Volume 4: The Shining Land of Hope

The Twelfth Chapter

by Yura Kairi
Translation by Marfisa

Oscar- It seems the missy also managed to meet with the priest all right.

Oscar- She's so surprised, it looks like the pupils are going to fall out of her wide open eyes.

Randy- It can't be that Angelique doesn't know that time passes faster on the continent than
on the Flying City.

Oscar- It's an examination of cultivating the continent, so it isn't that she doesn't know.
But, she hadn't noticed until now.

Oscar- Maybe, coming in contact with one of the people,
the missy noticed that growth right before her eyes for the first time.

Randy- We're not doing an experiment in a petri dish.
The ones we're dealing with are people like us.

Oscar- Though one knows in one's mind,
this isn't easy to accept.

Randy- Then,

Randy- ... it may become a hard experience for Angelique.

Oscar- Then I'll console her.

Sign- Fanciful vision.

*Once in a while this would be nice...*

Randy- Oscar-sama!

Oscar- I'm joking. I'll leave that part to you.


Randy- *Ow!*

Oscar- A fellow child should suit her.

Oscar- But don't let her cry.
A girl should cry only in the arms of the man she loves.

Marcel- Oh...

Marcel- Oscar-sama.

Oscar- Don't get into any more mischief,

Oscar- See you.

Randy- Marcel, don't mind him.

Marcel- Yeah.

Marcel- It's natural to say that, I don't mind.

Marcel- Hey, I need someone to go with me even to go anywhere in the Royal Research Institute.
I'm a person who needs special attention.


Don't take your eyes off the Guardian.
Report on all his actions in the Royal Research Institute.

Randy- I can imagine...
*And it seems like the researcher staff is being increased.*

Marcel- I ended up doing it more than once. It will be hard to regain trust.

Even though Pastha smiles at me.

Randy- Marcel.

Marcel- Oh, uh-uh, don't mind me.

Marcel- I can't do anything but persevere in my own way.


Marcel- Huh? Isn't that Angelique?

Marcel- I wonder what the matter, she's dazed.

Marcel- Angelique.

Ange- Marcel-sama.

Marcel- What's the matter? Did you meet with the priest?

Ange- Leo has,

Marcel- Huh?

Ange- Leo has become an adult...
I, I'm surprised...

Randy- You ended up coming back...?




Leo- I wonder what was the matter.

*door opening*

Maiya- Welcome back Leo!

Maiya- That was fast for picking herbs.

Maiya- *The laundry's dry.*

Leo- Maiya.

Maiya- I stopped by for a bit because I had something to deliver to your grandma.

Nicky- Leo.

Leo- Nicky.

Nicky- The west door was rattling so I thought it should be fixed.
*And other things here and there.*

Nicky- Isn't the wind blowing in like that hard on your grandmother?

Leo- Thanks, I worked on it a lot of times but I couldn't do it well.
*I'm clumsy.*

Nicky- If you can't do it, make it easy on yourself and speak up.


Leo- ... But Nicky, you always say "take care of your own business"...

Nicky- It's not wrong to ask for a person's help.

Maiya- Brother came prepared with his tools.


Maiya- It feels kind of strange.
That little Leo has gotten so tall and slender. Now you're the tallest in the village.

Nicky- Must be because his head is so light.
*I'm going back ahead.*

Leo- .........

Maiya- Brother!

Leo- ... Oh, was it that the Angel didn't recognize me because I'd grown up?

Maiya- Brother has such a sharp tongue.

Maiya- The Angel?

Leo- Yeah, she was on top of that hill.

Leo- It had been a long time since she appeared to me, and suddenly she was gone.....

Maiya- Since you're always thinking so much of wanting to meet her,
couldn't you have seen an illusion?

Leo- No!

Leo- Probably...

It wasn't an illusion.

Leo- Her soft golden hair and sparkling green eyes
haven't changed at all.

She was beautiful.

Maiya- I'm tired of hearing the story about the Angel!

Leo- Maiya.

Maiya- She has golden hair, green eyes, and a red ribbon, right?

Leo- What's the matter, Maiya?

Maiya- ............
Anyway, my hair and eyes are black.

Leo- Huh?

Maiya- I'm going back.


Leo- Maiya?

Maiya- *hmph!*

Leo- What was with Maiya?

Grandma- You're a fool, Leo.

Leo- Grandma.

Grandma- I heard.

Leo- How are you?

Grandma- Oh, since Maiya combed my hair, I'm in a good mood.

Grandma- Leo, you can't talk about another girl in front of a girl.

Leo- Huh? But it was the Angel.

Grandma- You don't understand.
How can I have to leave you like this?
*cough cough*

Leo- Grandma.

