Volume 2: Scenic Sunday

Angels' Holiday

by Yura Kairi
Translation by Marfisa

Rosalia De Catargena.
Recognized for her natural power such that she should become Queen, she received training and
is the perfect Queen Candidate.
Naturally, the cultivation of her continent is perfectly flawless.
She has a big lead over the other Queen Candidate.

Rosa- How!
How can that be!

Rosa- Angelique, while I've been advancing my cultivation, that girl has been making friends
with the Guardians.
She's gotten a strong appeal by grand standing.

Rosa- That's right, being a Queen Candidate is more than cultivation, I have to pay attention
to human relations!
A Queen who has gained the support of the Guardians!

I, I,
want to go on a date with a Guardian!!

Sign- A shout from the heart.

Rosa- First, I think it should be someone Angelique isn't very friendly with.
I'll go visit Olivie-sama.

Rosa- Since it's Sunday, I have to hurry.
*door opening*

Ange- Kya!


Rosa- *startled*
Oh... excuse me.

Ange- Ouch.

Ange- Oh Rosalia, you're going out somewhere today?

Rosa- *ahem*
Uh, yes, I have some business with Olivie-sama.

Ange- I think Olivie-sama is out.

Rosa- Huh?

Ange- The day before yesterday when I went to ask for cultivation, he told me for his day off
he was going back to the Sanctuary for a full course spa treatment.

Rosa- Really?

Rosa- By the way, how about you? Do you have a date with someone?

Ange- I have this! It was in the dorm room. If we check the guide to the Flying City,
there's shopping and food to enjoy, and introductions to leisure and sports, and
*The head editor is Queen's Aide Dia-sama.*

Ange- There's a specialty shop with specially made apple pies, blueberry muffins, hand made
cakes, and original coffees, it says!

Ange- That's it, Rosalia, why don't you come with me?

Rosa- Wh, why me?

Ange- Because two is more fun than one!
And there aren't any other girls!

Wha, what is this power?

Ange- Like with friends back at school, going window shopping, buying ice-cream.
*Checking out the new stuff at fancy shops.*

Rosa- I... I didn't do things like that.

Ange- Huh?

Rosa- You're asking me to join you like the common girls of your neighborhood?

Ange- You,

Ange- You poor thing!

Rosa- *startled*

Ange- In that case, you have to go all the more!
I'm going to show you how to have fun!!

Rosa- It's none of your business. Today I'm going with a Guardian on a da...

Ange- Da?

Rosa- It's nothing.

Ange- Come on, let's go, Rosalia.

Rosa- Wait a minute, Angelique.
*You're out of character.*

Rosa- I, I.

Ange- I'm so happy you let me show you.

Wh... what frightening commoner power!

Rosa- Why me...

Ange- What a darling shop!

Ange- Mmm, delicious. You should try some too, Rosalia.

Rosa- It's just about tea time.

Rosa- .........

Ange- Really? May I try a bite?

Ange- Really delicious.

This, this girl!

Like a fish in water!

Ange- Try mine too.

Could this really be how she lived every day?

Ange- *sob*...

What? This girl...

*tears falling*

Ange- Sophia, Jane... I wonder what they're doing. And Mama and Papa right about now...

Crying in public!

Ange- I want to see them.

Why is she exposing her weakness in front of her rival by crying out loud?

I... couldn't do it.

Ange- *sob*

But, just a little of that loneliness...

Rosa- ... Angelique, you were chosen as a Queen Candidate. That dignity...

Ange- Aaah!

Ange- Hey, Rosalia, if we go to the Fortune-Telling Hall on the weekend,
we might be lucky... it says.

Rosa- .........

Rosa- ... Angelique, when someone is speaking...

Ange- Let's go see after this. There are lots of charm products, it says.
*I wonder what there is.*

Rosa- Listen to me when I'm speaking!

This shameless commoner is so happy!

Ange- Over there, the Fortune-Telling Hall.

Ange- But it looks we can't go in?

Man- Ladies, today is the day off for the Fortune-Telling Hall.

Ange- But in this guidebook...

Man- Oh, this was yesterday, Saturday. On Sunday, Sara usually goes to the Lake in the Woods.

Ange- The Lake in the Woods?

Man- If you like, you can go to the lake and see. No, I wonder if it's still too soon
for you ladies?

Man- See you.
*I'm just a passer-by.*

In margin- *One parallel....*

Rosa- Who was that man...
*The strange way he laughed made me uncomfortable.*

Rosa- Let's go see, Angelique.

Rosa- That way of speaking worries me. We have to make certain what kind of place it is.
*I hate being ridiculed!*

Ange- R... right.
*Rosalia has gotten like usual.*

Pastha- Sara, it seems your prediction is right again. While it is uncertain, the Queen Candidates
are doing well.

Sara- Pastha, you promised you wouldn't talk about work today.

Pastha- That's right, Sara.

Sara- You and I are alone here.


Ange- Uwaa, Pastha-san can make such a gentle face. He always has such a grim look.

Rosa- That's Sara of the Fire Dragon clan, the fortune-teller from the Fortune-Telling Hall.

Ange- Pastha-san and Sara-san are sweethearts? They're a good match. I'm envious.

Rosa- What are you saying? Aren't you a Queen Candidate? You're in no position to be infatuated

Ange- But, Rosalia. Supposing, like this one of us is chosen as Queen, when should we fall
in love?

Rosa- Th, that is...
... Queen Candidates shouldn't have such common emotions.

Rosa- Aren't you taking being chosen as a successor to the Queen who rules the cosmos lightly?

Sara- Please relax, Queen Candidate.

Sara- Pleased to meet you, I am the head fortune-teller at the Fortune-Telling Hall, Sara.

Sara- Rosalia, who told you that Queen Candidates shouldn't fall in love.

Rosa- That is...

Pastha- Sara, don't stir up anything.

Sara- Oh, but these two want to know the joy of being in love like us.

Sara- Me for you. You for me.
Risking everything, you're the only person in the world I want to know the happiness
of being in love with.

Pastha- Sara, though the entire cosmos turn against us, I love you.

Sara- Pastha, I too...

Ange&Rosa- *oh*

Sara- Oh, sorry.

Sara- If you don't love a single person, can you love the life in all the cosmos?
I'm certain Her Majesty didn't say that girls shouldn't fall in love.

Sara- *laughs* I'll give you one prediction.

Sara- You'll certainly fall in love in the Flying City.

Sara- You'll discover the unforgettable jewel of the heart.

Sara- At that time, come visit me. A love spell never misses.
I'm a strong ally to maidens in love.

Sara- And there are such charming men nearby.

Rosa- ... That's it, that's what it was.

Ange- Huh?

Rosa- She is called the Queen who loves all the cosmos!
How could I forget such an important thing!

Ange- Rosalia?

Rosalia- Angelique, this time I won't be beaten by you!

Ange- .........

Ange- ... What?

Rosa- *hohohoho*
*I'll be the star of the next stage.*

Thus the angels' holiday ended.
Due to the two Queen Candidates, the day the legend of the Lake in the Woods is told is near...
or is it!?

[Angels' Holiday/End]


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