Volume 3: The Boy of the Green Hill

The Eighth Chapter

by Yura Kairi
Translation by Marfisa

Pastha- Queen Candidate.

Pastha- Step forward.

Ange- Yes.

I'm still a little afraid of the Wandering Star Disk.

But I have to go.

It's my continent.

*wind blowing*

Show me, Elysion.
What should I do?

To Elysion.

Man- It's no good. There's no crop here either.

Man2- A few years ago, at this season, the crop was swaying in the wind,
full to bursting with barley.

Man- What could be the matter? This area is still producing a poor harvest.

Man2- Under the circumstances, how will we leave enough seeds for next year?

Man2- With the shortage of goods, the price of things will end up being raised.
We'll have this year's harvest festival somehow...

Nicky- Old man, don't be stingy, let's do it up right.

Man2- Y, yes, of course.

They must have enough of a harvest to eat.
It's not enough for the people used to bounty.

Ange- Huh? That boy...


Ange- He's looking straight this way...
I thought the people of the continent couldn't see me like this.

Ange- .........

So he does see me!?

Leo- Wah!

Boy- What are you so distracted about, Leo.
At the time for all the villagers to harvest,
Don't goof off.

Leo- I'm sorry, but the Angel is
over there...

She's not there.

Boy- Did you say the Angel?

Boy2- He's always been saying stuff like that.

Boy2- Stuff like there's an Angel and he's seen her.
He just lies.

Leo- It's true.
I really did see her. Just now.

Boy2- Just now? Then, you hadn't seen her until now.
So you were lying, Leo.


Leo- I'm not, I'm not!

Maiya- Hey, what are you doing!

Boy2- Maiya.

Maiya- Hurry up and get going.
You're the ones that are goofing off, you're being mean.

Boy- What?

Boy- You're a smart-aleck, Maiya.


Boy2- Hey, stop it. She's Nicky's little sister.

Maiya- *hmph*

Boy- ... Darn,
I won't forget this!

Leo- Th, thanks.

Maiya- It's just as much your fault, Leo.

Maiya- How could you get involved with those guys.
*pat pat*
You should be more level-headed.

Leo- Yeah...

Leo- Hey, Maiya.
Maiya, I.

Maiya- What is it? I'm busy.

Maiya- Hurry and finish up here, you have to go to where Snow-white is.

Leo- Has the kid already been born?

Maiya- Not yet...
But, lately we can't get her to eat good grasses
and Snow-white is old.

Maiya- Mother is very sick in bed and I'm worried whether I can manage things alright...

Maiya- ... Father says it may be no good...

Leo- It, it's alright, Maiya.
I'm sure everything will go smoothly from now on.

Maiya- Huh?

Leo- But, Maiya, listen, I met the Angel.
She had golden hair and green eyes, she was really the real Angel.

Nicky- You're saying that stuff again?

Nicky- It's always "Angel, Angel".

Maiya- Brother.

Nicky- Stop it.

Nicky- Has your Angel made our lives easier?

Nicky- With the poor harvest continuing, we can't endure skirmishes even with other villages,
and doesn't life just get harder?

Leo- But...

Nicky- Shut up.

Nicky- Stop believing in angels!
Since you rely on such meaningless things, you'll never be strong.

Maiya- Brother!

Nicky- Maiya, you also defend this guy too much.

Nicky- Fine, Leo, do things for yourself.
There's not always going to be someone to help you!

Leo- Nicky...

Maiya- Brother is just worried.
Because you're being shunned as "lying Leo".

Leo- ... Yeah, thanks, Maiya.
But, but...
There is an Angel.

Maiya- Idiot!

Leo- Maiya.

Leo- I'm sorry, Maiya...

But, I know.
From long, long before.

A white winged Angel
watches over us.

Ange- How,
How surprising!

Pastha&Rosalia- !

Rosalia- ?


There is a person who can see my form.
There is such a thing.

Ange- I've ended up returning unintentionally ...

Ange- I'm nauseous.
I don't feel so good.

Just what kind of a child is he?

The boy lives a little at the outskirts of the village with his grandmother.

He's like a pharmacist dealing with medicinal plants and spices.

Leo- Is there just these...

Leo- There always used to be good grasses on top of this hill.

Leo- Are the iwatsugisou and chicory gone already?
And the birds ended up eating the racha berries in the forest before they ripened.

Leo- It kind of looks like my friends up to now have turned away.

Leo- I'm kind of lonely.

Nicky... Maiya...

Leo- Maybe the Angel didn't show herself to me and
I made a mistake after all.

Leo- Angel, please help us.

What should I do? I want to comfort him.
But, is it alright to show myself to the people of the continent!?

*hic hic*
Leo- If you really do exist, show yourself.

Don't cry.

Ange- Hello.


Leo- A, Angel, Angel!
So you really did exist.

Ange- D, don't cry.
*Maybe it had the opposite effect...*

Ange- Besides, I'm not an Angel or anything.
I'm just a girl who was entrusted by Her Majesty to cultivate this continent.

Leo- A... Queen.

Ange- Yeah.
I wonder if you understand.

