Volume 5: The Stone Which Forms Dreams

The Fifteenth Chapter

by Yura Kairi
Translation by Marfisa

An abandoned garden...?

Where am I?

A full sky of stars,
what illusionary scenery.

Who's there?

Such a lonely figure...


Clavis- You?



Clavis- You... came.

*eyes wide*

Ange- What was that? Just now...
A dream?

Ange- Clavis-sama smiling like that... I didn't recognize him!

Sign- The usual Clavis-sama (smiling)

That wasn't something he addressed to me...
Then, to who?
Who was Clavis-sama waiting for?


Ange- *blowing*

Recently, I've been dreaming often about the Guardians.

Ange- Maybe it's exhaustion...

*It's a peach scented bath soap from Olivie-sama.*

I thought he was a scary person, but
Maybe there are also times he smiles at someone like that.

I want to know...
More about the Guardians...

I want to know!

Holy Palace.


Clavis- Lumiale...!!

Lumiale- This is... a surprise.



Lumiale- If you have some business, I would have gone to you.


Clavis- Lumiale.


Clavis- Is that your suggestion?

Lumiale- Huh...?

Clavis- The golden haired girl.

Clavis- Recently, everyday she comes to my office, she talks arbitrarily by herself and leaves.
Without asking for cultivation, she prattles on only about personal things.

Clavis- I can't stand noise.

Today, Clavis-sama replied to my talk.

Lumiale-sama, Lumiale-sama.

And I have the feeling he's also made more eye contact.

There are also times when I'm still a little scared, but,

I'll keep trying!

Lumiale- *stifled laugh*

Clavis- Lumiale.

*sharp glance*

Lumiale- Oh... no.

Lumiale- I didn't do anything... only, if a person doesn't try to make close contact,
they don't know the true person... I said.
Maybe Angelique in her own way is trying to understand you.

Clavis- Nonsense.

Clavis- A person can't understand another person in a real sense.

Lumiale- Clavis-sama.

Clavis- And you, don't put anymore needless things into that girl's head.

*shutting door*

Lumiale- Putting things into her head... is the fault of your words...

Still, though you rarely go outside, she made you turn your steps toward my office.
Isn't it proof that Angelique's activities are stirring your heart?

Lumiale- Or maybe it's more correct to say upsetting your pace...

Ange- Oh, Clavis-sama, hello!

Ange- Since you were out, I waited.
The person in charge prepared a chair for me.

*sudden movement*



Clavis- .........
Your business?

Ange- Huh?

Clavis- I'm asking what can I do for you?

Ange- Oh... yes, um, I thought I'd talk with you.

Clavis- Is that why you were waiting?

Ange- Yes.

Clavis- ... Weren't you afraid of this room?

It was always intimidating.

Ange- Um... at first I was frightened a little.

Ange- So I talk arbitrarily...
I've been annoying. I'm sorry.

Ange- But when I visit this room, in the quiet darkness, I realized my heart gradually calms down.

Before I knew it, I didn't notice the silence...

Ange- And just now when I was waiting for you,
I was remembering various things, thinking, noticing.
I wasn't bored at all.

Clavis- Oh?
It's great progress... is what you want to say.





It's pitch black!

Clavis-sama! Where are you?

Clavis- How is it? Even thus, will you say you're not afraid of the dark?

Clavis- There could be a poisonous snake at your feet.

Clavis- There could possibly be a dangerous animal lurking behind you.

*heart beating*

I, I'm fine.

*heart beating*

I'm not afraid.

In the dark, I'm not swayed by outward appearances.
I'll believe my own heart.

I've been thinking about it a long time. Maybe the peace I feel in this room
is the owner of this room, Clavis-sama's true nature.

Clavis-sama is taciturn and hard to approach,
but he always listened quietly to my one-sided conversation until the end.

Contrary to his words and attitude
I felt somehow allowed and was at ease.

Ange- You can't frighten me.

Ange- I'm not afraid of the dark now.

Ange- Since I know you're in front of me.


Clavis- Angelique!

Ange- Kya!



Ange- Y... yes?
You startled me...

This girl
isn't her...

Clavis- I'm sorry to have surprised you.

Ange- Clavis-sama.

Clavis- Leave.
I don't feel well today. I want to rest now.

Ange- Alright.

Ange- Um... take care,

*door shutting*

A Queen Candidate
with the same name...!

Don't make me remember
the pain of the past sunken in the depths of my heart.

Ange- I wonder if I said something rude.

Ange- I wonder how he's doing.
He's out today too.

Rosa- Oh, Angelique.
Good day.

Luva- Ah, hello, Angelique.

