Volume 2: Scenic Sunday

The Sixth Chapter

by Yura Kairi
Translation by Marfisa

A beautiful planet in the new cosmos.

The two continents presented to the Queen Candidates, Felicia and Elysion.

Pastha- Marcel-sama are you here to cultivate?

Marcel- Uh-uh, I was just looking at the condition of the continent.

Marcel- Wa!

Pastha- Watch your step.

Marcel- Th, thanks.

Marcel- Hey, Pastha, have you met Her Majesty?

Pastha- Once, when I came to this world with Sara, you could say that I have met her,
you couldn't say that I haven't.

Marcel- ............

I don't understand.

I've never met Her Majesty.

Even though I'm a Guardian serving Her Majesty.

Her Majesty...

I wonder what she's like.
There are so many things I want to talk about.

What kind of flowers does Her Majesty like?

My power...
Is the Sacrea of Green really of use to Her Majesty?



Ange- .........

Ange- *sigh*

Ange- That was scary.


Guardian of Dark Clavis-sama.
A colorless room.

I wonder if Clavis-sama is lonely all alone in that dark room.

Separated by a single door, outside is full of such bright colors.

I'll take the shortcut through the courtyard.



A blond... girl?


Marcel- Angelique.

Ange- Oh, that voice!

Marcel- Ah! Why did you have to see me here?

Ange- Oh, Marcel-sama,

*rub rub*

Ange- You shouldn't rub so hard!
You'll get... all red.

Marcel- *sniffle*

Ange- *startled*

So cute!
It makes me, a girl, lose my confidence.

Ange- By chance... was it Olivie-sama?


Marcel- I had something I wanted to ask and first I visited Luva-sama but...

Ange- *I'll fix it.*

Luva- *Ah, um, let's see, um, where should I begin? Ah, now then.*

Marcel- I didn't understand too much.


Marcel- Then Olivie-sama...


Olivie- *Here, let's try this one on next.*

Marcel- He said he would tell me if I let him put make-up on me.
But, I wasn't really getting any answers so I ran.

Marcel- Angelique, what are you doing!?

Ange- Sorry.

Ange- Your hair is so soft and pretty, so...

Marcel- Enough already.

Marcel- Oh well.

Marcel- Oh, hey, I recently took a look at Elysion.
It's become a very beautiful continent.

Ange- Thank you!

Marcel- I'm glad!
*rolling back*

Marcel- Hey, my power is useful to you, right?

Ange- Yes, very.

Marcel- Guardians can't use their power arbitrarily.
But during the examination, we gain permission to use it. If you and Rosalia wish... however.

Marcel- I'm glad I'm a Guardian. This way, I can help you.

Randy- Are you here playing hooky? Marcel.

Randy- Hi, Angelique.

Ange- Randy-sama.

Marcel- Randy, you're the one playing hooky.

Randy- Mine is a change of pace.

Randy- Angelique requested cultivation and I have to go to the Royal Research Institute.

Marcel- Huh? Ange, what about me? You don't need the power of Green?

Randy- It's not that, but
Now, Elysion needs the power of Wind.

Marcel- Really?

I'm kind of bored.

*knock knock*

Rosa- Marcel-sama, I'd like cultivation for my Felicia, please.

Marcel- Uh-huh, I understand. Rosalia.

Marcel- Felicia and Elysion.

Marcel- Hmm.

A little more... I wonder?

You still haven't said you're lacking the power of Green, Ange.

What should I do?
I don't want to see Ange sad.

Marcel- If I neglect it now, it may revert.

I want Ange to become Queen.
That way, we can always be together.

Marcel- Good, there's no one here.

Marcel- Shining green and
harvest gold.
Birds' songs celebrating the bountiful fruit.

For Ange, I'll secretly send the Sacrea of Green.
But I won't do anything else.

Marcel- On that song, fruitfulness to people's hearts
to Ange's Elysion.

Do your best, Ange.

Rosa- Angelique.

