Volume 4: The Shining Land of Hope

The Fourteenth Chapter

by Yura Kairi
Translation by Marfisa

Ange- The drinks are here. Would you all like some?

Marcel- Yay!

I've started thinking with Randy-sama and the others about the plan to transfer the
people of Elysion.

*You may use the kitchen freely.*

*Cola, mineral water, milk tea, and ice cocoa.*

Today, Sunday (read the day off), it's secretly proceeding in my room.

Ange- It's seems Rosalia's out, going on dates with someone and such.

Randy- Angelique, there's no other place but here after all.

Ange- Yes!

Randy- Now, it's quite far away from the region where the people live, but it's spacious enough
and it'll be easy to live there.

Marcel- Yeah... it's land that is slowly warding off the fluctuation of the Sacrea of Green and
is fostering bounty.
I think that it'll be kind and hospitable to people too.

Zephel- But, it really is far.
It's actually over mountains and through valleys.
*It's here. Here.*

Ange- It will be a terrible journey for the people.

Zephel- You should have put a little more thought into your cultivation from the beginning.
*Girls like you are so annoying.*

Ange- Oh...

Randy- Zephel, it's no use saying that kind of thing that now.
The problem here is how to guide the people to this place... isn't it?

Zephel- There's a priest, isn't there? Can't he do it?

Ange- No... not yet.

Leo is still young.
The people haven't united yet.

Zephel- Geez, he's useless.

Marcel- Zephel, you're kind of on edge. It's strange.

Zephel- What?

*on edge*
Zephel- .........
How can I come up with a good idea in such an unsettling room!!


Marcel- Well...


Randy- It might be.

Zephel- Lace curtains on pink walls,
a teddy bear plopped on the bed!!

Zephel- A, and to top it off, it's decorated with flowers and stuff!

Marcel- I decorate with flowers.
*I love teddy bears too.*

Zephel- Anyway, it's a bit of a tense atmosphere!!

Ange- And yesterday I did my best to clean and arrange.


Randy- Angelique, don't mind it too much.

Randy- We're not used to a girl's room, so we're a little tense.

Ange- Really?


Randy- Come on, let's get back to talking. About how to communicate your will to transfer the
people of Elysion!

Ange- Right!

Leo- It'll be finished soon.

Maiya- Yeah, I didn't think such a splendid house would be built.

Leo- So many people are helping.
I still can't believe it.


Maiya- Leo, what are you doing!? That's!

Leo- Since it's a picture of the Angel, I thought I should put it here.

Maiya- No, wait! It's embarrassing!
The Angel will have to see it.

Leo- Stop!
It's fine. Look, it's really good.

Maiya- Ooh! You purposely put it out of reach. You're mean.


Man- Hey, you're in a good position.
You're freely building houses and stuff and playing with girls.

*barging in*

Man- I thought there was something noisy on top of the hill. So this is what you were making.

Maiya- Who are you?

Leo- This hill belongs to everyone.
This house also belongs to everyone.

Leo- If you'd like, you can come here and hear about the Angel.

Man- Who says there's an angel!


Man- You're always so frivolous!

Leo- Wah!

Man- It makes me sick!

Man- Every time you open your mouth, it's the Angel. Only, you just use her for your own
convenience, don't you!?



Leo- You're wrong.
Because I believe in the Angel.

Man- What?

Nicky- Hey, you.

Nicky- What are you doing?


Man- Nicky, do you believe?
That there's an Angel?

Nicky- Who knows.

Nicky- But I think it would be nice if there were.

Nicky- Yes. It'd be better if there were an angel who protects us.

*And it's said she's a pretty blond girl at that.*

Nicky- Something like an angel being with us feels pretty good.

Man2- It can't hurt to have an angel watching.


Man- .........


Maiya- Leo, I believe.
*I'll do my best.*

Boy1- Me too.

Boy2- Me too.

Leo- Thanks.

Little by little.
Little by little, everyone is responding.

It'd be nice if those people also understood someday...


Man- Shit! What's with them!!
This is no fun!

Man2- I wonder what he'd think if that house weren't there come morning.

Man- H, hey.

Man2- Why don't we confirm
whether there's an angel or not?

Woman- Well then, Leo, give this to your grandma to eat.

Leo- Thank you always, ma'am.

Maiya- I'll walk you there.

Leo- It's dangerous.

Maiya- I'm not worried.

Maiya- ? I wonder what that is. It looks like the top of the hill is shining.

Could it be the Angel?

Leo- Huh?


... No.


Leo- That's a fire.

Leo- The top of the hill is burning!


Maiya- Leo!

Maiya- Brother!

Is the Angel's house burning?


Maiya- Leo!

Maiya- What are you doing, Leo!?

The heat of the fire is intense.
And this smell.
Has oil been sprinkled?

*cough cough*

Good, it's safe!

*rapidly collapsing*






Ange- !

What is this...
My heart is pounding.
It's the same feeling as before...
Has something happened to Leo!?


Randy- Angelique?

Ange- Randy-sama, I...
Have to go to Elysion.

Ange- Now!

To Elysion,
To Leo!

Researcher- I can't let you in.
Today is Sunday, you're not allowed to enter the Royal Research Institute.

