Volume 1: The Two Queen Candidates

The Fourth Chapter

by Yura Kairi
Translation by Marfisa

The keeper of the holy gate

Defender of law and order

Because of his fidelity

Himself does not know the loneliness of existence

Julious- Angelique.
From Her Majesty, to your continents was granted the species of human life.
I want you to renew your awareness of the responsibility of those who cultivate the planet.

Julious- In the name of Her Majesty, the blessing of my light.



What's the matter?

Why are you crying?

Who are you?

Where are you?

Julious- Angelique, are you listening?

Ange- *gasp*

Ange- I I'm sorry, Julious-sama!

I... I'm in front of Julious-sama...

Julious- You know the reason I have called you.

Ange- ... Yes.

The cultivation of the continent is not proceeding well.
The Queen entrusted the people to us a long time ago.

Julious- In particular, the inhabitant's feelings are unstable. The balance is bad.

Rosa- I respect your opinion Julious-sama, but I have confidence in my cultivation!
Only, the result didn't come out the way I thought. It's as if something is interfering.

Rosalia too?

Julious- Rosalia, I do not want to hear excuses.

Julious- What is needed for the cultivation of the people demands precise judgement.
Keep in mind that if you make one mistake, it results in a harmful effect on many people.

Rosalia- ... Yes.

Ange- Uwaa, what nice weather. What a pleasant day off.


Ange- ... Why with what was said, I'm worried and can't relax.



Julious-sama's speech is always just warning and scolding.

He's a little hard to deal with...

Come to think of it, I've never seen Julious-sama smile.


Those always stern blue eyes...


Ange- !!


*sharp pain*

Ange- Kyaa!

Oscar- Missy, are you alright?

Oscar- I'm sorry, you surprised me.


Huh? Where have I seen this scene......

Oscar- Can you stand?

Oscar- Why are you staring vacantly?

Oscar- ... Ah, because you got a look at me on horseback.

Ange- *gasp*

Ange- That's wrong, I didn't think there were horses in the Flying City!

Th this person!

Oscar- This area is a course for running horses. You weren't paying attention and
got kicked by the horse.

Julious- What is the matter, Oscar?

Julious- Angelique?

Oscar- She left the forest and got lost on the riding grounds.


Julious- Oscar, I will go back first, you see Angelique to the dorm.

Oscar- Yes.

Julious- It looks like it will rain.

Julious- I leave it to you.

Oscar- Well, let's take you back.

Ange- It's fine. I'll walk back.

Oscar- Your ankle is probably sprained, it would be better to get it treated quickly.

Ange- I said it's fine!

Oscar- There's no need to put on a brave front, missy Queen Candidate.
You'll aggravate it this way and in 2 or 3 days, you won't be able to even move and I suppose
the people of your continent will be put through a good deal of trouble.

Ange- ......!!

Oscar- Come now.

He's unfair.

Oscar- That's a good girl.


Oscar- We should hurry.

Oh... again.
Strange deja vu.

What fierce lightning...

Ange- It looks just like Julious-sama.

My body cringes at that vivid light.

So very frightening, but I can't look away.

Oscar- Missy, are you afraid of Julious-sama?

Ange- .........

Oscar- He uses stern words, but he is by no means a cold person.

Oscar- Missy, be patient a bit. It's raining.


Ange- Kya!



I can hear the sound of Oscar-sama's heart.


Ange- Thank you.

Oscar- See you, missy.

... Oh

Ange- Oscar-sama... here.

Oscar- Thank you, missy.

Oscar- Have your ankle properly taken care of.

Rosa- Well! That girl and Oscar-sama!?

*door slam*

Rosa- Angelique!
Why were you brought home by Oscar-sama on the day off?

Rosa- Just what is the meaning...
*oh my*

Rosa- What's the matter?

Rosa- You really are clumsy. You were surprised by a horse and sprained your ankle.
*Besides that, you troubled Oscar-sama*

Rosa- There, all done. Think of receiving my treatment as a privilege. Since you won't find it

Ange- *I kind of feel like not thanking her meekly*
Th thank you.

Rosa- By the way, Angelique.

Rosa- I think it's strange. There has to be some reason the cultivation of the people
doesn't turn out the way I think.

Rosa- Perhaps, some power or other is affecting Felicia and Elysion.

Ange- *Just what I would expect from an honor student.*
You know about what's happening?

Rosa- Nope.

Rosa- However, if that's not it, it's too strange that a result has not appeared on my Felicia.

Rosa- Which has nothing to do with you. It's limited to my, Rosalia De Catargena's,
perfect cultivation.

Ange- ... I don't understand Rosalia at all.

Servant- Welcome home.


Julious- Oscar.

Oscar- Julious-sama?

Julious- Thank you.
How is Angelique's ankle?

Oscar- You finally noticed? It's not too bad.

Julious- Oh, that is good.

Oscar- *chuckle*

Julious- ... What are you laughing at?

Oscar- No, I see why you waited especially for me. You were worried.