Ange- Oh, Rosalia.

Rosa- The condition of your continent is very good lately.

Ange- Really? I'm so happy.

Rosa- This isn't the time to celebrate.
Even though this is the point where you may have caught up to me.

Rosa- Oh well. I don't know what fortune fell upon you but,
Otherwise, I wouldn't call you my rival.


Ange- Thanks, Rosalia.

Rosa- I wonder why she's thanking me, that strange girl.

Rosa- Cultivate with all your attention on it, alright?

Marcel- Elysion seems to be doing well.

Ange- Yes.

Ange- They've been able to harvest crops in abundance so all the people are content and
everyone seems very happy.

Ange- I see Elysion like that and I become happy too.

Ange- Even Julious-sama praised me.
Maybe I'll get a little self-confidence.

Marcel- You're happy like this then I'm happy too.

I love Ange's smile.

I'll send a little more Sacrea of Green to Elysion.
I can make Ange even happier.

Pastha- Marcel-sama.


Pastha- You're stopping by often lately.

*heart pounding*
Marcel- Y, yeah, I think it's better not just to cultivate but to check and stuff.
I, it's interesting, the continent.

Pastha- For a Guardian to have an interest in the continent is honorable.
Marcel-sama, you're dealing with the Queen Examination seriously.

... He smiled.

Pastha praised me!

It's kind of nice.
It's great for the power I have to benefit someone.

Ange- Well then, please, Zephel-sama.

Zephel- Yeah.

Zephel- You've been coming often lately, haven't you?
Does Elysion need that much power of Steel?

Ange- Yes, the people's desire has increased tremendously.

Ange- It's a Queen Candidate's duty to answer the people's voice.

Zephel- Hmm.

Zephel- Hey, Luva.

Luva- Yes?

Zephel- Elysion. Isn't it strange lately?

Luva- Huh?

Zephel- I'm not interested in that bothersome continent, but
It might be a good idea to find out how it underwent such a complete change.

Zephel- I have a bad feeling.

Ange- Recently, it seems Elysion is noticeably growing.
And the people were also full of life and cheerful.
*Desires estimate!*

Ange- Hooray!

Ange- Even I can do it.

I'm so happy!

Ange- Tomorrow too I'll try my best for Elysion.

I wonder if Her Majesty watches over the cosmos with these feelings.

Julious- The people of Elysion?

Oscar- Yes, the demand facing the power of Fire is getting strong.
The present level in Elysion is a dangerous amount.

Oscar- Now, if Angelique showers the continent with the Sacrea of Fire according
to the people's wishes.

Oscar- War is sure to start.

Julious- And presently the people's minds are not mature enough to suppress it... is the reason.

The beginning of chaotic wars.
If that happens, Angelique won't be able to control it anymore.

Julious- I have also received information from Pastha.
According to it, it seems there is an interfering power on the continent besides
the Queen Candidate's cultivation.

Oscar- Which is?

Julious- It is still under investigation...

Oscar- ... It's a shame. If possible, I don't want to see the missy depressed.

And she was sporting such a nice smile.

Julious- That's right.

Julious- Lately Angelique's cultivation appeared to be proceeding well.

Just what happened?

*knock knock*

Ange- Hello, Oscar-sama.

Oscar- Hey, missy.

Ange- Oscar-sama, um... for Elysion.

Oscar- Wait, before that, I want to ask you.

Oscar- Does the continent really need the Sacrea of Fire.

Ange- !?

Ange- Yes... the people of Elysion really want the power of Fire.

Oscar- Missy.
Just giving them what they want isn't cultivating the people.

Oscar- Human desire isn't something that runs out. If I send my power as the people want,
the balance will be lost and they may end up destroying themselves.

Oscar- It is the same as this sword.

Oscar- The value of every great sword is measured by the ability of the wielder.
It's nothing but a dangerous toy to a child who doesn't know how to use a blade.

Oscar- Do you understand what I want to say?

