Volume 3: The Boy of the Green Hill

The Seventh Chapter

by Yura Kairi
Translation by Marfisa

Pastha- The mid-term report on the next Queen Examination.

Pastha- Felicia and Elysion, no,

Pastha- On planet Epsilon-Alpha, Rosalia De Catargena, Angelique Limoges,
the two Queen Candidates' continent cultivation record.

Pastha- Report it to Her Majesty.

Julious- The continent Rosalia is cultivating, Felicia.

Julious- A calm atmosphere,
fertile land with gently rolling hills,
the population is increasing favorably.

Julious- The cultivation seems to be proceeding without problems.

Oscar- Julious-sama, I feel there's a little something missing.

Oscar- In a beautifully arranged peaceful world,
are the people satisfied?

Lumiale- Shouldn't it be a peaceful world? Oscar.

Oscar- I'm trying to say that it's lacking a little liveliness.

Luva- Ah, it's a case of having no problems being a problem... isn't it?
Right, Clavis?


Luva- Um...

Julious- Maybe when Felicia advances to the next stage.

Julious- And now, Angelique's continent, Elysion.

Julious- Volcanoes, swamps, mountains, deserts.

Julious- Until now, I had never seen such a harsh landscape.

Oscar- It's thrilling, missy.

Luva- Ah, because of a lack of maintenance in the early stage, it seems habitable areas
are limited.
And it seems an increase in the population growth rate can't be seen either.

Julious- Due to the temporary increase of the Sacrea of Green, we are seeing an unnatural change.

The Sacrea of Green taken from Elysion,
Gradually, the effect will even appear among the people.

Oscar- How is Marcel's condition?
Hasn't he recovered yet?

Randy- Yes, it seems he received a mental shock...
he's still...
very young.

Julious- The way things are, he can not carry out his duty as a Guardian, to say nothing of
the Queen Examination.
Once again, perhaps we should consider sending him back to the Sanctuary.

Randy- Please wait, Julious-sama.
Marcel is trying as hard as he can. He took responsibility himself for what happened.

Julious- Randy.
There must not be a repeat of the same mistake!

Randy- Mistake?

Even now, the cosmos is bound for destruction.

Clavis- Why are you impatient...?

Julious- Impatient...

Julious- Clavis!

Clavis- It seems that way to me.

Clavis- To a ridiculous extent.

Julious- !

Julious- If you don't intend to participate in the discussion, you should keep quiet.

*tight fist*
Julious- ... Preferably not do anything.

Julious- In your usual habit of neglect as a Guardian,
In this matter you did exactly as you pleased...

Julious- How did you intend to take responsibility if Marcel were endangered?

Lumiale- Julious-sama, Clavis-sama was going to receive the Sacrea of Green into his own body...

Julious- Why didn't you consult with me!!

Luva- U... um, calm down, please, both of you, somehow...

Julious- I am calm.
I am always calm!

Luva- Oh, um, excuse me, but we are gathered to discuss the cultivation of Felicia and Elysion...

Zephel- That's right. We didn't come here to get mixed up in your quarrel.

Luva- Zephel...

Zephel- Actually, I'm glad to be caught up in it.
Because it's annoying when it ends up going on one-sidedly.

Zephel- Hey, Julious.

Zephel- Remember, if you say Marcel is going back to the Sanctuary, I'll do the same thing!
I'll send the power of Steel to the continent! Messing everything up!!

Luva- Oh.

Zephel- Because I wasn't interested in the Queen Examination from the beginning!!

Luva- Ohhh.

Randy- Zephel!

Randy- Stop it! Zephel.
You too, Oscar-sama...

Zephel- Wh... what are you doing.

Randy- Julious-sama.
I thought about it but,
Won't you think of what Marcel did not as a mistake or an obstruction of the cultivation,
but as one hurdle of the Queen Examination?

Julious- A hurdle?

Randy- Yes.
Although Angelique's hurdle has become a little high, but...

Randy- If she fails, she should do it over.
We should help, shouldn't we?

Randy- I can't put it very well, but
Doesn't the Queen Examination include trouble and all this?

Randy- Please, give us a chance!
To Marcel... to us.

Randy- Please!

Being young,
not having experience,
you can't ignore those words.

*clap clap*
Olivie- Bravo!
That's a good thing to say, Guardian of Wind.

Randy- Olivie-sama.

Olivie- Experience is necessary in anything.

Olivie- Taking a child on the verge of walking into ones arms, afraid it will stumble...
you don't want to follow that example.

Olivie- Say, Julious.
Isn't that going against Her Majesty's will?

Julious- ... Perhaps.

Zephel- *You're tottering, old man.*

*tired out*
Luva- * *sigh* I'm still no good at these occasions.*

Randy- Olivie-sama.

Randy- Um... thank you for before.

Olivie- Your strong point is throwing out a sound argument without embarrassment.

Randy- Huh?

Olivie- Moreover, being clueless is his strongest.

Olivie- It was because you let me see how skillful you are.

Olivie- Well, keep doing your best, kid.

*poof poof*
Randy- Wah!


Randy- *achoo*

Ange- .........

Marcel- Angelique!

Marcel- Welcome.

Ange- Um.... I came to see how you were doing.

Marcel- Oh, what's that?

Ange- It's supposed to be a cherry pie but...

Marcel- You made it? Wow.
*I'll have some tea prepared.*

Ange- I'm glad, Marcel is back to his normal self.
Before, he seemed like a different person.

