Volume 3: The Boy of the Green Hill

The Ninth Chapter

by Yura Kairi
Translation by Marfisa

My Sacrea.

The gentleness-bringing
power of clear water.

Filling that land,
Bring healing and tenderness to the people.

Lumiale- This single drop of water
will fill the people's parched hearts with gentleness.

Lumiale- As Angelique wishes,
I water the land of Elysion.

Lumiale- How is the condition of Elysion, Angelique?

Ange- Yes.

Ange- I think due to your power, mutual consideration is returning to the people of Elysion
little by little.

Lumiale- Really?

Lumiale- The Sacrea of Water will gently spread even to the earth and the plants.

Ange- Thank you, Lumiale-sama.

Lumiale- I'm happy to be of help to you.

Ange- ... Lumiale-sama...... um...

Ange- Lumiale-sama, what do you think of Clavis-sama?

Lumiale- Of Clavis-sama...?

Ange- Yes.
Um... the impression I get from the Guardians is that they resemble the power they preside over.

Ange- From you, it's the gentleness of water.

Ange- From Julious-sama, it's pride.
From Luva-sama, it's the prudence of one who presides over wisdom.
But, as for Clavis-sama...
I get the feeling of frightfulness more than peace...


Ange- I'm sorry.
That was rude...

Ange- Since you and Clavis-sama seem close,
I wanted to try asking you.

Lumiale- Are you thinking of wanting to send the power of Dark to Elysion?

Ange- Yes.

Death and destruction are my domain.

Ange- But, I haven't visited his room since then.

Lumiale- I see.

Lumiale- To be sure, in Clavis-sama there is something shadowy keeping people away.
That's probably why he reflects something difficult for you to approach.

Lumiale- Even I don't know what that shadow is.

Lumiale- However, the real Clavis-sama isn't as frightening a person as you think.

Lumiale- I'll tell you secretly.

Lumiale- In this Flying City
mansions were built for the Guardians to rest.

Lumiale- Surrounded by a peaceful forest, around Clavis-sama's mansion,
naturally birds and animals gather.
Everyone goes to rest themselves as they please.

Lumiale- Even Clavis-sama only gazes quietly at such a state.

Lumiale- At times like that, his eyes fill with very gentle peace.
Though he says it's noisy.

That Clavis-sama with birds and animals...
I don't believe it.

Lumiale- Sometimes, even Zephel and Olivie come to visit.
It seems their goals are various.

Ange- Huh?

Lumiale- Therefore, Angelique,
if a person doesn't try to make deep connection with him, they won't know his true form.
I think the power of Dark is the same.

Lumiale- Do you understand?

Ange- Yes.

Lumiale- Angelique.
... Next time, may I invite you to my mansion?

Lumiale- There is a beautiful fountain.
Won't you sketch with me?

Ange- Really?

Ange- I'd be delighted.
I look forward to it, Lumiale-sama.

Kyaa! I got an invitation from Lumiale-sama!

That's it. Since he's close to Lumiale-sama who's so gentle,
Clavis-sama isn't as scary a person as he looks.

That time, Clavis-sama took a stern attitude for the sake of Elysion,
And he was going to receive the Sacrea to protect Marcel-sama and Lumiale-sama.

I'm sure that actually he's bound to be a gentle person!

Ange- ... But I'm still a little unsure.

Luva- Oh, Angelique.

Ange- Oh, Luva-sama.

Luva- I thought those were spirited footsteps, and sure enough it was you.

Ange- Oh, sorry, I was running through the corridor.

Luva- *That's all right.*
Besides, won't you come to my office for a moment?

Ange- Yes.

Luva- There is something I would like to show you briefly.
*Are you busy?*

Ange- *No.*

Ange- What is it, Luva-sama?

Luva- Look, this is it.

Ange- Wow. Is that real amber?

Ange- And lots of other stones I've never seen.

Luva- They are rather splendid specimens, aren't they?

Luva- I wanted to show them to you,
so I brought several from the Sanctuary.

For me?

Ange- Thank you, Luva-sama.

