Volume 3: The Boy of the Green Hill

Angel Girl Circumstances

by Yura Kairi
Translation by Marfisa

It's one familiar day of life in the Flying City.


Ange- Th, the button won't fit.


Gotten fat!

One place after another, a kaleidoscope of daily life.

Sign- Spirit of self-defense.

It's stress.
My weak spirit, in order to run from the pressure of the Queen Examination,
devised a self-defense.

Ange- Maybe I'm pathetic after all.

I have to diet!

In the Flying City (read here), more tempting than sweet candies, there are the Guardians.

Ange- Well then, cultivation plea
*stomach rumbling*

Clavis- What was that sound.

Ange- E, excuse me, Clavis-sama!

Ange- Oh no, how embarrassing!

Just as I thought, skipping breakfast is hard, but
Ooh, but be patient, patient.

Marcel- Ange.
*popping out*

Ange- Marcel-sama.

Marcel- *giggling* Since I have a cherry pie, won't you come to my room for tea?

Ange- Yes, I'd love to!

Ange- *gasp*

I can't!

The diet!

Yesterday's friend is today's enemy.

Ange- I'm sorry Marcel-sama, I can't today!

Marcel- Oh, Ange.

Marcel- What's the idea, Ange!

I'm sorry, Marcel!


Ah, there's nothing so hard,

As declining the Guardians' invitations!

Ange- *phew*
But skipping breakfast really is hard...
*stomach rumbling*


What was on the menu for today...?

*knock knock*
Rosa- ...lique.

*knock knock knock*
Rosa- Angelique?

Ange- Yes?

Rosa- You're not up, being idle as usual.

Ange- Rosalia.
*Though I was pretty much asleep...*

Rosa- It seems you didn't have dinner, are you sick?

Ange- Un-unh, that's not why.

Rosa- Then why...

Ange- ......

Rosa- A diet?

Rosa- ... I'm surprised at you,
doing something like that in the middle of the Queen Examination.
*Oh, I've had enough...*

Ange- But, Rosalia.

Ange- ...... My Mama is a little fat.

Rosa- Huh? What does that have to do with it.......

Ange- Mama often said.

*chattering on and on*
Ange- Mama said "when I was young I was slender like you and I was cute".

Rosa- Just a minute, Angelique.

Ange- Though Papa says Mama is still pretty.
She said "but after I married Papa and had you, in an instant, I got plump".
"You inherited the same blond hair and green eyes,"

Ange- "You also have the same predisposition to become fat."

Ange- "From now on, be careful," she said...

Rosa- ......

Ange- So, so, I!

Rosa- Angelique, calm down.
You haven't gotten the least bit fat.

Ange- But my skirt is tight...

Ange- What about you?

Rosa- Me?

Rosa- I haven't changed.

I'm the perfect candidate for the next Queen.

Rosa- Even regulating the condition of the body is important.
Not even being able to practice self control is a disqualification as a Queen Candidate.
Getting flabby is proof.

Ange- Getting flabby?

Rosa- Oh... that's not what I meant. Wait.


Rosa- Honestly.
*door opening*

Rosa- Someone with the standing of a Queen Candidate,
being preoccupied with something like a diet...

Rosa- But...

Rosa- Certainly, it may be my imagination, but my dress seems tight too...

Rosa- ......


Compared to Angelique's too short clothes,
This design is more form fitted.

I can't ruin this figure.

Not even being able to practice self control is a disqualification as a Queen Candidate.
Getting flabby is proof.

Rosa- What I said to Angelique applies even more to me...

Ange- Oh, is that all you're going to eat too?

Rosa- Yes, I don't have much of an appetite.

I'll make any excuse,
you won't beat me, Angelique.


Ange- Rosalia's blazing.

And so begin days of goodbyes.

Farewell, marron glacÚ,
Beloved chocolate Ó la carte,
Farewell for now to the happy tea-time with the Guardians.

Marcel- ... They're kind of strange recently.

Randy- Right, right, you mean Angelique and Rosalia?

Marcel- I've feel like they've kind of been avoiding me.

Zephel- Before too, I joked a little and they left without replying.

Marcel- *I think that's Zephel's fault.*

Luva- That's right. What could be the matter?
*puffs of steam*

Luva- I suppose it's because we don't understand adolescent girls.

Olivie- Really? I have the general idea.
How girls like that think.

Randy- Olivie-sama, so after all you're...
*A woman at heart?*

Olivie- Wha!?

Olivie- Watch your hearing, boy.

Randy- *straining*
Uwaa! I'm sorry.

Randy- Why just me...

Zephel- *You have a clumsy way of doing things too.*

Luva- Olivie.

Olivie- Mm...

Olivie- Well, let's see how things are a little more.

