Volume 2: Scenic Sunday

Scenic Sunday

by Yura Kairi
Translation by Marfisa

Zephel- Well aren't you energetic so early in the morning.

Zephel- Isn't your blood pressure high?

Randy- Zephel.

Randy- Isn't it unusually early for you?

Randy- Hm? Zephel, your eyes are red.


Zephel- Wah! Don't pull, idiot!

Zephel- Wah!

Zephel- Ouch... that brute strength.

Randy- Oh, sorry.

Zephel- My eyes are naturally red!

Zephel- Hehe. Oh well. Since unlike you I'm a cultured person.

Zephel- Meaning to satisfy my intellectual curiosity, I pile up study around the clock.

Randy- Huh?

Zephel- *Do you understand my meaning?*

Randy- *In other words you stayed up all night.*


Zephel- Look!

Zephel- This is the absolutely perfect remote controlled bird robot P-02-SSW!!

Randy- You succeeded in remodeling Mecha-Chupi!

Zephel- Stop calling it that!!

Randy- *Wow.*

Marcel- Good morning, Randy, Zephel.

Randy- Good morning, Marcel.

Zephel- What's with the flowers?

Marcel- Isn't the morning bunch of flowers pretty.

Marcel- It's Mecha-Chupi! You made it controllable?

Zephel- Y, yeah.

Zephel- It's not dangerous or anything anymore.

Marcel- Wow. Why were you anxious to remodel it again now?
No matter how many times I asked, you said "I don't know".

Zephel- Come on now.

Marcel- Hmmm.

Marcel- I think I know. You want to show off for Ange.

Zephel- What are you saying, Marcel!

Control- *crack*

Randy- *"Crack"...?*

Zephel- Wha, what, the control's not working!

Zephel- Where's it going! Hey!

Zephel- It's because you jinxed it, Marcel!

Marcel- Is not.

Zephel- Wait up!

Randy- Looks like it'll take some more time to perfect.

Marcel- Really.

Randy- Hey Marcel. How's Angelique doing?
That is... her cultivation.

Marcel- Um, I don't really know, but I think Ange's trying her best.

Randy- Oh...

Marcel- What? Randy, are you worried about Ange?

Randy- Uh... yes, that is, as Guardian of Wind.

Randy- Oh no, I was in a hurry. See you later, Marcel.

Marcel- Randy.


Marcel- Oh, right.

Marcel- Randy never learns.

Marcel- I have to hurry and go too.

Randy- Good morning! Oscar-sama.

Oscar- You're late today, boy.

Randy- Oscar-sama, a match!

Oscar- Don't waste my time.

Oscar- I don't want to make these ladies who have been waiting for an appointment cry.

Oscar- You're still soft. You're not getting past a brat's sword fight, Randy.

Randy- Shit! One more time!

Woman1- Randy-sama has a strong competitive spirit, having sword practice so early in the
morning on the weekend.

Woman2- Oscar-sama is also enjoying himself it seems.




Olivie- Good morning, to another beautiful me today.

I'm Angelique Limoges.

Ange- Time to eat.


Chosen to be the next Queen Candidate, I'm in the middle of the present Queen Examination.

But... I don't really know about being a Queen Candidate.

Compared to Rosalia who comes from a noble family, I was born and raised a commoner and
I didn't receive Queen training.


Why was someone like me chosen...

Ange- It was delicious.

Ange- I'm feeling blue even though breakfast this morning was delicious and I ate it all,
I feel sad.

And the cultivation of my continent isn't showing very much of a result...

Julious- *What is this treatment...*

Ange- Tomorrow there might be a summons from Julious-sama.

Down Arrow- Pressure

Rosa- Oh, Angelique, good morning.

Ange- Rosalia?

Rosa- Oh, what is it?
I have a date today.

Olivie- Hi, young lady.

Olivie- I came to pick you up.


Rosa- I've been expecting you, Olivie-sama.

Olivie- You look lovely. I'm glad.

Rosa- *Well...*

Olivie- You're the picture of the advice I gave you.


Olivie- Later, Angelique. If you like, we can go on a date next time.

Rosa- Olivie-sama!

Olivie- Oh, sorry, sorry.

Olivie-sama and...

Rosalia has spare time....

A date?



No, why Oscar-sama!

Marcel- Angelique, what's the matter?

Ange- *My face is hot...*

Marcel- Good morning. Nice morning, isn't it.

Ange- Marcel-sama.

Marcel- I thought I'd give you these flowers.

Ange- Thank you, Marcel-sama.

Marcel- A little while ago I noticed Olivie-sama and Rosalia, but those two...

Ange- It seems they're on a date.

Marcel- Wow.

Marcel- ... Hey Ange, you should watch out for Olivie-sama.

Ange- Huh?

Marcel- Putting make-up on is his hobby, on himself and on other people.
To make matters worse he loves to do dress-up.
*Someone like me is the "perfect victim".*
*I don't really understand, but Oscar-sama said.*

*This is a cuckoo.*

Ange- *Really...?*

Marcel- ... But a date? I'd like to go on a date with you.

Marcel- The park on Sunday when it's really bustling is fun.
But today I can't. I have an appointment with Dia-sama... I should already be going.
Sorry, next time let's absolutely go on a date.

Marcel- Absolutely.

Ange- Marcel-sama.
What a nice and charming person...

Ange- This is the first time I've come to the park on Sunday.

Ange- It's bustling... rather nostalgic.

There's normal life even in the Flying City. There are people having fun on the weekend.
Everyone's enjoying themselves.

*tap tap tap tap*

Ange- How adorable.