Julious- She is a Queen Candidate. I suppose it is natural.

Oscar- That's a very disadvantageous personality.

Julious- ?

Someday will that girl notice
the real you hidden behind the cold mask and unspoken words?

Julious- Oscar.
The cultivation of the people of the continent, still with both Queen Candidates
there is no result, don't you think it strange?

Oscar- Are you saying something obstructing the cultivation is the cause?

Julious- Perhaps, on that planet... Now, I am ordering Pastha to investigate.


A child...?

There is a child crying somewhere...


Hey, don't cry...

Don't cry...

Crying again.

What should I do so you'll stop crying?

So you'll laugh?

Ange- I had a strange dream.

Today I'll go see Elysion.

Somehow, I'm really worried.

There hasn't been any result of the cultivation.


My heart is pounding.

I'm being called.

Huh? Wait!

I'm being pulled!

Ange- !


Julious- Is it true Angelique is missing!?

Pastha- Yes. To be precise, it is her spirit form.
It has been lost.

Julious- Do you think she can live lost, Pastha?

Pastha- Right now, we are going all out in our searching.

Rosa- Julious-sama, I'll go and look.

Julious- Rosalia.

Julious- No, you may not. Until the cause is clear, you are prohibited from going down to the
You should go back to the dorm.

Rosalia- .........


Julious- Cold...

... What is this.

Julious- Pastha, do the other Guardians know about this?

Pastha- No one has been informed yet.

Julious- This incident should be concealed for the time being.

Pastha- Yes.

If this continues for too long a time, without Angelique's mind returning to her body...

Pastha- Julious-sama!?

Angelique, answer me.

Clavis- The situation is desperate.
We can not really afford to lose one of the Queen Candidates before our eyes, can we?

Pastha- Clavis-sama.

Julious- Why did you come?

Clavis- No reason... I was merely guided.

Clavis- Pastha, I heard a voice.
Dream divination is not my specialty but... my crystal ball is showing a point on the planet.

Clavis- In the space between the two continents there is a center island.

The mysterious space that connects our world and this new world.

Julious- Are you saying that is where Angelique is?

Pastha- Let us search again.


Where is this?
Who's calling me?


Why are you crying?
Where are you?

It's dark and cold.
There's no one.
It's scary.

What's scary?

Are you lonely?
You're helpless and afraid.

So you called me.


I want to leave from here. Leave. Leave.

Huh? Leave from here...

What, what should I do?

...lique. Angelique.

Ange- Julious-sama?

Julious- Angelique.
Angelique, where, where are you?

Um, I'm not sure.
What should I do, Julious-sama?
There is a child crying and I don't know what I should do.

Julious- Child?

Clavis- A lost child?
A child of the life sent by Her Majesty who lost the way.
It seems he lost sight of the destination and became disoriented.

Julious- Are you saying that this soul called Angelique?
... Then the resolution depends on Angelique.

Angelique, give this soul peace.
You should calm and guide it.

I don't understand.

Julious- Clavis and I will grant you power.
Light for the right hand, dark for the left land, at your command,
golden haired Queen Candidate.

Just what do I do?

... the Queen

Ange- Your Majesty, please lend me your power.
Wrap this child in those white wings.

Please, to these hands.

Julious- In the name of Her Majesty, my Sacrea of Light to Angelique.

Clavis- My Sacrea of Dark as the Queen Candidate desires.

Dark is repose, the soul sleeps embraced in that abyss.
Filled with proud light, it becomes a new life.

Heal and guide the soul...
Your powers for the sake of this child.

Don't cry.

Come out, don't be afraid, you're not alone anymore.

Since I'm with you,
since I'm watching over you,

Let's go together.
To a new world filled with light.

Julious- Well done, Angelique.

Ange- Julious-sama's smile...

Ange- first... time...

Julious- Angelique!

Clavis- Suddenly, you have shown me something I am not used to seeing.

Julious- What!?

Pastha- Being separated from her body for such a long time must have tired her.

Julious- Sleep well.

Oscar- Oh.

Julious- At any rate, I am glad she is alright.

Oscar- Then the slump in the development has been canceled.

Julious- Yes, it seems that it was an effect of the stress caused by the soul that lost
it's destination.

Oscar- A girl who won't be beaten by a crying child, is she?

Julious- That life is also fine, it was reincarnated.

I'm glad, you're not alone anymore.

Man- What is it?

Child- Hey, dad, I saw the Angel.

Oscar- But drawing out the Sacreas of Light and Dark and reincarnating the soul.
That missy did rather well.

Julious- ... By the way, Oscar, where did you get information regarding this matter?

Oscar- Oh, it was Rosalia.

Oscar- She regretted missing such a valuable opportunity.

Julious- ... Oh.
*she forgot to keep it quiet...*

No, should I have said delighted?

Rosa- It's fine. This time it was a fluke...
Say, Oscar-sama.
That girl is gradually becoming like a Queen Candidate, don't you think?

Julious- Maybe not all of the Guardians know...


[Fourth Chapter/End]


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