Ange- *A low calorie flower salad.*


Oscar- Hey, missy.

Ange- Oscar-sama.
Oh... my.

Oscar- Are you alright, missy?
You look extremely pale.

Ange- I'm sorry...

Oscar- So then, you couldn't sleep at night, pining for me?

Ange- No!
*I've had enough of him.*

Oscar- Hahaha, right.

Oscar- A maiden in love is more worn and has a blush.
Missy, you're still...

*stomach rumbling*


He heard my stomach rumble!

Ange- Excuse me, Oscar-sama.

Oscar- Hey, missy.

Oscar- Is something the matter?
Maybe you're out of energy.
That's it, how about some cake?

Ange- ......

Oscar- I'll treat you to as much as you want.

*sudden halt*

Ange- ... Do I seem like that much of a glutton?

Oscar- ... No, it's just that girls like you generally like sweets, don't they?

Yes, I love them.

Ange- Oscar-sama,

Ange- It's said you're a playboy, but
You don't understand girls' feelings at all.

What am I saying?

I feel dizzy.

Ange- Oscar-sama, why...

It's too late.


Oscar- Missy!

So... hungry.

Ange- Uh...nn.

What's that sound...?

Olivie- Are you awake?

This is... Olivie-sama's mansion...?

Olivie- You silly, why you collapsed from anemia.

Olivie- Honestly, when she makes up her mind, she's not satisfied until she sees it
through to the end, this girl.
There's no point in ending up sick overexerting yourself with that diet.

Ange- Olivie-sama. *He found out.*

Olivie- Right?

Ange- ... But, because I thought I want to be pretty if even a little
when appearing before the Guardians...

Olivie- I love those sort of emotions of girls.
It's cute.
But you can't make the mistake.
Beauty comes from within, by no means is it just the appearance.

Olivie- Drink.
*It's a specially made juice.*

Olivie- An unreasonable diet will even make your skin rough and
your hair lose its gloss.

Ange- *Delicious...*

Olivie- You're plenty pretty the way you are now.
You have a genius for charm.

Olivie- But how to refine it depends on you.

Oscar- Just as I expected from the Guardian of Dream who presides over beauty treatments.

*I am not.*
Olivie- You be quiet.

Olivie- But why did you suddenly start a diet?
Where did you get the idea?

Ange- When I noticed that my skirt was tight...
*And my body felt heavy.*

Olivie- Hmm, that's it.

Olivie- Alright, follow me.

Ange- Olivie-sama?

Olivie- Along with Rosalia.

Rosa- *Just what is this about?*

Ange- *Who knows...*

Olivie- ... is how things stand.
Luva, give these two a bit of an explanation.

Luva- Ah, yes, yes, fine.

Luva- Let's see, this Flying City is located very high in the sky above the planet.
Ah, it floats by a special method.
Ah... therefore the atmospheric pressure of this planet.

*pages flipping*

Olivie- Luva...

Olivie- Why don't you just give us the conclusion.

Luva- Oh, really?

Luva- But wanting just an easy answer, you won't understand the essence of things.


Luva- Since that can't be called knowledge, it's too bad.

Olivie- Well, it was my fault.

Luva- In short, because the Flying City is at a high altitude, the atmospheric pressure is low.
Your body is a little more expanded than when you're on the ground.


Luva- You're not fat in reality, you just feel that way.

Luva- It's exactly the same as when you compare balloons filled with air on low ground and
high ground.
The one on high ground must be expanded larger.

Rosa- But, Luva-sama, that's...

Ange- So that's what it was!
Why, it turned out to be a waste of worrying. Thank goodness, right Rosalia?

Rosa- I'm not particularly...

Ange- When I think about it that way, I ended up doing something I didn't deserve.

Ange- That's it!
Rosalia, after this let's go eat something!

Rosa- Huh!?

Rosa- Why me too?

Ange- Hey, let's go, Rosalia.
*Come on, come on.*

Luva- ......

Olivie- *kyahaha*

Olivie- Don't get caught up in the moment and overeat.
Next time, if you go on a diet, come consult with me.
While I'm at it, I'll give you advice from how to use makeup to choosing clothes.

Ange- Yes, Olivie-sama.

Ange- Let's go, Rosalia.

Rosa- *I can walk without you pulling me.*

Olivie- They were persuaded very quickly.

Olivie- What they needed, you know,
was just a reason to be able to be convinced to quit their diet.

Luva- But, atmospheric pressure doesn't matter because the Flying City is fixed from the
environment by a special barrier.
*As the Guardian who grants wisdom, I have mixed feelings.*

Olivie- If things like that were true here, I never would have come.
*UV wears out the skin.*

[Angel Girl Circumstances/End]


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