Volume 4: The Shining Land of Hope

The Eleventh Chapter

by Yura Kairi
Translation by Marfisa

Lumiale- *sigh*

Oscar- It doesn't interest you that you're giving a special performance and there is no one to
hear it?

Lumiale- Oscar.

Lumiale- Is there a song you would prefer?

Oscar- Hey, I came here drawn here by the tones, but what a cold musician.

Lumiale- I beg your pardon.

Oscar- Did you hear the reason Julious-sama and Clavis-sama returned to the Sanctuary?

Lumiale- Yes.

Oscar- Don't you look forward to it?
What kind of change will Luva's proposal bring to the Queen Candidate's continent cultivation?

Oscar- Especially that princess.

Oscar- Being at risk and having to keep an eye on it should keep Elysion from being boring.
But, Felicia is too refined and lacks a touch of interest.

Lumiale- Oscar, we're not examining whether it's interesting or not.

Oscar- Of course. It's an important examination to decide the next Queen. I'm taking it seriously.

Oscar- Even though they're still children,
I haven't even been setting up reservations for dates with the excellent Ladies Reserve Army.
Me...... you know?
*My endurance must be esteemed.*

Lumiale- That's not the point...

Lumiale- If I were to put it in terms of music,

Lumiale- Elysion has a lively rhythm.
Felicia has a perfect harmony.
But, that alone doesn't make music echo in people's hearts.

Lumiale- Something to unite people's hearts.
That's what Elysion and Felicia need.


What is this?

Oscar-sama, Lumiale-sama!

What are they saying about my Felicia?

A dream...?


Rosa- What a strange dream.
Even that my Felicia is inferior to Elysion.

It's absolutely not!


Rosa- How can I be inferior to Angelique.


Rosa- That girl's room.





Rosa- Angelique!

Rosa- Just as I thought, still sleeping.
Wake up.

*slap slap*

Ange- Nnngh.

Ange- Mm...... Rosalia?

Ange- And I was dreaming about the Guardians.


Ange- Today is Saturday and it's a day off from cultivating.
Let me sleep a little longer.

Rosa- Saturday is the day to go to the planet!


Ange- Noo.


Rosa- Have you forgotten that today, Dia asked us to the Holy Palace first!?

Ange- That's right!


Rosa- Enough! Get a hold of yourself, Angelique.


Ange- Sorry.

Rosa- Hurry.
*You're embarrassing me.*

Ange- *yawning* Yes.
Thanks for waking me Rosalia.

Ange- I have to hurry.


*lined up*

Zephel- Don't take up so much room, you freak.

Ange- Wow, the Guardians are all assembled. I wonder what's going on?

Rosa- Shh.

Dia- Queen Candidates Angelique, Rosalia.
This time, Her Majesty has decided that for the continents presently under cultivation,
one person be chosen as priest.

A priest!?

Dia- This was decided based on Guardian of Earth Luva's proposal.

Dia- His duty is to organize the people's desires and bridge the gap between the Queen Candidates
and the people.

Dia- To be of help to you.
It is Her Majesty's arrangement.

Rosa- Dia-sama.
Are you saying that the cultivation up till now is inadequate?

Rosa- I intend to cultivate Felicia perfectly.
I don't need a priest.


Julious- Rosalia, the cultivation of your continent is impeccable.
But lately, it isn't showing large results, is it?

Julious- I think it's an opportunity to consider what your continent needs at present.


Ange- Um, excuse me.
I think it's a very good idea.

Ange- Hearing the direct opinion of the people of the continent teaches you what you can't know
just by seeing.

Ange- As people multiply, they have lots of desires, so a person who could tell me what they
really need would make me very happy...


Dia- You two Queen Candidates, next go down to the surface,
pick out the person you think proper from among the people.

Dia- If you can communicate desires,
communicate between people and hearts.

That person may hear
the white winged
angel's voice.

An angel...

Luva- Ah, Rosalia.

Rosa- Luva-sama.

Luva- Uh, I'm the one who made this proposal, but, that is...
because I thought it was necessary for the future growth of the continent,
by no means did I mean that the cultivation up till now is inadequate or anything.