Watch out!


Girl- *Uwaaaa!*

Ange- Are you alright? Just wait, your big sis will make it all better.

Girl- *It hurts! Waah!*

Ange- Pain, pain, fly far

Ange- Away!

Girl- ... That startled me.

Ange- See, it doesn't hurt any more, does it?

Girl- Uh-uh.

Ange- *Here.*

Ange- Be careful.


Ange- Huh?

Girl- Miss, let's play.

Dog- *woof woof*

Man- Hello, Randy-sama.

Woman- Randy-sama, good day.

Randy- Hi, hello.

Man- There's a nice breeze today.

Randy- Today is Sunday and it's full of people. Where should I eat?

Dog- *bark*

*kyaa ahahaha*


Ange- I caught you!

Girl- *Kya!*


Ange- *ahahaha*

Randy- Why if it isn't Angelique.

Ange- *startled*

Randy- Are you here alone?

Child- Randy-sama.

Girl- Oh, it's Randy-sama!


Randy- Hi.

Randy- Hey, how are you?

Girl- Fine.

Woman- Well, hello, Randy-sama.

Ange- *gasp*
H, hello!! Randy-sama!

What should I do, meeting him so suddenly...
I'm not prepared.


Child- *Randy-sama, what about your frisbee?*

Randy- *Sorry, I don't have it today.*

Child- *What?*

Girl- *Why?*

I didn't think Guardians came to the park and were this cheerful.

It's kind of strange.

Child- See you later, Randy-sama.

Girl- Bye-bye, miss.

Ange- Bye-bye.

Randy- *Later.*

Ange- Randy-sama, you're popular, aren't you.

Randy- Huh? No, it's just that I like this park and before I realized it, people knew me.

Randy- But more importantly, how is the cultivation going? Is it going smoothly?


Randy- Oh, did I ask something I shouldn't have!?
*I'm in trouble*

*rustle rustle*

Randy- That's it, Angelique.

Randy- Would you like to eat this?

Randy- I bought these from the vendor at the entrance. They're good.

Randy- Oh, let's sit on that bench over there.

Ange- Time to eat.

Randy- How is it? Is it good?

Ange- Yes.

Randy- I'm glad.

Randy- I'm not very good at talking to girls. Sorry if I've said anything weird.

He's smiling.

Randy-sama is rather easy to talk to.

Randy- *No.*

Dog- *bark*

Ange- Randy-sama, that wound.

Randy- Oh, I got during sword practice.

Dog- *begging*

Ange- If you'd like, here...

Randy- Thanks.

Randy- It's because Oscar-sama has no discretion.
I'm full of bruises and black and blue marks.

Randy- It's severe, but I'm getting training.
Winning once against Oscar-sama is my goal now.

Ange- Don't give up!

Randy- Yeah.

Randy- Angelique.

Ange- Yes.

Randy- What I saw a little while ago.
When you were playing with the kids, you had a very nice smile.

Randy- ... Um, it's better that you're not very conscious of being a Queen Candidate.
It's more comfortable and there's no ceremony.

Randy- People also told me when I became a Guardian.
Because there is Sacrea in personality itself, behaving honestly is a Guardian's
healthiest way of life.

Ange- So that's what it is.

Randy- Amazing isn't it?

A promise that must be fulfilled and
A world that must be protected.

Randy- Until I'm spoken to that way,
even though I'm busy with the duty to serve Her Majesty and responsibility, I don't notice.


Randy-sama... and the Guardians think this way.

Ange- Maybe the Queen's Sacrea is the same.

Randy- What did you say?


Randy- Seeing you reminds me of where I grew up.

Randy- I...

Dog- *bark*

Dog- *bark bark*


Olivie- Oh, hey stop!


Randy- Who's there!

Olivie- Hi.

*Seen by the worst person!*

Randy- Ugh, Olivie-sama!!
How long have you been there?

Olivie- A cunning hot-blooded boy, aren't you. So you're here on a wholesome date.

Randy- It, it's not a date or anything!


Ange- *Is, is that how it looks?*

Olivie- My, sitting on the park bench exchanging glances, you were rather serious.

Randy- Olivie-sama!

Rosa- Olivie-sama.

Olivie- Don't be surprised. I'm also here in the middle of a date.

Olivie- Later, you two. Sorry to have bothered you.

Ange- Rosalia...

It's like she's not the usual Rosalia.

Maybe it's a dream shown by Olivie-sama.

Randy- Since Olivie-sama said that strange thing...
I've become conscious.


Randy- I'm really bad at these things...
*... Oh, man.*

Ange- Randy-sama, you were in the middle of saying something earlier?

Randy- In short, that is...

Randy- Since I still make a poor figure as a Guardian.

Randy- Let's try our best together.

Ange- Yes!

Randy- ... Maybe, if you'd like, next time, me and...
That is... a real d, date.

Ange- Huh? What is it? Randy-sama.

Randy- ......

*pure white*

Randy- N, nothing!

*ahahaha haha*

Ange- ?

Randy- I wonder is this one more thing to learn from Oscar-sama...?
*Oh, but that...*

He's the Guardian of Wind.

Bearing courage to people's hearts.

A pleasant breeze blows over my heart. Tomorrow, I'll certainly be refreshed.

Alright! Tomorrow it'll be fine even if Julious-sama calls me!

Meanwhile... Clavis' mansion.

Clavis- ............

Zephel- *snore*

Clavis- This person thinks my garden is a lounge...
*Dark, quiet, a place no one approaches... yet here he is...*

Zephel- *snore*

[Scenic Sunday/End]


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