Ange- But.
I want to grant the wish of the people of Elysion.

Ange- I want to make them happy!

Oscar- Missy, burning Fire incites hot passion in the heart.
Do you understand that it's a very dangerous power?

Oscar- It's like me.

Oscar- Or, if you don't try and touch it once and you won't understand, I wonder?

Oscar- Now, if I send the power of Fire to Elysion, you'll regret being burned, I think.
How about it, missy?

Ange- Yes.

Oscar- That's my missy.

Ange- What do you mean "my missy"!?

Oscar- *hahaha*

Oscar- Missy, come with me.

Ange- *ahem*
*If I'm a little careless, there will be future troubles...*

Ange- Wh... where to?

Oscar- The Royal Research Institute.
It seems Julious-sama wants to speak to you about Elysion's cultivation.

Ange- Huh?

A little more.
Just a little more for Ange.

Olivie- Marcel, what are you doing?

Marcel- !

Marcel- Olivie-sama!

Olivie- That's... not cultivation requested by a Queen Candidate is it?

Olivie- I thought it was strange. Recently Elysion hasn't been needing any Sacrea of Dream.
It's too unnatural, so naturally investigating got me worried.

What will I do, he's found me.

Marcel- Olivie-sama.
I... wanted to do something for Ange.

Olivie- Then that means you kept sending Sacrea even though the Queen Candidate didn't
request it.

Olivie- Hey, Marcel.
Do you think that was really for Angelique's benefit?


Olivie- Your power enriched Elysion and let the people live in abundance.
But you've gone a little too far.

Olivie- The two continents are still growing.

The Sacrea of Dream, the hopes people harbor.

People dream whether in abject poverty or so corrupt they don't need to dream.

Olivie- As things are, with the mental maturity not caught up to the material bounty,
Elysion will be ruined.


Marcel- To not need is the sort of thing my power is.

Marcel- Oh no...
I... what have I done?

Ange, I'm sorry...!

Julious- So it was you...


Julious- Marcel.

Marcel- Julious-sama!

Olivie- Oh my, caught by the worst person.

Ange- Marcel-sama?


Marcel- Oh.

Ange- You were sending power to Elysion?

Without my knowing it.

Elysion's cultivation going well was
Because Marcel-sama was lending it power....?

Marcel- I'm sorry, Ange. My power may be having a bad effect on Elysion...

Julious- I can't believe that something like this would happen.

Julious- Marcel...

Marcel- Y yes!

Julious- It is prohibited for Guardians to use Sacrea at their own will.


Julious- That is because Her Majesty controls the balance of each power and the cosmos is guided.


Lumiale- I can't do anything.

Julious- You must know what would happen if each, swayed by his feelings,
used his power as he pleased!

The breakdown of equilibrium.


Marcel- I didn't mean to.

Marcel- I... wanted to make Ange happy.
*tears falling*

Marcel- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.


Ange- Julious-sama please, don't scold Marcel-sama.

Ange- Marcel-sama did it for me......

Marcel- Ange.

Julious- Angelique, this incident is no longer limited to just that.
What Marcel has done is an interference of the Queen Examination.
In turn it merits treason against Her Majesty!

Oh no!!

Lumiale- Clavis-sama, are you returning to the mansion?

Clavis- Has Dia-sama has summoned us?

Clavis- Probably the matter of the Guardian of Green using Sacrea without permission.

Lumiale- Yes... it is serious for Angelique's continent.

Clavis- The golden haired Queen Candidate...

Lumiale- .........

Clavis- This is another ordeal for becoming Queen... it means.

Lumiale- Clavis-sama,
you don't call the Queen Candidates by their names, do you?

Clavis- One of the girls will become Queen. There is no point in remembering a name.

Lumiale- Clavis-sama.

Yes, it doesn't matter.

The girl smiling in the light.
Dazzling to me now.

Randy- Marcel.

Marcel- *hic*

Randy- Marcel, open up.