Grandma- But, it can't be helped. Because this is the order of things.
Your father and mother cut in and passed away first, at last my turn has come.
Let me live on in you.

Leo- Grandma, that kind of grumbling is ill natured.

Grandma- Oh my, how dull.

Grandma- Though a long time ago you clung to me with tears flowing,

*Grandma, don't die!*

Grandma- You've become such a cold boy... may my memory stay young.

Leo- Grandma!


It can't be...

Leo- Grandma?

Grandma- Tomorrow morning I want to eat chirika fruit.

Grandma- The very juicy and sweet ones are good.

Leo- Alright. I'll go and get some.
She tricked me again.
*Grandma's turn isn't coming for the present.*

Grandma- Thanks, you're a dutiful boy.
I'm certain the Angel might come and see you again.

Leo- Grandma...

Leo- Yeah.

Ange- I... hadn't noticed until now.
No, I noticed but, I wasn't thinking about it...!

Now, like this,
happening right before my eyes.

Ange- Even though I only wasn't there for a few days,
Leo who was a child, grew into an adult.

Ange- This way, he'll pass me soon and get old.


Ange- ... I'm scared.

Ange- Marcel-sama, I'm scared...!!
It's like I've been left behind by the flow of time...

What have I come and done up until now?
I don't have any power.
I'm only a girl...

Marcel- Angelique, calm down.

Borrowing Her Majesty's and the Guardians' power...

Ange- How can I witness one person's whole life, much less guide the people!

Randy- Angelique.

Ange- Randy-sama...

Randy- You didn't receive training to become Queen from the time you were a child like Rosalia.
So there are a lot of things that are bewildering, but,

Randy- Listen to me.
Her Majesty and the Guardians live transcending time!
In the Sanctuary which is separated from the outside world, to watch over and guide the world.

Randy- So someday when their Sacrea declines and they go back to being a regular person,
in the outside world, a mind-boggling amount of time has passed.

Randy- Everyone is here resigned to that.
You have to get over this if you aim to become Queen.

Ange- Randy-sama...

Are you prepared for becoming Queen?

You were brought to this kind of place without your permission and you don't feel any doubts?

It may result in mutually getting hurt.

The Guardians were living in the Sanctuary all harboring these kinds of thoughts.

Ange- .....

Randy- Oh... sorry.

Ange- Then, aren't you lonely?

My chest... hurts
kind of suffocating...

Ange- How can you have to live in a flow of time different from the outside world,
separated from your family and friends?

Randy- I'm not lonely.
I think of becoming a Guardian with pride.

Randy- Because helping Her Majesty and protecting the cosmos also becomes protecting those people.
If my power is useful to someone, then I'm happy.

Ange- Randy-sama.

Randy- Besides, we have friends.

Marcel- Yeah... I'm not lonely either.

Marcel- We Guardians,
even though we fight sometimes, in our hearts we recognize each other's view,
because everyone is very dear, I think.


Randy- So... Angelique.
We're here for you.
Maybe it's not enough...?

Ange- How could it not be...



Randy- Angelique!

Randy- I'm sorry. *I made her cry.*

*tears falling*

Randy- Did I say something wrong?

Ange- I'm sorry, I'm happy.

didn't know what the Guardians were until now.

They're not gods.
One after another is a person who carries loneliness.

It's not that they're not lonely.
It's that they have the strength to overcome it.

Could I become like that too?
Like the Guardians.

Ange- Leo...

Leo- Angel.

Leo- You're not an illusion. You're the real Angel aren't you?

Leo- I'm Leo. Do you recognize me?

Ange- Uh-huh.
I'm sorry about the other day.

Leo- A priest?

Ange- Yes. I want you to put in order and tell me the wishes of everyone in Elysion.

Leo- ... But, am I fit for such an important duty...?


Ange- You'll be fine, Leo.
You should just tell me about Elysion like before.

Leo- Yes!

Ange- But you really have grown up.

Ange- I still can't believe it a little.

Leo- You haven't changed a bit.

Leo- You're just the way you were when I met you a long time ago.
Next to you this way, my heart is pounding a little.

Ange- The next time we meet, and the next time we meet after that,
I won't change at all.

Ange- Even though you'll age and become an old man, I'll be exactly the same...

Leo- Angel?

Ange- And way after that...

I can't touch......
a person from a different world.

But I remember the warmth of your hand.

Leo- Please cheer up.
I won't forget you.


Leo- I... knew I would be able to meet you like this.
Since long...
long before.

Even though I were reborn many times,
I won't forget the angelic form carved in my soul.

We are always together.

Leo- So from now on I won't forget.
Somewhere on this continent,
I will be able to meet you again for sure.


[Twelfth Chapter/End]


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