Marcel- What's the matter?

Ange- Nothing...

Ange- I'm glad that you're doing better than I thought.

Marcel- I can't stay in bed forever. You're doing your best too.

Marcel- Your eyes are red.
You haven't slept?

Ange- I'm studying various planet remodeling cases.
I think it could be helpful.
*I slept a little.*

Marcel- Hey, Ange, there's something I'd like to tell you.

Ange- Yes?

Marcel- When I took back the Sacrea of Green from Elysion,
I heard the sad voice of the land and the trees.
It came into me along with the Sacrea.
In my chest... it was like a cold wind blew.

Despair and anxiety...

Ange- I felt I heard it too.
It was fearful.

Marcel- Because the plants are susceptible,
they can directly feel my power.

Marcel- But the real effect of taking back the power will slowly appear physically.
The people of the continent feeling the loss of bounty is still to come.

Marcel- I'm sure the people of the continent must also be feeling the same feelings.

Ange- Marcel-sama.

Marcel- Relieve the hearts of the people of Elysion.
I'm sure you're the only person who can do it.

Ange- Huh?

Relieve the people's hearts?
What does that mean?
Getting a balance of the people's mental growth and their physical development...
The people's hearts...

Ange- Maybe I should try consulting with Dia-sama.


Ange- Kya!

Ange- Huh?
*It feels nice against my skin.*

?- Excuse me.
Are you alright?
*I didn't see you before.*

Ange- Wah!

Ange- I'm fine. I wasn't paying attention either.
*backing away*
I'm sorry.

Who is that?

Beautiful cloth and
distinctive makeup
and the place the person was heading to.........

*popping out*

?- Here are all the things you ordered.

?- Was it really alright to have them delivered to the office?

Olivie- It's fine, fine. Today I want to spend the whole day buried under this beauty.

So it is Olivie-sama!


Olivie- Hm?

Olivie- Angelique!
What a good time you came at.


Olivie- Well, come in, come in!

?- Olivie-sama.


Olivie- Oh, thanks for your trouble, you can go back. Give my regards to the Sanctuary.

?- Yes sir, well then, excuse us.

Two people with similar faces
And are they men or women?


Olivie- Come on, this way.

Ange- Just what I would expect from Olivie-sama's servants.


Olivie- Look, it's cloth selected from the all over the cosmos!


Olivie- Here's Schweiten figured cloth.
Lurux velvet.
Moonlight gold spun.
And multicolored iridescent silk.
Aren't they beautiful? Each and every one is of the finest quality.
I wonder what kind of garment I should make.

What an amazing flood of colors and light!


Olivie- If there's one you're interested in, I'll give it to you.
*I'll design it of course.*

*I'm in a good mood today.*

Ange- Alright...

Olivie- Hm?
Angelique, you...


Ange- Huh?


Ange- Ow, ouch, Olivie-sama.

Ange- What are you doing...

Olivie- Your face is swollen.
*That's the spot where you check for swelling.*

Olivie- It's lack of sleep!! Isn't it?
*being direct*

Ange- ... Yes.

Olivie- Since you're young, you're probably fine without some sleep however...
*I'll say right now, I'm also before a turning point.*

I've ended up being disliked by Olivie-sama.

Ange- Um, I'm sorry.
Excuse me.

Olivie- Wait.

Olivie- What are you apologizing for?
Is it for Elysion?

Olivie- Isn't it alright to become frantic over that?

Ange- Olivie-sama.

Olivie- But,
I HATE people who skimp on their appearance because they're busy!

Ange- Y... yes!

Olivie- First, you have to see yourself objectively.

Olivie- Look, this is you now.
Your skin is worn out.
Your ribbon is shabby.
The wrinkles on your forehead are becoming a habit.

Olivie- Take a good look.
Why don't you come to see your other self?
A color that suits you.
A pretty looking hairstyle.

Olivie- Show everyone the you in the mirror.
Your good points and your bad points.
Your variety.

Olivie- Elysion is the same.


Olivie- That continent is also certainly another you.
If you're happy, Elysion is also happy.
If you're depressed, Elysion is also depressed.

Olivie- If there is something puzzling, you look it over one more time from the beginning.


Olivie- Definitely show us the other you (read Elysion).

Ange- Elysion is
the other me reflected in the mirror...?

Olivie- That's it. I'll give you something nice.
Close your eyes.

Ange- Yes.




Olivie- Don't open them.


Olivie- A charm to raise your spirits.

*eyes snapping open*

Olivie- You opened your eyes.
I think it really suits you.

Pink lipstick!

Olivie- Look, it's the same.

*A personalized card?*

Olivie- The same...
does that make it
an indirect kiss!?


Olivie- When your spirits are down, I'll brighten you up in a flash.
Alright, candy-pink missy?

Ange- Olivie-sama.

Ange- You're like Oscar-sama.

Olivie- Don't say that.

*Personally, I think it's a little dangerous.*

Oscar- *Well excuse me...*

Olivie-sama cares about Elysion.

Ange- Hm...

Thank you, Olivie-sama.

I think I understand a little bit.


*tap tap*

Ange- Oh, Rosalia, good morning.

Rosa- G, good morning.
*Angelique? It's strange that she's in such a hurry.*

*whizzing past*
Ange- Later.

If there's something to be discovered,
It's in Elysion!

[Seventh Chapter/End]


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