Volume 1: The Two Queen Candidates

The Third Chapter

by Yura Kairi
Translation by Marfisa

Sara- Pastha.

Sara- It's time. Dia-sama is waiting.

Researcher- Sara-sama.

Pastha- Ah, I'll go soon.

Researcher- Is it planet Epsilon-Alpha? How is the condition of the Queen Examination?

Pastha- No one should know of the enactment of the Queen Examination except for the people of
one section. Don't speak so carelessly.

Researcher- Y... yes, I'm sorry.

Sara- You shouldn't get so angry.

Pastha- I am not angry. I was being cautious however.

Sara- Pastha!


Pastha- That was because your brow is creased.
Don't make that face in front of me.

Pastha- ... I'm sorry.

Sara- It certainly seems you were a little irritated.
Is it the cultivation of the new planet?

Pastha- As I have been commanded by Her Majesty, I have watched over the growth
of various planets.
Plainly speaking, I am apprehensive about the Queen Candidates manner of doing things.

Pastha- I am uneasy as to whether girls like that should be entrusted with not only the fate
of the planet but also the fate of the cosmos.
*tight fist*

Sara- Pastha, they won't be perfect people from the beginning.

Pastha- Sara.

Sara- The Queen Candidates are trying their best. I'm sure soon it will become a
magnificent planet.

Sara- It's your bad habit. You think too seriously about things.

Pastha- And you are too optimistic about everything.

Sara- Oh, did you forget?
The words I speak always come true.

A beautiful planet.

Rich green land.

Light reflects off the water's surface.

Birds sing, flowers bloom.

This is my continent.

It's just like paradise.


Ange- I'm sorry, Lumiale-sama. I fell asleep.

Lumiale- The tone of the harp gave you a nice feeling and you unintentionally...

Lumiale- It's alright. Since the song just now was a lullaby from my home.

Ange- Lumiale-sama.

Lumiale- Have you not been getting much sleep?
I heard that the light in your room was on until late last night.

Ange- It's okay. Since I didn't receive special training like Rosalia,
there is a lot I have to study.

Lumiale- ...... You're working hard.

Ange- Oh, but on the continent finally green buds have sprung up and established
a little forest.

Ange- The sea has become calm and there are a lot fewer earthquakes than before.
Little by little it's becoming stable.

Lumiale- That continent is like a newborn infant. If you've already gone to sleep
it cries in a loud voice. I suppose it's full of a life force.

Lumiale- Please be very careful.

Ange- Oh, yes...

Lumiale- Did you go to see its condition yesterday?

Ange- ... No. The truth is I... can't ride that transportation device very well.
Even though only the mind flies to the planet from the Royal Research Institute.

Ange- All of a sudden, I'm thrown out into the sky...
and I think I'm going to fall.

Ange- *No, mommy, I'm gonna die*

Lumiale- ... On that device, even if by any chance you did fall, you certainly wouldn't die.

Ange- But, to my mind it's unstable and dangerous and it makes Pastha-san angry.

Ange- Ever since then I've been kind of scared...

Lumiale- It's important to see the continent you are cultivating with your own eyes.

Ange- Yes...

Lumiale- Today rest at ease and tomorrow pluck up your courage... alright?

Ange- Yes, Lumiale-sama.


Marcel- Oh, Angelique, here you are.

Ange- Marcel-sama.

Marcel- Since I heard the sound of Lumiale's harp, I thought you might be here.

Marcel- You said you wanted flowers in your room, right?
So I thought I'd give this to you.

Ange- Uwaa, thank you, Marcel-sama.

Lumiale- Marcel, what kind of flower will bloom?

Marcel- Ehehe, that's secret. Look forward to it until it blooms.

Marcel- But, since plants are straightforward, if you pay important attention to it,
a beautiful flower will bloom.

Marcel- I always talk to the flowers.

Ange- Wow.

Marcel- Afterwards I do stuff like let them listen to beautiful music.

Lumiale- Then, for the sake of the beautiful flower bud.

Ange- I promised Lumiale-sama, but I'm still depressed.

Ange- *sigh*

Rosa- Oh my, Angelique?


Rosa- It's been a while since you've been here.


Rosa- I just came from seeing the continent, it's certainly doing well.

Ange- How depressing.

Rosa- Incidentally, I also took a glance at your continent, however.
Just a glance.

Rosa- The cultivation is going slower than I thought.

Rosa- Well, as the perfect Queen Candidate, it's only natural that there should
be this much difference between us.
Even shepherd's purse won't grow, I feel sorry for your continent.

Rosa- *hohohoho*

Ange- That's not true. There are a few plants and animals.

Rosa- Oh excuse me, they were so insignificant I failed to notice them.

How annoying!

Rosa- *hohoho*

It's my fault that she talks about my continent that way.