Randy- ... I'm sorry Marcel, it's my fault.
If I had told you exactly about Guardians and Sacrea more.


Zephel- Idiot, what have you been telling him!?

Randy- Zephel.

Zephel- Hey, Marcel, what's done is done!

Zephel- Anyway, come out!


Zephel- Hey!

Marcel- .........

Zephel- ......

Zephel- I understand! Sob as long as you want!

Zephel- I don't care anymore!


Randy- Zephel!

Zephel- Randy!
You too, enough! Stop pampering him!

Randy- Zephel!

Randy- Marcel, Zephel's worried too in his own way.
I'm also doing as much as possible to help, so cheer up.

Marcel- Randy.

Marcel- Randy, I can never face Angelique again.

Marcel- To Elysion, I've done a horrible thing to Ange's Elysion.

I'm such a useless Guardian...

Marcel- She'll never forgive me.
I'm sure she hates me.


The continent's balance of growth has been destroyed.

What should I do?

The way things are going, Marcel-sama is

Ange- Oh!


What Marcel has done is an interference of the Queen Examination.
In turn it merits treason against Her Majesty!

Rosa- What are you doing at this late hour?

Ange- Rosalia.

Ange- What will I do, Rosalia, if there's a harsh punishment for Marcel-sama.

Ange- It can't be ... death... the death penalty.
There isn't, right? Right?

Rosa- Calm down, you silly girl. There's no reason to do such a thing to a Guardian.

Rosa- If the power of Green were impaired it would be a crisis for the cosmos.

Rosa- Be aware, Angelique.
You didn't come here to play with the Guardians.

Rosa- As a Queen Candidate, you must think of Elysion first.

Rosa- If you don't pull yourself together, the continent will be ruined.


Ange- Rosalia...
Yeah... that's right.
... I'm sorry.

Rosa- You should remember that.

Rosa- For heaven's sake, because you're like that, I get put in the situation of meddling.

Rosa- *It's a nuisance. A nuisance.*

Ange- If not for this, she would be a nice person...

Luva- Ah, it seems Clavis isn't coming.

Dia- Oh.

Julious- .........

Luva- Come to think of it Julious, isn't calling it treason against Her Majesty exaggerating
a little?

Julious- I stated the problem as I was aware of it.
I didn't intend to pamper him because he is young.
Marcel should have been given a sense of being a Guardian more strictly.

Luva- Yes...

Julious- Marcel is returning to the Sanctuary.
I suppose until a countermeasure is found, there is nothing to do but suspend the
Queen Examination for a while.

Dia- No, I won't allow a suspension of the examination.

Dia- The continents continue to grow even while it's like this.
Since Angelique was chosen and is one of the Queen Candidates,
She must correct the present incident herself.

If she has white wings

Ange- Good morning, Marcel-sama.


Ange- Marcel-sama, please open the door.

Marcel- No...

Marcel- Angelique, I'm sorry...
I'm sorry.

Marcel- Having my Sacrea be useful to you made me very happy.


Marcel- I was elated.

So much that... I forgot what would happen to Elysion.

Marcel- I'm not qualified to be a Guardian...

Marcel- I can't see you anymore.

Ange- Marcel-sama.

Ange- ... I'm the same too.
I was deliriously happy to grant the wishes of the people of Elysion.
I didn't even think about what kind of result that would bring.
If I had really thought about Elysion, I should have known.

Ange- Hey, Marcel-sama, I want to believe in the strength of Elysion's people.
Won't you please lend me your help?

You need my help?

Ange- I... you sent Sacrea to Elysion for me. It made you happy.

Ange- So let's think about it together, Marcel-sama.
If it's both of us, I'm sure we'll come up with a good idea.


Not the Sacrea of Green,
Ange needs me to believe in myself.

I won't cry anymore.
I can't be crying or anything.

I won't let Ange see me like this!

*door opening*

Ange- Marcel-sama.

Marcel- Let's try together, Ange.

For Elysion.