Ange- Um, in this cosmos there is a Queen who watches over everyone seeing that they live happily.
Under Her Majesty there are 9 Guardians. They have various powers that affect the world.

Leo- Guardians...

Ange- Hmm, they're men who are like gods.

Ange- I ask to borrow power from these men so the continent grows well.

Leo- Then, you are an Angel after all!

Ange- Hm, maybe.

Leo- Would you please tell our desires to the gods?

Leo- Recently, all the village is strange.

Leo- And not just this village, all the villages are not doing well.
There are just bad rumors and no one smiles at all.
They're kind of irritable and do things like fighting and crying.

Ange- Yeah... the people used to happy lives because of the bounty up to now
are afraid now that they have lost it.

Accepting it the way it is, is not in people's natures.

Ange- Everyone is desperate to protect themselves.
They're not sympathizing with others.

Leo- Angel, please. Please return this village to the way it was.

Ange- ... No, I can't return it to the way it was.

Leo- Angel, are you angry?

Ange- Huh?

Leo- Since you don't sympathize, do you hate us?

Ange- Uh-uh, no.
It's nothing like that.

Ange- ... I came to see Elysion.
It's my fault the people suffer in this harsh environment...
Up to now you've been doing your best to live,
so now you've gotten a little tired.

Ange- The people of Elysion persevere with all their strength.
I love everyone like that.
I love Elysion.

Leo- Elysion...

Ange- That's the name of this continent.
*Though I named it arbitrarily.*

Leo- Elysion.

Leo- My name is Leo.

*Yeah, I know.*
Ange- I'm Angelique.

Ange- Would you teach me, Leo? About this continent.

Leo- Yes.

The Angel's name.

Leo- This is called chicory. When your stomach is upset, you boil and drink it.
The root of this herb reduces a fever.

Ange- That's impressive, Leo.

Leo- Grandma knows a whole lot. She's the best herbalist around here.

Ange- There's also a man among the Guardians who knows an awful lot.

Ange- He's called Luva-sama and he's the Guardian who presides over wisdom.
Really, he's a man who will leaf through a thick book over and over again and answer politely
for even trivial questions.

Luva- *Ah, please wait. Let's see, where is it.*

Ange- *yawn*

Luva- Ah, here it is Angelique.

Ange- *Yes!*

Luva- ?

Ange- Sorry, Luva-sama.


Leo- I want to show you.

Ange- What a very strange color these are.

Leo- Don't! Angel!

Leo- Those berries are poisonous.
*Don't eat them.*
Animals know it, so they don't eat them.

Leo- If you accidentally eat it, your heart leaps and you die, Grandma says.

They look just like amber.

Ange- But they're such pretty berries.

Ange- Maybe I'll take some back.
But I'm sure Pastha-san will get angry.

Ange- I have to go back now.

Leo- Can I see you again?

Ange- Yeah, I'll come back here again.
I promise.

It's certainly, certainly a promise!

Maiya- Leo!

*door slamming*

Leo- Maiya.

Maiya- Where is your Grandma?

Leo- Her hip ached and she's gone to bed.
What's the matter?

Maiya- ............
Snow-white has started labor... but her condition is strange.

Maiya- Father hasn't come back yet.
And Mother's health is worse... There's no one to help.

Maiya- Like this, Snow-white and her kid will die.

Leo- Maiya.

Maiya- Why do only bad things happen like this?

Maiya- If the Angel you talk about really does exist, why doesn't she help us?

Ange- Oh, Luva-sama, this is it.
This one too.

Luva- Ah, which one is it?
*relieved sigh*

Ange- There was a tree called a jicha in Elysion that looked like this one.

Luva- Ah, the bark of that tree is an ingredient in disinfectants.
It is used as a medicine for parasitic skin infections in undeveloped regions.
There are other species that resemble it closely.

These berries...

Ange- Luva-sama, here, these berries.

Luva- Huh? Oh, yes. Ah, those are narahego berries.

Ange- These berries are very pretty but they're poisonous.

So it's narahego.

Luva- Oh, you're familiar with them.

Luva- Ah, Angelique?
Why are you in such hurry to become familiar with the plants of Elysion?

Ange- Huh?

Ange- ...... It's......
... a secret.

What should I do? Is it alright to tell him about Leo?


What is this feeling?

Luva- Are you alright? Angelique.


Angel, help me!



Ange- Leo's calling!

Luva- Wh, what is it? Angelique.

Leo- Hang on, Snow-white!
Hang on!

Leo- I'm sure the Angel will help!
So hang on!

Nicky- The Angel again? Leo!
Right now, aren't we the ones hanging on? What's the Angel doing for us?

Leo- The Angel does exist.
She's watching us. She's helping us.

Nicky- Leo, you!

Maiya- Stop it!
Brother, and Leo, this isn't the time to quarrel!
Right now, Snow-white is the one hanging on! And the kid being born!

Leo- Maiya...

Nicky- Get out. She's our goat. We don't need someone who's not involved.

Nicky- There's nothing you can do.

*door slamming*

Leo- ... I am involved.