If I just check the researchers' data, I don't know the real condition of the continent.

I don't confirm it with my own eyes!

Lumiale- *gasp*

Lumiale- Angelique, what's the matter?

Ange- Lumiale-sama, please tell me, I... What should I do?

Ange- I have to go to the continent.
But, I can't. No matter what, I'm afraid. I couldn't ride the transportation device
today either...!!

Ange- Rosalia's continent is developing rapidly. Like this, my continent is getting worse.

Lumiale- Angelique.

Ange- Why can't I be the same kind of Queen Candidate as Rosalia...?

Lumiale- Being afraid, you can't move forward.

Lumiale- Angelique, there is nothing you can do about not thinking like Rosalia.
You must build your own continent.

My continent...

Lumiale- For that purpose, you see continent with your own eyes and you request what is necessary.

Lumiale- If you really think that continent is important, then no matter how painful it is
you must overcome it, right?

Ange- Lumiale-sama.

Ange- ... Yes.

Olivie- You've abandoned your usual style of speaking, haven't you? Lumiale.

Lumiale- Olivie.

Olivie- I thought you pamper and comfort.

Lumiale- It was only this, Angelique must overcome things herself.

Lumiale- It is because she is a Queen Candidate.

Olivie- My my, what a grim look...

Olivie- *I got to see something interesting*

Ange- I... wonder what I wanted Lumiale-sama to say to me.

Ange- You're out of water...

Ange- I'm sorry, I forgot to water you this morning.

I have to go to the continent, after all.

I have to pay attention to it!

Ange- It's alright, it's alright.
I loved roller coasters.

Ange- Pa Pastha-san.

Pastha- The golden haired Queen Candidate...

Pastha- What have you been doing these last few days!!

Ange- I I'm sorry!

Pastha- A terrible thing is happening on your continent.

Ange- Huh? What is it?

Pastha- You should go and confirm it with your own eyes.

Something has happened on my continent?

Pastha- Focus your mind and resolve the place you want to go to.

Ange- Yes.

It's alright, I won't fall.

I'll just stand up steady and open my eyes.

My continent...


An erupting volcano... over there...!!

Ange- How awful.
What will I do...


Somebody help me!

Ange- Lumiale-sama!

Lumiale- Angelique.

Ange- Lumiale-sama, help me! You're Guardian of Water, aren't you?

Ange- A volcano... a volcano has erupted and burned the forest!
Like this, the plants that finally grew will die!

Lumiale- Angelique, please calm down.
I can't do anything.
I certainly am the Guardian of Water, but it is not a power that can do things that can be
seen like making it rain and controlling floods.

Lumiale- You understand that, don't you, Angelique?

Ange- .........

Ange- Then what is Sacrea for?
You can't even save the life in front of your eyes now...

Lumiale- That is true, at a time like this, I have no way.

Only to protect the Sanctuary.

Lumiale- Sacrea fills me, I am aware of it's existence, but I can't use it for my own purposes.
I accept Her Majesty's will and for the first time it is a power that affects the world.

Lumiale- I can't use any power for you now. Forgive me, Angelique.

Lumiale-sama, what a sorrowful look.

... I...

Ange- I'm sorry, Lumiale-sama. What I said was mean. I'm sorry.

Lumiale- It's fine, Angelique.
Are you alright now?

Ange- ... Yes...

Lumiale- Well, if the volcano is to be controlled, ask Pastha and go look at the condition
of the continent. Then, let's think of what should be done after that together.

Lumiale- If you wish, my Sacrea can heal the wounded continent with the gentleness of water.

Ange- ... I'm sorry.
It was because I didn't have courage.

Ange- I'm sorry...
I only thought about how to cultivate, I never really saw you.

I have to protect this land.

Lumiale- That continent is like a newborn infant.

Marcel- I talk to them.

My continent.

Pastha- A name?

Ange- Yes, I want to name that continent.
Can't I?

Pastha- It's not that you can't but, just what is the name?

Ange- Elysion!
So it will become a beautiful land like a heavenly flower garden.

Rosa- You really are a boring girl. You'll be amazed at the charm of my concept.

Rosa- Let's see, if it were me, Felicia.
I'll name it Felicia. It means a magnificent land full of happiness.

Ange- Don't imitate me, Rosalia.

Rosa- It's not imitation. By all means it is a fitting name.

Rosa- *It's not my fault you regret giving it such a self-conceited name as Elysion.*

Ange- *It's none of your business!*

Pastha- .........

Pastha- I've never heard of a continent under cultivation being named, but...

Pastha- Perhaps Sara's prediction will come true.

Felicia and Elysion.

Clavis- Lumiale, why are you smiling?

Lumiale- No, it's nothing, Clavis-sama.

It is important to wish for yourself.

We will lend you our power according to your wishes.

[Third Chapter/End]


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