.

While guiding the nine Sacreas of we Guardians...

But that power is already...

Julious- This could indicate that a Queen Alternation is not far off.
As Guardians, we must also pay attention.

Oscar- Yes.

"Guardian" is the title for those who have the power that supports the Queen.
They are nine men who are naturally determined to become Guardians.

The Guardians are decided by an increase of "Sacrea", the power which has each its own attribute.
With the Queen who administers the cosmos, they live in a place called the Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary is on the main planet located at the center of the galaxy the Queen governs.
It exists in a space where the flow of time is different from other worlds.

A person awakened to the Guardian's Sacrea is summoned to the Sanctuary without exception, but,

That is decided regardless of that person's wishes.




*wind whistling*

Zephel- Tch.

Marcel- Uwaa, what a strong wind. And the clouds are kind of creepy.

Guardian of bounty-bringing Green, Marcel

Randy- It's strange for the weather to be this unstable in the Sanctuary.

Guardian of courage-bearing Wind, Randy

Marcel- Randy, you're Guardian of Wind. Do something. The flowers are all getting scattered.

Randy- Don't be unreasonable. No Guardian has the power to change the weather.
It's the Queen's will.

Zephel- You're pathetic, Guardian of Wind.

Zephel- Does everything depend on Her Majesty's will? Then what's Sacrea for?

Guardian of ingenuity-bringing Steel, Zephel

Zephel- We're shut up in this place and if we lose our power, we're sacked.
Don't you think it's a profitless, boring life?

Randy- Zephel, what are you saying!

Zephel- I'm not the same as you, I put the power I've been given to good use.
It's the crystallization of the Guardian of Steel, Zephel-sama's "Ingenuity",
the ultra-performance bird robot P-01-S-W!!


Zephel- Go!


Zephel- It'll keep flying until it winds down!

Randy- That's dangerous!

Marcel- Zephel, stop.

Chupi- pi..


Marcel- Chupi!

Marcel- Don't, Chupi!

Zephel- Oh, he...

Marcel- Chupi!


Marcel- Chupi... how awful.

Marcel- How awful, Zephel.
How can you do something so mean?

Zephel- Marcel...

Zephel- Wha... what? It's his fault for suddenly flying off.

Randy- Zephel, what kind of a remark is that!

Randy- And you're wrong.
The ingenuity to make that kind of thing isn't Sacrea, is it?

Randy- Apologize to Chupi and Marcel.


Zephel- Shut up!

Randy- Zephel!

Randy- He...

Marcel- Randy, Chupi, Chupi will die.

Randy- It's alright, Marcel. We'll take him to Luva-sama and have him fixed up.

Marcel- Yeah.

Luva- There, he's fine now.
The wounds were superficial so he'll be able to fly in two or three days.

Marcel- Thank you, Luva-sama!

Luva- Still, I'm troubled by Zephel.

Guardian of wisdom-providing Earth, Luva

Marcel- ... Luva-sama, I, I'm not speaking to Zephel anymore.
Doing something like this to Chupi.

Randy- I didn't think his nature was that twisted either.

Luva- Ah, I'm sorry. I haven't been thorough with his education...

Randy- Oh... no, it's not your fault, Luva-sama!

Luva- Ah, Marcel, Randy... Please try to understand Zephel.
That boy is rough and poor at expressing himself but by no means is he a bad kid.

Luva- I'm sure he is regretting it about now.

Marcel- Really?

Luva- Absolutely. He's not very honest with his feelings right now, I think, but
when Zephel comes to apologize, won't you forgive him?

Marcel- ... Yes, Luva-sama.

Luva- Randy?

Randy- If it's alright with Marcel.

Luva- Thank you, Randy, Marcel.

Olivie- You've gotten pretty good at handling children.

Olivie- Hi, it's the Guardian of Dream Olivie-sama.

Guardian of beauty-bringing Dream, Olivie

Luva- Ah, it's unusual, you coming to my mansion.
Doesn't seeing piles of books give you a headache?

Olivie- Well, the truth is I'm also worried about Zephel.

Olivie- His chronic rebelliousness didn't start now, but recently Zephel has been seriously strange. Did something happen?

Luva- ... Couldn't it be that he's sensing the time of the Queen Alternation in his own way?

