Volume 1: The Two Queen Candidates

Extras and Afterword

by Yura Kairi
Translation by Marfisa


Marcel- Luva-sama, let's play a word-chain game.

Luva- Ah, alright.

Luva- Marcel (ma ru se ru).

Marcel- L (ru)... Luva-sama.

Luva- Ah.

Zephel- *keh*

*red pepper*

Luva- Marcel.

Marcel- ... Luva-sama.

Luva- Marcel.

Marcel- Luva-sama.

Luva- Marcel.

Marcel- Luva-sama.

Luva- Marcel.

Olivie- Someone please make them stop.

Tell me, Lumiale-sama

Ange- I heard your home was a water planet.

Lumiale- Yes.

Ange- Then, swimming must be your strong point, isn't it?


Ange- Maybe you have an inverted triangle swimmer's physique.

Lumiale- That's a secret.

Ange- Oh, I'm so embarrassed.

Randy- Lumiale-sama! Let's have a swimming race!!

*A contest*

Lumiale- I hate conflict.

The Refractive Index of Light and Dark

A Queen Candidate has to pay attention to friendship among the Guardians too.

Ange- Julious-sama.

Ange- Clavis-sama praised you.

*Lies are expedient.*

Ange- He said "he's a serious and nice guy".

Julious- What!?

Julious- Clavis, stop making insinuations!
*What are you trying to say?*


Julious- What did you really mean!?

Clavis- What are you talking about?

Julious- Out with it!
*You're always like this!*

Clavis- I don't know.


The thread just got more tangled.

Sweet Neo Comedy
Hints for Angels

As a Matter of Fact

Marcel-sama's room has been turned into a greenhouse.

Pretty flowers bloom and little birds fly freely.

So you if you're not careful...


Ange- *gasp*


Ange- Oh, that was close.

*bird droppings*

This room is humid and smells vaguely of manure...
and if you notice, it's full of droppings.

Ange- *whew*

Marcel- Welcome.

It ruins the sweet neo-romance!


A Gallant in Dealing with Everything

Oscar- Hey missy, do your best.
I think you're always great.

Oscar- You're very charming when you're running through the wind.

Oscar- Let me have the pleasure again.
Lovely, chestnut-haired Agnesca.

Olivie- Honestly, what an indiscriminating man.
*With horses, dogs, little birds.*

Ange- He treats me the same as a horse?

Confession #1

In the process of creating the illustration of Chupi,

*The old Chupi*

I casually changed the version.

*The present Chupi*

It was because,

Marcel- Chupi.

When I made it SD as Marcel's option...

It was kind of scary.

Chupi- *Take that!* *squawking*

Marcel- *Uwaa!*


Confession #2

An earring in the left ear is a proof of courage...


A left earring is normal.
It seems a right earring appeals to gays.

*And also wearing white socks with a suit, my editor told me.

Wait. A right earring.
A right earring......


I didn't know! (;_;)
*Since this person is not a joke, oh no!*

It's fantasy, so it doesn't matter, right!?

Clavis- The culture is different.


Thank you everyone for buying this comic.
This is my first comic book. It's a joyous occasion.

When I think about it, the serialization of Angelique began fairly suddenly.
If there hadn't been preliminary arrangements, I would have had no manga know-how....
Koei-san, Kadokawa-san, and Yura Kairi are all real challengers.

*Make it original.*
*Keep on schedule.*


*It was tough, frankly.*

But that Angelique has risen so far is thanks to the support of all the fans.
While it is a manga still green, with fan service in mind, I'll do my best to draw. Take the long
range view, okay?

*I read all the fan letters. Thank you.*

This time, in turning it into book form, I added as many adjustments as possible,

*waves crashing*

But it's a monument to my very inexperienced self...
Manga is hard.

*I caused the comics editor I-san a lot of trouble.*

But I won't be beaten.


Yes, I am a challenger who never learns... *B blood type*

*My eyesight is very bad.*

Perhaps if there are people hearing of Angelique for the first time in this manga, please try
playing the games.

SFC, PC-FX, SS, PS, Windows95, take your pick.
*Except for SFC* Wonderful voice actor staff & animation.

This comic version of "Angelique" is one story originally born in the game world.
I'm sure you will discover your very own story.

*In the games, CDs, and the comic, little by little the settings will change.*
*Even Catis ended up appearing.*

Come to think of it, I'm often asked which is my favorite Guardian, but actually I like all of
them and I can't compare.


Only, in retrospect, the 1st volume reflects my own play record...

Plus, these people are easy to draw.

Zephel- *keh*

Julious- I'm often used as a joke.

Oscar- Do I have such a villainous face, missy?

*Sorry, Oscar.*


Olivie- Hey...

Randy- *sigh*

... Please look forward to Vol. 2!! *Fans, excuse me.*

? day old Chupi.



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