Ange- Rosalia.

With Luva-sama?

Rosa- Do you have some business with Clavis-sama?

Rosa- If you're looking for Clavis-sama, I saw him just a little while ago.

Ange- Huh? Where?

Luva- In the park. I was surprised too.

Luva- Clavis showing up at the park in broad daylight,
even people going down the road turned to look.
*They were probably surprised.*

Ange- The park...

Rosa- Yes. Luva-sama and I were taking a walk in the park...

Ange- Thank you, Luva-sama!!


Rosa- Oh, wait! Pay more attention!!

*rushing off*

Clavis- Even that girl wouldn't think I would be at the park.

What a situation...

Clavis- I'm avoiding and hiding from a such a little girl.


I want nothing to do with her.
Being with that girl exhausts my mind.

As if peering into a crystal ball,
I want to remain a spectator.
As merely the passing of time.

Still, occasionally I end up offering idle words.
Is it because of the same name,

And the dazzling golden hair?

Ange- Here you were, Clavis-sama!

Clavis- How did you find me here...



Ange- You attract attention being in the park during the day.
*Didn't you notice?*

Ange- Everyone told me where you were.

Clavis- .........


Ange- But, thank goodness. Since yesterday you said you didn't feel well...

Clavis- I don't feel very well today either.

Ange- Oh, where are you going?

Clavis- I'm going back to my private residence to rest.

Ange- Um, well then, here!


Clavis- What is it?


Ange- They were blooming in the dorm's garden. I thought I'd visit to see how you were doing...

Clavis- These flowers...

Clavis- Don't waste your time.

Clavis- If they get cut off from the earth, flowers eventually wither.
They only dry up and rot.
And what is gained is only a temporary comfort.
Don't you think merely turning your gaze to such things is futile?

Ange- But...

Ange- But, they bloom so beautifully. It's a pity that merely turning your gaze to them is futile.

Clavis- A pity? The flowers...?

Ange- Yes. It's a bit of a pity that the flowers got cut, but
it's more of a pity that they're not admired.

Clavis- Admire?

Ange- They live with all their effort, even only during that time, you say "do your best",
"how beautiful"!
Then, next year more beautiful flowers bloom!!


Clavis- ... Why are you crying...

Clavis- I can't understand your conduct.


Clavis- Hurry and dry your tears.

Ange- I'm sorry.
I kind of got to remembering Leo and Elysion.

The people of the continent's and our time is different...

Ange- Flowers and people are different, but
Even when the time comes that we're separated, I think I'll never forget everyone living with all
their effort.
I think I will always remember in my heart the history the people of the continent are building.

Clavis- You feel that way?

I am surprised by this girl.
I was thinking all she did was cry.

Ange- Oh... the flowers.
They've gotten wilted. I have to give them water...

A Queen Candidate with the same name.

*running water*

Going so far as to superimpose impressions,
the difference is clear.

Clavis- I have developed an interest in you.


*running water*

Ange- Just now... what did you say?
*I didn't hear because of the sound of the fountain.*

Ange- Oh!
The flowers!

Ange- They've floated away.


Clavis- Here...

Ange- Oh, thank you, Clavis-sama.

Clavis- !
Don't stand up so fast!

Ange- Huh?



Ange- Kya!

Clavis- Angelique!




*running water*

Wh, what will I do? I'll be scolded.
I'm scared.

Ange- *I'll be cursed.*


Ange- Clavis-sama?

Clavis- It's a fearsome Queen Candidate that at the park in broad daylight, knocks down the
Guardian of Dark into the fountain.



Clavis- What are you doing? You'll catch a cold like that.

Clavis- Come, Angelique.

Clavis- The name of this flower is the tsukimachi violet.
*It's a type of fragrant violet.*
In the language of flowers it is "the cycle toward happiness".

Clavis- What's the matter?

Ange- Oh... I didn't think you were familiar with the language of flowers.

Clavis- I don't know anything else besides that.
A long time ago a certain person showed me.

Clavis- For a long time I had forgotten...

The softness of light,
and loving someone,
that person showed me.

Ange- Oh.

Ange- Clavis-sama, your eyes!!

Clavis- What is it?

Ange- I had only thought they were pitch black, but
seeing them under the light, they're a very beautiful violet!!

Clavis- Oh?

Shall I get more closely acquainted with the Queen Candidate with this slightly dangerous gait?
What kind of path will this girl walk from now on?

Ange- It's a big discovery!

Clavis- Let's go.
*It's expectedly heavy.*

Seeing it with my own eyes would not be bad.

[Fifteenth Chapter/End]


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