Leo- I grew up on Snow-white's milk.
Snow-white took the place of my dead mother.

Please help Snow-white!



Luva- So that child is the boy who can see you?

Ange- Yes.

Ange- Luva-sama, can't you save that goat?
Like this, she really will die.

Ange- He's asking for help.

Luva- Ah, I... doubt the wisdom of assisting one person more than is necessary.
... Being the person who is cultivating, you must see the continent impartially.

Luva- Because... that's what... a Queen Candidate is... isn't it?

Ange- Luva-sama...

Zephel- *gasp* I misjudged you.

Zephel- How can you say things like that?

Luva- Zephel.

Ange- Zephel-sama.

Zephel- You're a Queen Candidate, too. Even a Guardian is going along with the people
forcing responsibility on you.

Luva- Huh!?
Ah, how is it forcing responsibility?

Luva- I, I was only worried they might both get hurt...

Zephel- Then, do something.
Especially at a time like this, get that cobweb ridden brain to work.
You're the Guardian of wisdom, aren't you?

Ange- Zephel-sama.

Ange- That's going way too far! Aren't you going to apologize?

Zephel- Oh? Sorry...

*... Hey, why do I have to apologize to him?*
*I always say things like that.*

*He doesn't mind so it's alright.*

Luva- Ah, um, Angelique.
There's something... I want to say.

Luva- That is... it's very important that people learn and grow from their experiences.
I think that if you and we help the people more than is necessary, that bud of growth will be
Um, because knowledge is what one endeavors to grasp without choosing the easy path.

Luva- Now, if an "angelic miracle" happens to that child, mightn't he come to rely on you
from now on and end up becoming a person who doesn't make any effort?

Luva- Do you understand, Angelique?

Ange- Yes.

Ange- I have to help that child now. I think I can't abandon him.
I felt it in Elysion. The people of Elysion are now starting to not believe in mutually
regarding each other's feelings.
In the midst of that, that child believed in me as the Angel.

He's teased as a liar
to the point of fighting with his friends.

Ange- Leo is the only one who can see me, maybe that means something.

Now, if I ignore Leo's wish,
I'm sure from now on, no call from the people of Elysion will reach me.

Ange- I want to respond to Leo's feelings.

That's the way I feel.

Ange- Somehow, please lend me your help, Luva-sama!

Luva- Angelique...
So that's what you desire as a Queen Candidate.


Luva- Then, I can't refuse.

Zephel- Luva!

Luva- Help the one boy in Elysion who believes in you.
That's it. I'll start with doing what I can to save the people.

Ange- Luva-sama.

Luva- I'll grant you one bit of wisdom.


Leo- Angel!

Leo- You came, Angel.

Leo- Angel, please help.
Don't let Snow-white and her kid die.

Ange- Leo...

Ange- There is nothing I can do.
You're the one who can help Snow-white.

Ange- Leo, with all your strength, do as much as possible.

Ange- I'll be fully supporting you.

I'll tell you what I learned from Luva-sama, the Guardian of Earth.

*pant pant*

Use narahego... those amber berries.

But those are poisonous, Angel.
She really would die.

Leo- Oh!

Those berries contain a powerful poison, but in small amounts it becomes a medicine.
I'm sure it will help.
Trust me!!

*squeezing fist*
Leo- Angel.


*door slamming*
*pant pant*

Leo- What about Snow-white and her kid?
Was it born!?

Maiya- It was born, but
It took a very long time.

Maiya- In that time, this is the 3rd. I thought this time would be it.

Maiya- It's hopeless for this one too...

Leo- It's not hopeless!
This baby hasn't come to life.

Nicky- Leo...

Nicky- Now you get this straight.
At a time like this, is your Angel doing anything?
She's not doing anything, is she?

Leo- No!
The Angel helps those who live with all their effort!

Nicky- It's useless.
We did everything we could.

Maiya- Leo.


*pant pant*

Leo- A little, just a little.

Maiya- Leo, that's poisonous......

Angel, help me!!

Nicky- Leo!




It's alive.
A little more.
Try to live.

Come back with your own strength!!


Maiya- It moved!

Nicky- It can't be...


Nicky- Its breathing has returned.

Leo- It's fine now.

Maiya- Leo.


Maiya- Thank goodness.


Nicky- I've reconsidered you, Leo.

Nicky- That was amazing.



I'm glad, Leo.

I'm always supporting you all.

A shining bird?

Maiya- At night?

Maiya- Leo.

Leo- Maiya.

Maiya- Um... thanks, you saved the kid.
If you hadn't been there, we would have given up for sure.

Leo- It's because the Angel is with us.
*My tongue still tastes awful.*

Maiya- The Angel... huh?, maybe I'll try believing too.

Leo- Maiya.

Maiya- The way you believe in the Angel, I believe in you.

Maiya- Then, when the kid came back to life, I thought about thanking someone.
Not you, I don't know, someone.

And then, my heart warmed a lot.

The one who protects young life,
The one who makes these beautiful stars is everywhere.

Maiya- Maybe that's the Angel.

Leo- Yeah.

Leo- The Angel is always with us.

[Eighth Chapter/End]


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