*door opening*

Randy- Marcel!
*pant pant*

Ange- Randy-sama.

Randy- I heard you came with Angelique to the Royal Research Institute.

Randy- You weren't behaving, were you!?
You're not supposed to leave without permission!

Marcel- Don't yell anymore.
I got permission from Dia-sama.

Randy- From Dia-sama?

Marcel- Yeah.

Marcel- I have to take responsibility for what I did.
I was wondering what it would be best to do for Elysion.

Marcel- With Angelique.

Randy- Wha...

Randy- What? I came rushing over here because I was worried.
You're as if nothing had happened.

Randy-sama's eyes are red.
His eyes are usually blue, but today they're a little dull.

Maybe he didn't get any sleep last night.

Marcel- Randy.

Marcel- I'm sorry to have worried you.

Marcel- I'm glad. Only you, Randy, are always my friend.
Thank you.

Randy- Marcel.

Marcel- Oh, hey, Randy, you help too.


Marcel- I'm looking to see if I can't find a case from past planets' growth data
that is similar to the present Elysion.

Marcel- Here, the data.

Randy- Y, yeah.

Marcel- There may be some clue, right?

Randy- He's kind of... shrewd.

Ange- *giggle*

Ange- You make a good big brother, Randy-sama.

Randy- Y... you think so?

Marcel- Oh, it's time for my appointment with Luva-sama.


Marcel- If I tell him the situation, he'll look into things for us.

Ange- Well then, I'm going to go see the condition of Elysion.

Marcel- Alright, I'll wait at the front entrance.

Randy- I wonder if Angelique will be alright? I hope she doesn't get lost.

Marcel- She'll be fine. She's already gone lots of times.


*completely alone*

Ange- I...
got lost...?

Ange- All you researchers, where are you?


Who's there...

Ange- Wait!

There's no one.


Oh no, where am I?
It's scary.

This feeling...
My heart is filled with peace.
Just what is this!?


A room deep inside the Royal Research Institute.
From here, the Guardians shower the continent with power.

Ange- But... why does Clavis-sama look so pained?

Could using Sacrea involve something painful?

Ange- .........

Clavis- You.


Ange- Yes, it's Angelique Limoges!

What will I do, maybe I'm not supposed to see a Guardian's cultivation!?

Crane- *sounds of weaving on loom*

Clavis- I know.


Ange- Please wait, Clavis-sama.

Clavis- What can do I for you?

Oh, I stopped him without thinking!

Ange- Er... um, um

Ange- N... now, the continent I'm cultivating, oh, I mean Elysion, has had a disaster...

Clavis- It seems that way.

Ange- I'm considering the solution, but
*sweat sweat*

Ange- Won't you please let me hear your idea!?

Clavis- ... My idea?

Kyaa! I didn't think again.

Randy- Angelique's late.

Marcel- Yeah, I kind of have a bad feeling...

Lumiale- Randy, Marcel.

Randy&Marcel- Lumiale-sama.

Lumiale- What are you doing here?

Randy- Waiting for Angelique. She said she was going to go see Elysion...

Lumiale- That's strange. I also wanted to know the condition of Elysion and up to now
I have been with Pastha, but Angelique hasn't been to the transfer room.


Randy- Maybe, after all.

Marcel- Angelique got lost.

Randy- Let's go search.

Marcel- If she's lost, she's around these corridors.

Idiot, idiot.
I'm such an idiot.


Up until now, I haven't talked to Clavis-sama very much, besides.
He doesn't care about Elysion.


Clavis- .........

Ange- Ooh... the silence is oppressive.

After all...
He's not going to answer... is he?

Ange- U, um, I'm sorry to have stopped you.


Ange- Excuse me.

Clavis- Wait.

Clavis- I have... a solution.


Ange- Really?

Ange- Please tell me, Clavis-sama.


Clavis- Yes...

Clavis- Very effective


Clavis- and obvious.

