Volume 4: The Shining Land of Hope

The Tenth Chapter

by Yura Kairi
Translation by Marfisa

Olivie- Mm, raise your face a little more.
Hey now, don't look to the side.
Perfect, if I do say so myself.

Marcel- Olivie-sama.

Olivie- Oh, no, no, I went through all the trouble of making you beautiful.
Look, smile, smile.


Marcel- No!


Marcel- Today, I'm not going to let you.

Marcel- When are you going to tell me!?

Olivie- Huh? What?

Marcel- About Her Majesty! What kind of person is she?
Didn't you say that you'd tell me if I let you put makeup on me?

Olivie- Oh, that was such an old promise, I forgot.

Olivie- Besides, Marcel, next I'll make a set of clothes from this cloth.


Marcel- Olivie-sama, maybe you haven't really met Her Majesty......

Marcel- Oh, I knew it!!
You haven't.

Marcel- Randy and Zephel said they haven't met Her Majesty yet.
And Luva-sama and Lumiale-sama don't explain clearly, but in spite of that I thought maybe you.

Olivie- *Oh my, what an extreme angle.*

Marcel- You're mean, Olivie-sama! I believed in you!
Until now, you've been lying to me and toying with my body!

*Where did he learn words like that...?*
Olivie- For the sake of decency...

Olivie- Sorry, sorry, it was my fault.
*Oh, your makeup is running.*


Olivie- Since Her Majesty is busy, even though we're Guardians, we can't meet her like that.

Generations of Queens with the coronation ascend the holy throne,
Concentrating all of that power on guiding the world.

Olivie- Do you feel it too? Her Majesty's Sacrea surrounding the world.

And, the power of we Guardians is always with Her Majesty.

Marcel- ... Yes.

Olivie- Then knowing her or not knowing her isn't important, is it?

Marcel- May... maybe...

Olivie- But, there are Guardians who actually know her.

Marcel- Huh?

Olivie- The senior trio, as one would expect, have many years of experience.
Why, they're Guardians from before the present Queen's coronation.


Olivie- If you get a chance, ask them.

Olivie- Though I don't know whether they'll tell you or not.
*Alright, I'll redo it.*


Olivie- But today they're in the Sanctuary on business.
*Oh, are we the ones who are on a business trip?*

?- ......

?- ...is-sama.

?- Clavis-sama.

The golden-haired...


?- Come over here.

?- Here.
By me.

?- Come, Clavis-sama.
Take my hand...

Clavis- Who are you?


Clavis- Why are you appearing to me in that form?

?- Why...?

?- This is your desire.

?- The memories hidden in the depths of your heart,
I know them well.
I see an unsatisfied heart.

?- Your darkness is comfortable...
If wanting to recover your forgotten past is your desire,

Clavis- Don't make light of me.


?- Let go.

Clavis- You think I desire things like that?

?- Let go...


Clavis- Or even if I do, I don't need help from the likes of you.

?- Clavis-sama.

Clavis- Be gone.
I'm not in the mood to keep company.

Clavis- You're an eyesore.

Why is even such a vulgar lot so persistently depressing?

Julious- Clavis!



Julious- Wake up, Clavis!


Julious- Napping carelessly in a place like this...

The indication of evil disappeared instantly...

Clavis- I fell asleep without realizing it...

Julious- Honestly, I'm impressed by your lack of seriousness.

Julious- We returned to the Sanctuary to ask for instructions about Luva's proposal.
Dia is waiting.
Come, hurry and get to your feet.

Clavis- .........

Julious- What is it?

Clavis- No, you saved me.

To think that the evil was forcibly torn apart, and without notice.

Julious- ? Let's go.

A shadow does not appear at feet of a person who walks toward the light...
No, I should say that intense aura of light repels evil.
If it nears, it vanishes when the shadow is consumed.

Julious- Clavis!

Clavis- What a fortunate disposition.

But to think that that kind of evil has come into the Sanctuary.
The collapse of the world means that Her Majesty is truly being robbed of her power.

Servant1- Here, Julious-sama, Clavis-sama.

Servant1- Luva-sama and Dia-sama are waiting in the Queen's audience room.

Servant2- Guardians!

Servant2- I beg your pardon.

Servant2- Is it true that the candidates for the next Queen have been chosen?

Servant1- Please stop.

Servant2- That the Queen Examination is being conducted...?

Servant2- Dia-sama won't say anything.
She says to believe in Her Majesty.
But I...

Julious- If the Queen's Aide said so,
then do it.

Julious- She is tired, have her rest.

Servant1- Yes.

Servant1- My apologies, since she's still a young lady-in-waiting, her discipline is lacking.
Please excuse her rudeness.

Clavis- That those who serve the Sanctuary are so distraught is troubling.
Maybe people who are sensitive end up registering the sneaking premonition of destruction.