Zephel- Tch.

Ange- The priest of Elysion is calling.

Researcher- I regret it, but
while Pastha-sama is out, I can't do whatever I want.

Zephel- Isn't Pastha at the lake in the woods?

Marcel- Wait! I'm asking you too.

Ange- Marcel-sama.

Zephel- Right! If you say we can't go in at all, we'll even break a window and go in!!


Randy- We'll bear all the responsibility!
Please open the door!!

Researcher- If the Guardians say so.
*I'm prepared to be scolded by Pastha-sama.*

Marcel- Thanks.



Oh, it's dark...

Leo- I'm so cold.

What is this place?
I've lost the way again.

Leo- I've made a mess of things.

Leo- I wanted to do something for the Angel and everyone.
Maybe I was wrong.



Leo- Angel!?

Leo? Are you here?

Leo- Where are you, Angel?
It's dark here and I can't see anything.

Over here.


I'm over here.

The Angel's hand...


Ange- Leo, thank goodness!!

Leo- You really are... the real Angel.



Ange- Leo.

Leo- Wow...

Ange- This is Elysion,
your continent.

Ange- Over there is the village where you live.

Ange- And now, take a good look,
far away in the direction of those steep mountains,

Ange- A green, rich, beautiful land stretches.
It's a spacious land where there is no need for people to fight.



Leo- Angel.

Ange- Of course, in order to make it there,
you have to cross those mountains and
make a long hard journey.

Ange- I'd like to tell everyone that.

Maiya- Leo, Leo,
Wake up!!


Maiya- A... Angel.

Maiya- Angel, please,
save Leo!
Bring Leo back!

Go back, Leo.
To the person calling you...
And tell them my words!

Leo- Maiya, don't cry.

Maiya- Leo!

Boy- Yay!

Leo- I'm sorry... this got scorched.

Maiya- ... Idiot!

Maiya- You're more important than this thing.

Marcel- Thank goodness, just in time.

Zephel- Don't be relieved yet.
If the hearts of the people aren't united into one, this plan won't go smoothly.
The way things are......


The people who believe in Leo and gathered.
At first it was little by little,
And now on the continent like this,

I... thought contacting them more than necessary would just confuse them.
Even though I can only do little things.
Maybe I've given them too many expectations.

But, in order to unite the hearts of the people and set off to a new land,

What I can do now is,


Marcel- Angelique?

Zephel- What's she going to do...


Randy- She's going to show herself to the people.

But, this shining...

Angelique, you're...

Randy- It's white wings...

Marcel- Huh?

Zephel- Wow...

A wave of light shining pale gold,
spreading over the continent.
This is the Queen's Sacrea.

Boy- Hey, father, what's that light?
The sky is shining.

Grandma- Leo...

An angel descended upon Elysion.


Man- It's an angel...

Boy1- It was true.

Boy2- Angel...


Man- Forgive me!
Th... there really is an angel.

Nicky- You all...

Leo- The Angel doesn't punish anybody...

Leo- The Angel showed me.
A spacious new land, far, far away.

Nicky- Leo.

Crossing those mountains.
Far away,

A rich green land awaits you.



Maiya- Hello, grandma.

Grandma- Nicky, Maiya, welcome.

Maiya- Leo.

Leo- Maiya.

Maiya- There's kind of a hubbub in the village. A crowd of people from distant villages has even
come to meet you.

Leo- Really?

Maiya- You have to get well soon and tell us about the Angel.

Nicky- Yes, even the lot that has been doing nothing but grumbling are like different people,
they've livened up and are preparing for the journey.
You're the only one who's idle.

Leo- Nicky... I'm staying behind in the village.

Maiya- Leo?

Leo- I have to rebuild the Angel's house on that hill.
I'm staying behind here and the people who came to see the Angel have to go to a new land.

Leo- And I can't leave Grandma behind.
*When I get completely well, she's a slave driver.*

Nicky- Oh.

Leo- Nicky, you're going to go, aren't you?

Nicky- Yes.

Leo- If you go, even though it's a hard journey, everyone will go along.
I'm sure you'll get to the new land safely.

Nicky- When I reach the new land,

Nicky- I'll also build an angel's house the way you did.
I won't forget the Angel.

Maiya- I, I'm staying behind in the village. I want to stay with you, Leo.

Leo- Yeah, Maiya.
I want to stay with you always.


I have to keep an eye on you more and more.

Only stumbling, you were a little bit of a dangerous girl.
You're rapidly becoming like a Queen Candidate.

I won't give in either.

Randy- As Queen Candidate Angelique wishes,
I send my power.


Randy- Come, driving force,
seething source of emotion,
with a heart undaunted by any hardship.

*wind whistling*

Randy- Wind! Soar in the sky, bear courage!

To Elysion!


I feel it,
Randy-sama's Sacrea of Wind,
soaring in the sky.

To you who are starting a journey!

It's not that I'm guiding you.

Soon, the people's voices spreading over the land,
the continuing life,
will become the signpost guiding me.

Please don't give up,
Let's continue to walk together.

My beloved Elysion.

[Fourteenth Chapter/End]


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