Volume 1: The Two Queen Candidates

The Second Chapter

by Yura Kairi
Translation by Marfisa

Twinkling lights coming down.



Ange- Oh. This isn't my house.


This is the Flying City.

It's a place far away from the cosmos where I live.

I've come to undergo the Queen Examination.

I'm Angelique.

Until yesterday I was a average female high-school student.
It's kind of strange that I'm a Queen Candidate.

Smallney Girls' Academy

Ange- S... Smallney, the school for training Queens!?

I'm a candidate to succeed the Queen who controls the cosmos!?

Headmistress- ... You didn't read your student handbook very well, did you?

Headmistress- At any rate, originally a Queen Candidate is chosen from the
Queen Scholarship students, who have received special education.
But it's not unprecedented.

Ange- There are also people who become Queen from the regular students like me?

Headmistress- Yes.
If it is Her Majesty's will then certainly it means you can be chosen, I suppose.

The Queen who presides over the cosmos is in a place called the Sanctuary.

It is said she is always keeping watch on the world and watching over us.

I've been chosen

as that goddess-like person.

Headmistress- Please try your best Angelique.

I don't really know what the Queen Examination is, but

Maybe I'll be able to meet the Queen!

The Sanctuary- Towards the Queen's Palace

Ange- Uwaa, amazing... What a beautiful castle.

So this is where the Queen lives.

Rosa- You must be the other Queen Candidate.

Rosa- I wonder why someone like you was chosen as a Queen Candidate?
I'm already the perfect next Queen.

Ange- Oh, who are you?

Rosa- Oh, excuse me, I am Rosalia De Catargena.
I was born to become Queen.

Ange- Oh, you're also a Queen Candidate like me.

Ange- I'm Angelique, pleased to meet you.

Rosa- ...... I feel sorry for you.
No matter how hard you try on the Queen Examination, the result will be the same.
Since it will be decided that I will become Queen.

Rosa- But, it means you'll be challenging me in everything.
I think you are a girl from the common masses who won a lottery but
please use your utmost power.

Rosa- In a way, you should be happy.
You are a Queen Candidate of the same period as I, Rosalia De Catargena,
the Queen among Queens.

Rosa- *ohohoho*

Rosa- It should make your descendants proud!

Ange- That's a Queen Scholarship student? I have to take the Queen Examination
with a person like that?

She's kind of scary.

Dia- Rosalia, Angelique, welcome.

Ange- The Queen!?

Dia- I am the Queen's Aide Dia.
During the examination, I will serve as your consultant.

The Queen Examination is conducted on the planet in the new world that is connected
to the main planet by the dimensional corridor.

The Queen Candidates, from the Flying City in the sky,
will cultivate each continent borrowing the Guardians' power.

Ange- ... um... We're not going to be able to meet the Queen?

Rosa- Her Majesty's duty is supporting the cosmos.
It is said that there are only a few people before whom she appears.

Dia- That's right. If you do meet the Her Majesty, it may be when you are chosen as Queen.

Oh, it isn't so easy to meet the Queen after all.

Dia- Don't be disheartened, Angelique. Although, you can't meet her directly, Her Majesty is always watching over you.

Ange- Dia-sama...

What a nice person.

Through the dimensional corridor
Towards the Flying City

That's right. I've been chosen as a candidate to succeed the Queen.

I'll do my best on the Queen Examination!

Dia- Come, the Guardians are waiting.

The Guardians.

There I was introduced to the men called Guardians.

The nine mysterious splendors.

Until now I had never seen them.

Rosa- What are you idling about?

Ange- Rosalia.

Rosa- Weren't you called today for Dia-sama's luncheon meeting? The carriage to pick us up has already arrived.

Ange- Huh, it's that time already!?

Ange- Wait, Rosalia. Kyaa.

Dia- Today, with the Examination beginning tomorrow, I have prepared a personal luncheon meeting for the Queen Candidates.

Dia- Everyone please make yourselves at home.

Marcel- Yay, Dia-sama made this? It looks delicious.

Randy- Marcel, it's hot, be careful.

Ange- *giggles* How cute.

These are Guardians.

Zephel- There's bird meat in that, you know.

Marcel- You're lying, Zephel!

Randy- Don't do that here, both of you.

I thought that those who serve the Queen were like gods.

I'm eating with these people now.

Lumiale- *smile*

It's like I've been lost in a legend or a fairy tale world.

Ange- He, he smiled...

Luva- Oh, Olivie, you're not eating anything else?

Olivie- I'm on a diet, you know. I'll just take tea.

The Guardian of Dream Olivie-sama

I heard that all the Guardians were men, but this person has make-up.

... A man? A woman?

Olivie- *wink*

Ange- *startle*

Ange- *clatter*

Ange- Oh I'm sorry.

?- Angelique, are you alright?