Ange- What's in this box?
These are interestingly shaped stones.

Luva- Ah, those aren't minerals.

Luva- Those are the bones of an ancient person.

Human bone specimens!!




Ange- I, I'm sorry, Luva-sama.

Luva- Ah, i, it's alright.


Luva- Ah, there are various planets in the cosmos.
Those planets have individual histories and the knowledge is dormant.
You could even call these stones important books where that history is recorded.

Luva- No... maybe a key to open the door of the unknown.

Ange- A key to open the door of the unknown,
Is this it?

*A bone from before.*

Luva- Oh, I got the joke.

Luva- I give it a 70.


Slowly crossing time,
Taking many years to be formed......
Soon, memories too,
Secretly crystallize.

Luva- .........
Somehow, it's a pleasure for me.
I wonder what kind of history that new planet you are raising will carve on the earth.

Luva- I hope it becomes the kind of planet where future generations are told of the happy people
who lived on these continents.

Ange- Yes.

Luva- Felicia and Elysion, like you, have completely different personalities,
I'm sure it will require research.


Ange- Saying that kind of puts pressure on me, Luva-sama.

Luva- Ah, haha... your continent will be fine.

Ange- But...

Luva- You're guiding the people of the continent splendidly.

Luva- You clearly expressed your will to answer the boy of Elysion.
Your integrity surprised me.
You became a real angel to the people of Elysion.

Luva- Ah, it's kind of like the usual sermon.
To restore the mood, will you try looking at this?


Ange- Nothing but incredibly beautiful stones.
*No way.*

Luva- I tried to choose the beautiful ones from the natural stones of each place...
*She is a girl after all.*

Luva- Though these are the rough stones of precious stones.
Don't you think they have a separate charm?

Ange- Oh, maybe.
In the same way, they have more personality than the polished ones.

Luva- That's right, they probably have "faces".
I'm pleased to hear you say so.


What a strange coloring...

Ange- Luva-sama, what's this?

It has all the colors like they're melted into one,
A delicate mosaic...


Luva- Huh? Ah, that's called an aurora stone or an iridescent cloud stone.

Luva- Due to the unique play of color, the colors roll ripple-like.
Isn't it fascinating?

Ange- I've never seen colors like this until now.

Ange- It seems just like the Guardians.

Luva- Huh?

Ange- The various colors in light are mixed,
and yet, they dance without fading into each other.
Each one's individuality shines,
like they're in harmony while maintaining their existence.

Luva- Is that the way it seems to you?

Ange- Uh... yes, is it strange?

Luva- No no, there's nothing strange about it.
*Although we don't dance.*

Luva- But, you're the first to look at this stone and say something like that.

Luva- Do you like that stone?

Ange- Yes.

Luva- Then, I'll give it to you.


Luva- Yes, making it into a pendant or such...


Ange- Luva-sama, this is......

Luva- Along with Rosalia.

Ange- Huh...

Luva- A present from me to the two Queen Candidates who are trying their best.



Luva- Please accept it, Angelique.

Ange- Yes!
With pleasure, Luva-sama!

Ange- Along with Rosalia...?
*I misunderstood.*
*I think I'll close it.*

Ange- But is it really alright?
*I've already accepted...*

Luva- It's fine, for that one. Olivie left with 2 or 3 more valuable stones.........

Olivie- But, I gave him a present in return. Books are catnip to Luva.

*pages flipping*

Luva- Ah, as Queen Candidate Angelique wishes,
I send the wisdom of Earth to Elysion.

Luva- Now, it's still just a little... I believe.

The people of Elysion learn from hardship,
Walking the path to tomorrow,
The past forms the steps to the future.

Luva- Well... then.

Luva- Lately, I'm a bit busy.
*tap tap*

Luva- Ah, Zephel, what are you doing here?

Zephel- Luva.

Luva- Do you also have business with Julious?

Zephel- None at all.

Luva- Oh, Randy too.

Zephel- It's Marcel.

Zephel- He wanted to apologize or something to Julious about what happened lately.
He should leave it alone.

