Volume 1: The Two Queen Candidates

The Fifth Chapter

by Yura Kairi
Translation by Marfisa


Ange- Oh, Luva-sama, hello!

Luva- Oh, Angelique.

Luva- You look well, Angelique. Are you going to cultivate today?

Ange- Yes, I want Zephel-sama to send his power of Steel.

Luva- Oh yes, I heard. It seems you reincarnated the lost soul in Elysion.

Ange- Yes.

Ange- But I didn't do anything significant. I have Julious-sama and Clavis-sama's power
to thank.

Luva- Getting those two to cooperate isn't an easy thing to do. I think that alone is
significant, but.

Ange- ?

Luva- Oh, no no, it's nothing. Oh, Zephel has confined himself in his room for the last few
days, so...

Ange- Yes. I'll go and...

Ange- see.


Luva- Aaaah, Zephel!?

Ange- What!?


Luva- Zephel, are you alright?

Luva- Just what have you done this time?

*cough cough*

Zephel- It's nothing. I just made a mistake calculating the amount of gunpowder.

Luva- Gunpowder!? Y, you, you aren't making something dangerous again, are you?

Zephel- What do you want?

Ange- Oh...

Ange- Um... Zephel-sama, I'd like to cultivate......

Zephel- Huh? I can't hear you.
*because the explosion irritated his ears*

Ange- *inhale*

Ange- P, please. Zephel-sama, they need the technology to build big houses and bridges
to increase the population! Please send the power of Steel to Elysion!!

Zephel- Idiot! I could hear you without using such a loud voice!

Zephel- I understand. I'll remember.

Luva- .........

Luva- Ah, Zephel... Is that all you're going to eat again?

Luva- You must have a proper meal.

Zephel- Don't bother me, what I eat is my own business!

Luva- Ah, look, while you're growing, you should have a balanced intake of good nutrition.
And moderate exercise outdoors...

Zephel- Argh, I've already had enough lectures.

Ange- Zephel-sama.

Zephel- Unless you also have business, get out!!


Luva- Ah, that child is short-tempered, I wonder if he's not getting enough calcium...

Luva- No... It's my fault after all... isn't it.

Ange- Luva-sama?

Luva- Ah, Zephel's displeasure isn't your fault.
No matter how hard I try, I'm poor at communicating words well. I always get Zephel mad.

Ange- That... isn't your fault.

Luva- Thank you, Angelique.


... Still, I think it's Zephel-sama's fault.

Ange- Short like that, according to what Luva-sama said, he's not getting enough calcium.

That's it.

I've got a good idea, if I do say so myself!

Ange- I'll go consult with Dia-sama.

Servant- Please wait here.

*door shutting*

Uwaa, what a pretty music box.

Ange- ... Huh? It doesn't play.

Dia- Sorry to keep you waiting, Angelique.

Ange- Y y y yes!

Ange- Oh!



Ange- I'm sorry, Dia-sama. The music box is broken...

What will I do, it still doesn't play.

Dia- You shouldn't cry, Angelique.
This music box has been broken since long ago, it doesn't play.

Ange- ... But, it was placed like it was valuable. Is it something important? Dia-sama.

Dia- Yes... it is.

Unforgettable memories.
A music box for which time has stopped.

Ange- That's it, Dia-sama, what if you ask Zephel-sama to fix it!?
Certainly you can have the Guardian of Ingenuity-bringing Steel fix it, can't you!?

Dia- ... Perhaps.

Ange- If you like, I can take it to Zephel and ask.

Angelique, perhaps you...

Ange- Dia-sama?

Dia- Yes, thank you Angelique. Then I entrust this to you.

Ange- Yes!

Dia- That reminds me, what business did you have with me?

Ange- Oh, that's right.

Ange- The truth is, I have a request...

A sooty industrial planet.
This is my home.

Advance technology.
Increase production!
Efficiency for everything.
Utility for everything.
More Sacrea of Steel.

Zephel- !!

Zephel- Is this your desire!? You really want such a thing!
Stop!! You want more than this...

Zephel- Uwaaaa

It's your fault.
You took my Sacrea and the things your power brought about rapidly increased.

It's all your...

Zephel- Don't say such depressing things. Disappear.

*breathing heavily*

Zephel- Damn.

I'll give as much Sacrea as I want.
So leave me alone.

Rosalia De Catargena
Angelique Limoges

Angelique Limoges...
with that smiling face.

You don't know the true fear of using a Guardian's power.

Luva- Oh, why if it isn't Angelique.

Ange- Luva-sama, hello.

Ange- Luva-sama, are you going fishing?