Luva- Ah, I think you know, but
In Elysion, there is already a boy who has an exchange with Angelique.

Rosa- Yes...

Luva- Speaking in that regard, you've ended up with a bit of a late start.
I believe you're sure to be able to find a proper priest for Felicia.


Luva- Do your best, Rosalia.


Rosa- Yes of course, Luva-sama.

Luva-sama is depending on me.
I have to meet his expectations.
Or my name isn't Rosalia De Catargena.

I'll seek him out.
The proper person for my Felicia.

To Felicia.

A beautiful land,
ordered cities and
highways connecting them.

It attains perfect cultivation, my Felicia.

Where is he?
My priest.

I wonder what kind of person.
After all, he must be healthy and handsome.

No, the value of appearances isn't the issue.
He must be a person respected by the people, with the leadership to put their desires in order.

Though nothing is better than handsome.

Rosa- Come to think of it, I've never descended among the people like this.

Look, my people are happy.

Man- Hey, how are you.

Woman- We can't complain about this year's harvest either.

Is there something lacking?

Rosa- What is their next desire?
I'll grant them anything.
What am I saying.

Woman- Thank heaven.
Let's pray that life like this continues.

Rosa- It's strange.

Satisfied smiles,
the peaceful lives of happy people.
It's certainly as the desired appearance of the my people should be.

And yet.

Rosa- Everyone chants the same words with all the same smiles.

Let's pray this blessed life continues.
Thank heaven's blessing.

Is that all there is to this life?
Don't they desire anything else?

Are there are no desires?

Rosa- Improve yourselves more or something!
Endeavor to want grand dreams to come true!

Rosa- I was raised recognized as naturally having the disposition of a Queen,
I endeavored to more than fully meet surrounding expectations as my own desire.

Proper for the Queen who controls the cosmos.

Rosa- The Queen's Sacrea is different than the Guardians'...
it's something cultivated by one's own will...


One's own will,
desires from the heart.

Is that what Felicia is lacking?

What your continent needs.

Rosa- It was just as Julious-sama said.

I wonder if I was mistaken.

What should I do...?


Old man- What do you think, son? Today's weather is also fine.
Our land is full of blessings.

Young man- Father...

Old man- What a gloomy look, son.

Young man- Father, certainly this land is bountiful and beautiful,
but is it a good thing that we're only spoiled by those blessings?

Young man- Something more,
I want to hold something in my hand.

Young man- Everyone is satisfied with living this contented life.
If they cooperate more and make their hearts one, they should be able to have more blessings
than this.

Young man- Father, don't you think about things like that?

Old man- Son, you're still young.
Everything according to heaven's blessing, that's our way of life.

Those wishful eyes.

Until now, there was never a person who cherished a desire as strongly as he among the people
I came to see.


Young man- How should I communicate these impatient feelings?

Maybe him.
The proper priest for my continent (read Felicia).

Young man- I think something should be made of this land...

Young man- How.........

A person who brings the people together with a strong will.

What are you hesitating for, Rosalia?

Believe in the strength in his eyes.
Believe in yourself.

I'll choose him by my own will.
As a Queen Candidate.

Young man- You're,

I am the one who guides this land.

Young man- The... Angel.

Young man- I'm glad our Angel is a sublimely beautiful person like you.


Ange- I left something behind and I ended up late.

Rosa- Oh, Angelique.

Ange- Rosalia.

Rosa- After you.

Ange- Oh, Rosalia, you found a priest?
*She smiled...*

Rosa- Yes. I had a hard time choosing an excellent man of talent, but
I found the proper person.

Ange- Wow, congratulations, Rosalia.

Rosa- Still, in your case it's fine. You have it easy.

Rosa- After all, when the one who cultivates is unreliable, the people are the ones who
become strong, aren't they?
It all works out nicely.

Rosa- Give my regards to your priest.

Ange- It's the usual Rosalia......

Researchers- Oh...

Felicia's priest?
I wonder what kind of person he is.

I've already decided my priest.
He connects me with the hearts of the people.



Ange- I wonder if he'll come today.

Ange- I'm sure he'll be surprised.


Leo- Angel.


... Huh!?


Leo- It's been a long time.

[Eleventh Chapter/End]


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