Luva- Then, you and Randy were worried and you're seeing how he is... is that what it means?

Zephel- I, I'm not worried about him!

Luva- Really? So it's Marcel.
*Mm-hmm Mm-hmm*
Ah, then being here is enough.

Zephel- Hey, do you even listen to what people are saying?

Luva- Oh, it seems he's come out.

Randy- Are you alright, Marcel? Did he say something harsh?
*He's dazed...*

*rapid movement*

Marcel- ... Yeah, oh, no, I'm fine...

Marcel- But, I was ready for him to be really angry.

Luva- What did Julious say, Marcel?

Marcel- Luva-sama.

Marcel- Um...

Marcel- Julious-sama said that I should grow steadily as a Guardian,
if I gained something from what happened lately, then it's fine.

Marcel- He said there are 9 of us Guardians in order to balance each other.

Marcel- Hearing that made me really happy.
Until now I thought I was good for nothing.

Marcel- I had wondered whether Julious-sama recognized me as a real Guardian.

Marcel- Luva-sama, I'm going to keep trying!
With all my effort to become an excellent Guardian!!

Randy- *You're blazing, Marcel.*

Luva- Ah, really?
*Please stay so tireless, alright?*

Luva- Well then, won't you share that determination with the person there too?


Marcel- Huh? Is someone there?

Luva- Come out, Zephel.


Zephel- .........

Marcel- Zephel...


Zephel- I... I wasn't particularly worried about you or anything.
It wasn't anything like that.

Marcel- Thank you, Zephel!

Zephel- What are you thanking me for!

Randy- You're blushing, Zephel.

Zephel- I said it wasn't anything like that!

Luva- Ah, I'm letting myself in, Julious.

*knock knock*

Julious- Luva?

Luva- Ah, Marcel was enthusiastic.
He said he would become an excellent Guardian.

Julious- Oh?


Luva- Just as I would expect, Julious, you're not just strict,
you knew what kind of words a child like Marcel needed.

Julious- I think Marcel's danger was that he had not received precise guidance until now.
From now on, I think I will take care of him personally.

Luva- Huh? Yes...
*That's... serious.*

Julious- By the way, do you have some business, Luva?

Luva- Ah, right, right.

Luva- I was wondering, once in a while how about some chess?

*But I'm working now...*

Luva- Ah, let's see, please wait, Julious.

Luva- What should I do in this case?
*pages flipping*

Julious- Luva, what is the real matter of business?

Luva- Huh?

Luva- Ah, you're impatient.

Julious- I dislike beating around the bush.
Don't you have something you wanted to say to me?

Luva- But that saves me. I had wondered how to broach the subject...

Luva- It's...
About the people of Angelique's continent.

Julious- There is a boy in Elysion who can see Angelique!?
I don't believe it...!

Luva- I was surprised at first too.

Luva- But,
suddenly I remembered the facts.

Luva- Shortly after beginning the Queen Examination,
There was a life Angelique, filled with yours and Clavis' power, planted in Elysion.

Julious- You're saying that boy is the lost child from that time?

Luva- Yes. The life was drawn so strongly to Angelique.
It's not strange if he kept the power to make a strong appeal to her again now.

Julious- But...

Luva- Ah!

Julious- *Wh, what?*

Luva- I finally understand!

Luva- If I move this like this.

Luva- Checkmate!!

Julious- *gasp*

Luva- I believe.

Julious- ............

Julious- *ahem*

Julious- Then, Luva, what do you think?

Julious- Knowing you, you arrived having some conclusion, didn't you?

Luva- I was pondering various ideas,
and after due consideration.

Julious- After drawing a conclusion, you came to visit me.

Julious- Is that right?

Luva- Yes...

Julious- I think your behavior is overcautious, but
that is also why I rely on you.
Tell me.

Luva- Oh, ah, being asked so formally is kind of making me feel awkward.

Luva- I have one suggestion.

Luva- A very important one for the Queen Examination to proceed... I believe.

[Ninth Chapter/End]


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