Luva- Yes, it's one of my hobbies.

Luva- Ah, though for me, it is to indulge in deeper meditation.
Always I notice only the bait gets taken.

Ange- Oh no, Luva-sama.

Luva- Ah, by the way, you? Where are you going today...

Ange- The truth is I thought I'd give Zephel-sama something nutritious to eat...

Ange- Dia-sama taught me to cook.

Luva- *oh my*

Luva- Ah, Dia did. Oh?

Luva- This...
This music box.

Ange- Oh, it's broken and doesn't play. Dia-sama entrusted me with asking Zephel-sama to fix it.

Luva- Dia gave it to you to give to Zephel?

Ange- Yes.

Luva- Oh. This music box...

Ange- Luva-sama, what is this music box?

Luva- It is something the Guardian of Steel before Zephel made......
Yes, I suppose perhaps only Zephel can fix it.

Ange- Luva-sama?

Dia-sama and Luva-sama, it's a little strange.

*knock knock*

Ange- Zephel-sama, hello.

Zephel- What do you want?
Today's my day off.

Ange- Zephel-sama, I heard that you hadn't left the mansion even on your day off.

Zephel- What's that?

Ange- It's a picnic lunch. Dia-sama taught me how to make it.

Zephel- Hmm.

Zephel- What's this?

Ange- Oh, it's a broken music box.

Ange- I was wondering if you wouldn't fix it...


Ange- He's already in a trance.


Ange- Can it be fixed? Zephel-sama.

*light brush*


Zephel- Back off. You're getting in the way, so don't stand so close!

Ange- I'm sorry.

Ange- This was made by the Guardian of Steel before you.

Zephel- ... He did a pretty good job.

Ange- You're a true Ingenuity-bringing Guardian of Steel.



Zephel- Did Luva tell you to come here?

Zephel- Or are you trying to score points as a Queen Candidate by winning over the uncooperative

Ange- Oh, no...

Zephel- Do you know what you want to become Queen for?
Don't feel you can bring your problems here as you please.

Zephel- You smile so frivolously not even knowing what kind of thing the power of Steel is!
Don't come in here rude as you please!!

What made Zephel-sama suddenly so mad!?

Ange- Zephel-sama.

Zephel- Get out!

Zephel- Were you planning to butter me up with this?

Ange- Kya!


Ange- I wasn't trying to butter you up, I only thought I would offer you something delicious
to eat.

Ange- And to ask if you would fix Dia-sama's music box...

Ange- I may not seem like a Queen Candidate, but I wasn't doing anything else...

*tears falling*
Ange- Oh...

Ange- I'm sorry if I've been forward!
Excuse me!

Zephel- Oh, hey!

Zephel- Shit!
Girls think they should cry at anything!

Zephel- .........

Dia-sama taught me.

Her hands were all injured.

That clumsy person overdoing it.

Zephel- ... Tasty.

I... I think the people of the continent should live in bright spirits!

Come to think of it, she...
Judging by that awkward handiwork, she wasn't very clever.

Zephel- *lick*

I didn't mean to say such things.
Only, I'm always too forward with my words and end up hurting my companions.

I wonder if you did that too.
Guardian of Steel.

Marcel- Hey, Ange, cheer up. Don't pay it any mind. Zephel always has a sharp tongue.

Marcel- But there's no malice in it. It's just that he's not obedient.

Ange- Yes...

Zephel- What about me?

Marcel- Zephel!

Zephel- Here.

Ange- !

Zephel- It wasn't bad, thanks.


Marcel- Oh, there's a music box inside.

Zephel- Oh, incidentally, I fixed it.

Zephel- ... You're nothing like a Queen Candidate and your cultivation is full of holes, but.
I recognize your determination, so keep trying your best.

Ange- Thank you, Zephel-sama!

Dia- ... I could hear these tones again. Thanks to Angelique.

Luva- Dia...

Dia- The trouble of the Alternation Ceremony of the Guardian of Steel has been weighing on me
greatly, I hadn't done anything until now.

Luva- Ah, it's the same with me. Since even though we adults say something, Zephel only rebels...

Thank you, Angelique.

Dia- Angelique and Rosalia.
Their presence certainly has been having an effect on the Guardians.
Unconsciously, they have brought a pleasant change.
This could be what is called the Queen's Sacrea.

Ripples beautiful on the water's surface.
Their rings joined...

Luva- Ah, I look forward to it.

Dia- Receiving Angelique's power, I wonder how our world will change after this.

Along with gentle music,
Moving stopped time,
On angel's wings.

[Fifth Chapter/End]


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