Olivie- Luva?

A person born with the nature of a Guardian is watched over from infancy under
the guidance of a training facility and gradually receives education as a Guardian.

But Zephel was different.

Luva- Luva- Zephel's Sacrea awakened suddenly one day, increasing that power.
And that meant the rapid decline of the power of the previous Guardian of Steel.

Luva- Normally, he would have been aware of the decline of his Sacrea
and proceeded to prepare for the Alternation.
Upset by the sudden sense of loss of his Sacrea, he took out that resentment on Zephel who had been brought to the Sanctuary.

If only you hadn't appeared......
If only.

It's not like I wanted to come to this place.
I don't want to be a Guardian.

A very unhappy Guardian Alternation drama.

Olivie- ...... That was a tragedy.

Luva- Catis and Marcel's Alternation is the best case.
Couldn't it be Zephel strongly opposes even indications of a Queen Alternation?

Olivie- ... Is it really only that? Do you think it's only that?

Luva- Huh?

Olivie- ... I don't really understand, but
I have the feeling that what's irritating that boy isn't only that.

Dia- Luva, may I have a moment?


Luva- Dia! What's the matter? You coming here.

Dia- There is something I would like to discuss, about Zephel.

Queen's Aide Dia
Accepts the Queen's will and bridges the space with the Guardians

Luva- What did you say? The industrial planetoid belt where Zephel was born?

Dia- ... Yes. Since the central computer has run amok, the plant is collapsing.
It has been contaminated by hazardous substances and completely sealed off.

Dia- We have to consider the worst case where it is isolated from normal space and explodes.

Luva- It can't be...

Dia- I... don't know whether Zephel should be told...


Luva- Zephel!

Zephel- Is what you just said true?

Zephel- That my home is going to explode?

Dia- Zephel, where are you going?

Dia- Going near your home planet is forbidden!
There is hazardous contamination in the atmosphere, what will you do if it becomes a situation
where you might lose your life?

Dia- Zephel, please don't forget your responsibility as a Guardian.

Zephel- What is a Guardian! Advanced technological strength causes machines to go haywire
and, to top it off, an explosion?

Zephel- Was it the Queen's will to use the power of Steel like that?
Is the power of Steel a power people really need?

Luva- Zephel...

Dia- Luva.

Dia- There is one more item of business.
Tomorrow, Her Majesty is making the official announcement of the next Queen Examination.

Dia- Her Majesty is counting on the next young generation.

*rushing water*

Luva- So here you are.
*pant pant*

*rushing water*

Luva- Ah, it feels nice here.
*I'm being sprayed.*

Zephel- What is my Sacrea, Luva?

Zephel- After all, isn't it a power that only ends up spoiling and hurting people?

I didn't mean for Marcel's bird to get injured.
I only wanted to show them that mecha.

Luva- Ah, too much power is harmful. But, it is the same for we nine Guardians.

Luva- Her Majesty controls such power and maintains the equilibrium of the cosmos.
Yes... even lacking one person, the balance of the world is not maintained.


Luva- Zephel... you've been harboring doubts about your own power all along, haven't you.
I'm sorry I didn't notice it.

Zephel- ... It's alright. You don't have to apologize for that.

Luva- Ah, that reminds me, your home isn't going to explode. It seems research is beginning
on a new clean-up technique.

Zephel- Really?

Luva- Yes. It may take time, but the people of your home are pretty tough.

Zephel- Oh.

Luva- Zephel, it has been decided that a Queen Examination is to be carried out.
We can't intervene with the Queen's will,
but we can choose the new Queen.

Luva- The Queen you think is appropriate to entrust your power to.
So, you too...


Zephel- Queen Examination? What is that?

Luva- Oh, huh? I haven't given you the lecture about the Queen Examination?

Zephel- We choose? Geez, who do you think you are.
Since I don't know about the Queen Examination, I should choose the one I want arbitrarily!!

Luva- Ah, please wait, Zephel. Ah.

Luva- ... I ended up making him angry again.

The Queen Examination......

A new Queen...?

Dia- Now, meet the Queen Candidates.

Dia- One is Rosalia De Catargena
and Angelique Limoges.

Dia- Let us open the Dimensional Corridor.
As Her Majesty wishes.

[First Chapter/End]


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