Oscar- Olivie, don't do creepy things.
It's frightening the golden haired missy, isn't it?

Olivie- Really, what an impolite man. Maybe my beauty is too thrilling for a developing young lady.

Dia- ... Clavis, how is the taste? I wonder, is it to your liking...

Clavis- Ah... it is quite good.

Guardian of Light Julious-sama

Guardian of Dark Clavis-sama

Is the contrast of light and dark so plain?

Ange- *startled*

Julious-sama's blue eyes... they look so piercing.

Frighteningly beautiful.

Certainly nothing can hide in front of those eyes.

Julious- Rosalia, Angelique, the Queen Examination begins tomorrow. Have you proceeded to prepare in advance?

Rosa- Yes, Julious-sama.


Julious- I would like to hear how both of you intend to guide your continents.

Dia- Julious.

Rosa- I went to see the condition of the planet's cultivation up to now at the Royal Research Institute.


Rosa- The continent's balance is bad and the people's feelings are not stable.
There is no direction in the cultivation and the people are wild.
First, the environment must be adjusted and the people's hearts must be brought together.
Furthermore, the desires must be regulated and guided to beautiful flawless growth.

Julious- A tolerable answer.

Rosalia, amazing!!

I hadn't thought about things like that even a little.

Julious- Angelique, what do you think?

Julious- Angelique.

Ange- Yes.

Ange- Uh... um...

What should I answer?

Like Rosalia?

Doesn't the Queen support the cosmos in hope of something?

Ange- I... I think the people of the continent should live happily in bright spirits!


Randy- Ha!

Randy- haha

Marcel- Randy, it's mean to laugh.

Julious- Randy.

Randy- Sorry, but isn't it alright to be spirited?

Olivie- ... Well, those are the basics.

Luva- It's a wise saying isn't it?

Oscar- The missy is a big shot.

It made them laugh.


Julious- Angelique, I understand your enthusiasm. That is enough.


This is the worst!


Ange- Rosalia...


From an aristocratic family on the main planet, she's the perfect young lady.

Seeing this, I feel that she'd make such a better Queen than me.

Terribly self-confident but just that much can be the awareness of being a Queen Candidate.

I wonder if I've gotten in over my head.

Ange- Um, may I be excused for a moment?

Dia- Angelique.

Clavis- I will retire now.

Dia- Clavis.

Clavis- I was able to see something amusing today. Thank you, Dia.

That look that was put on Julious' face.

By that girl...

Zephel- I'll also be going back now. I have unfinished work.

Marcel- Oh, is it remodeling Mecha-Chupi!?

Zephel- Mecha-Chupi? What's that supposed to be?

Zephel- *That name's so dated!*

Marcel- This time, make it controllable.

Oscar- Missy.

Ange- Oscar-sama.

Oscar- Why are your eyes all red? Have you been crying?

Ange- It... it seems I haven't studied enough about the Queen or the world.

Oscar- A tear-stained face doesn't suit you.


Ice-blue eyes.

Oscar- Try to smile, missy. Certainly a smile would suit you well.

Oscar- For any girl, a smile is 20% extra.

Ange- Wha... what does that mean?

Oscar- A smile would be cute for you.

... He wasn't listening.

Ange- Won't you please stop calling me "missy"? My name is Angelique Limoges.

Oscar- Sorry. But I call non-military girls "missy".


Ange- Kya.

Oscar- In maybe two or three years, I'll call you "lady".

This... this person!

He finds it amusing to tease me.
Because of that strange answer I gave.

Oscar- Your answer back there was unique. Maybe you might become a new type of Queen.

Just as I thought!

Oscar- What's the matter, missy?

Ange- At best... at best, I'm ugly when I'm crying.
But even for a moment, don't you think it's impolite to confront a Queen Candidate?

Oscar- *oh my*

Lumiale- Angelique.

Ange- Lumiale-sama.

Lumiale- Dia-sama is calling you. Please hurry and go in.

Ange- Y... yes.

Lumiale- Oscar, teasing girls isn't very admirable.

Oscar- That's because you're kind, Lumiale.

Oscar- But, that alone doesn't make human development.


Ange- *grumble*
What's with that Oscar-sama.

Ange- How can there be that kind of person among the Guardians who serve the Queen?


Ange- It's kind of annoying!

*soft thud*


Ange- *gasp*

Rosalia- .........

Rosalia- Angelique, I have one thing to say.

Rosalia- Even though I see it as a contest from the beginning, during the Queen Examination, if you're going to be my rival, act like it, you're messing up my system.

Rosalia- Well, you're not what I expected.

Rosalia- *hohohoho*

Ange- *grumble*

The way things are now, Rosalia will keep on saying things like that and even the Guardians don't acknowledge me as a real Queen Candidate.

Ange- I have to try!

[Second Chapter/End]


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