Clavis- The excess power should be returned.
The Guardian of Green should take back the given Sacrea.

Take back the Sacrea of Green from Elysion!

Ange- Marcel-sama.

Randy- We were worried and came looking for you.


Marcel- Me?

The continent that has become so beautiful,
Wither it's power of Green...

Let the happy people's smiles die.

Marcel- ...... I can't.
Such an... awful thing!

Randy- It is...
I've never heard of taking back Sacrea once it's been sent.


Clavis- The balance of positive and negative must be kept. To maintain a proper equilibrium.

Ange- Is there any other way?

Clavis- I can't tell you what there isn't.
If you hurry, you might have a hand in the continuance of the continent.

Clavis- I answered your question.

*tears slowly welling*

Clavis- What will you do? Queen Candidate.

Are you really prepared to become Queen?

Ange- I don't know. What should I do......

The way things are going, Elysion's people might fight each other and get hurt.
Still, if he takes back the power of Green from Elysion, what might happen?

Clavis- .........

Clavis- The Queen is one who supports and guides the cosmos... maybe it is a burden to you.

*tears falling*

Lumiale- Please wait, Clavis-sama.

Lumiale- She can't be cornered like that.


Lumiale- Angelique, I understand your feelings.
You're at a loss because you love Elysion. I think that is right as a Queen Candidate.

Ange- Lumiale-sama.

Lumiale- So please don't cry, Angelique.

Lumiale- They are very beautiful tears, but
Seeing you in such a condition is very painful for me.

Lumiale- .........
Just as Clavis-sama said, returning the excess power given to Elysion may be the proper way.

Lumiale- But, until now, I don't know of a Guardian who has done that sort of thing.
I don't know what may happen as the result.

Nevertheless, for Elysion's sake.
For Angelique's sake.

Lumiale- I'll try in Marcel's place.

Ange- Lumiale-sama.

Lumiale- It will be fine. I'm sure.

Ange- But...

Ange- Lumiale-sama.


Lumiale- Clavis-sama.

Clavis- You won't take his place.

Clavis- Death and destruction are my domain.

Clavis- Marcel. Don't look away.

Clavis- Now, a disaster may befall the continent (read Elysion).
That pain

Clavis- Should be demonstrated.




Just what is happening?
Is this way really best?

Pained, sad,
Empty eyes that freeze everything.


Ange- No!
No, Clavis-sama.

Ange- With such sad eyes...
I don't want you to use Sacrea!




Clavis- Just what...

An illusion...?

This girl is

Ange- Stop now.
Please stop.

Ange- I'll think of some other way.

Ange- Please give me some time.
I'll think as hard as I can.

Marcel- Angelique.

Marcel- I'll do it.

Ange- Marcel-sama.

Marcel- It's something I have to do.
So, don't stop.

Marcel- I will carry out my duty as a Guardian serving Her Majesty.
The Sacrea of Green sent to the continent being cultivated, as my own responsibility,
I'll return it to these hands.

For Queen Candidate Angelique.

Randy- Guardian of Wind Randy acknowledges and witnesses Guardian of Green Marcel's pledge.

Marcel- Randy...

Randy- Do your best.

Marcel- Uh-huh.

Ange- Marcel-sama.

The power of Green from Elysion into these hands.


I feel it.

Elysion's atmosphere...


The green forests,
The earth, are trembling.


Lumiale- I'm relieved Angelique stopped you.

Lumiale- I was afraid of just what would happen when a Guardian takes in a power
other than his own Sacrea he presides over.

Clavis- You're one to talk, I believe you were the first to propose it.

Lumiale- I apologize.

Clavis- It was very supportive.


Clavis- But, that girl's ordeal is still to come.

Clavis- He is taking back the bounty once it had been granted.
And quickly, at that.

Possessions and beliefs,
That reality fleetingly disappears.

Clavis- Because the people of the continent are young yet, they can't be overcome by
that sense of loss.
It is not the end yet.

[Sixth Chapter/End]


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