The enactment of the Queen Examination is an open secret in the Sanctuary.

Even the people in the palace continue to pray with bated breath.

Electing the next Queen as soon as possible will dispel unease...

Clavis- People need hope.
Unease casts a shadow on the heart and calls suspicion.
Maybe it gives suspicious evils an opportunity.

Julious- Is there such a sign?

Clavis- Even if there was, you probably wouldn't know.

Julious- What?

Julious- ... I myself have been thinking.

Julious- If a shadow appears over Her Majesty's power, the negative force increases.
And what calls it in is people's hearts.

Julious- We must choose the proper girl to inherit Her Majesty's wings.
As soon as possible.

White wings shining with gold.

Angelique and Rosalia.
Which candidate is the proper one?

Rosa- You were invited to Lumiale's mansion!?

Ange- Yes, on Sunday, yesterday.

Rosa- R, right. Then what kind of place was it?
*Act.. act casual....*

Ange- It was a very beautiful mansion.
It had an elegance just like it was floating on a lake.

Rosa- And?

Ange- Yes, and in the garden there are lots of lovely fountains.
They catch the light and sparkle beautifully.
He calculated a musical scale using waterfalls and water drops. There were even instruments.
The impression is just what you would expect from the Guardian of Water.

Ange- How about you? Have you inconvenienced someone's mansion?

Rosa- I... I.

Rosa- Sunday, I was doing preparatory research regarding the continent's cultivation.
I didn't have free time like you.
After all,

Rosa- The entire cosmos is waiting for my coronation as Queen.
*It's been a long time.*

Ange- Even though you were on a date with Olivie-sama.

Rosa- What did you say?

*shaking head*
Ange- No, nothing.

Rosa- Dropping in on a Guardian's private residence is absolutely shameless.
I could never do it.


Rosa- It's because you're frivolous like that, that Elysion is in such a serious situation.

Rosa- Merely the worst situation has been avoided. You can't see the instability of your
continent in the appearance however.

Rosa- Lumiale-sama, unable to be indifferent about the way you are, invited you to his mansion.
Because he's a nice person.

Rosa- I'm envious. In that situation, I think I would be embarrassing the Guardians.

Ange- Oh.

What was I saying?

Randy- I don't think that way of speaking is very nice.


Randy- I'm sorry to eavesdrop.

Randy- Rosalia.

Randy- I think you're amazing for always speaking with confidence, but,
I don't like what you said just now.

Randy- You should apologize to Angelique.

Rosa- .........

Zephel- What do you mean you don't think it's very nice...?
I think it's you forcing your justice.

Randy- Oh... Zephel?

Ange- Zephel-sama, how long have you been there?

Zephel- How long? You're the ones who've come to where I'm napping, making noise chattering.
Leave me alone.

Zephel- All this time, it's been about having gone and not going to Lumiale's mansion.
Isn't it just that the young lady is sour at not being invited herself?
Is she simply being a sore loser?

Rosa- What?


Zephel- Still, calling a Queen Candidate to his private residence,
Lumiale doesn't seem the type, but he did it.

Zephel- Lumiale didn't do anything weird to you, did he?

Ange- Huh?

Anything weird?

*Wh, what are you saying!!*
Randy- Zephel, that's an insult to Lumiale-sama.
He's not Oscar-sama!


Ange- Lumiale-sama isn't that kind of person!!
That's mean!

Ange- Oh...

Oscar- *"That kind of person"...*

Randy- R, right.
Lumiale-sama isn't that kind of person!!

Zephel- What's with him...?
*What's that "phew"?*

Zephel- Hey, Angelique. Next time, won't you try coming to my mansion?
I have lots of interesting toys.

Ange- Huh?


Ange- But...

Zephel- I can show you my newest bird robot, the P-04SSW-VII.
*I won't do anything weird.*

Ange- That's Mecha-Chupi!


Ange- I heard from Marcel-sama and I've been thinking of wanting to see it.
You'll show it to me?

*That jerk Marcel...*
Zephel- Y, yeah.

Zephel- Then it's settled.

Zephel- *hmm*

Ange- Um... Zephel-sama.

Ange- Along with Rosalia too.

Zephel- Hm? Yeah, alright.

Zephel- That Queen Candidate is coming too?

Rosa- Me?

Rosa- N... no thank you.
I'm not interested.

Zephel- That's too bad.


Rosa- Excuse me.

Ange- Oh, Rosalia.

Ange- Rosalia is kind of strange......

I missed my chance to apologize to that girl.

I'm strange.

Why do they worry so much about Angelique?


I'm supposed to be the perfect Queen Candidate.

Why are the Guardians only interested in Angelique?


Ah, you should relax a little.


Rosa- Beautiful...

[Tenth Chapter/End]


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