Volume 4: The Shining Land of Hope

The Magic of Love

by Yura Kairi
Translation by Marfisa

Sara- It's...


Pastha- Sara, what's the matter?

Sara- Pastha, what should I do?
At a time like this.
It's the middle of the Queen Examination...

Pastha- Sara?

Sara- It's gone...

Sara- I can't find my crystal ball.

Sara- I'm sure I had it yesterday.


Sara- Maybe I dropped it somewhere...
Oh, what will I do.


Sara- Without it I can't do a Love Love Flash!

Pastha- Sara.

Pastha- .........

Pastha- Sara, what's the matter. This isn't like you.
It's only not being able to find your crystal ball.

Sara- It's *only* not being able to find?

Sara- How can you say that, Pastha!

Pastha- Calm down. Getting carried away by emotion is a bad habit of Fire Dragons.

Sara- That has nothing to do with it, you coldhearted Water Dragon!!

Sara- Oh...

Sara- I'm sorry.
But, it's important to me.

The crystal ball granted as proof of being a fortune-teller of the Fire Dragons.

The first thing that it reflected was
the face I desired in the depths of my heart.

How strange...
I know this person.

So, I prayed.


On a field,
sparkling in the sunshine,
the two meet.

The magic of love
binds the two.

Sara- It's important to me.

Pastha- Sara...

Pastha- I'm sorry. I just didn't want to waste the precious time I spend with you on the weekend.

Sara- Pastha...

Sara- I love you.

Since that time,
I've loved you with a constant feeling.

Pastha- By the way, my Sara,
is it impossible to tell fortunes without your crystal ball?

Sara- No, nothing of the kind. Fire Dragons take pride in having a distinguished ability in
various methods of fortune-telling...

Pastha- Right, then shouldn't you divine the whereabouts of your crystal ball by a
different method?

Sara- Oh...

Sara- That's right. Exactly.
Oh no, I hadn't even realized that.


Sara- Pastha, my dear,
you seem to know me better than I know myself.

Pastha- Yes, I know.
If it's about you, everything...

Even if the young you is a forgotten old story.

Sara- Don't I have a talent for fortune-telling?
Tell me your impartial analysis.

Lumiale- Clavis-sama, what's this?

Clavis- That absentminded Queen Candidate left it.
Without even asking people about it.

I found it near the park.
I think it belongs to you.

Clavis- The real owner is probably very panicked about now.
What a troublemaking matter.

Lumiale- Yes...
*Perhaps, it has been regarded as a rival...?*

Where is my crystal ball?
Whispers of the stars!

[The Magic of Love/End]


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