Volume 5: The Stone Which Forms Dreams

The Sixteenth Chapter

by Yura Kairi
Translation by Marfisa

Olivie- Hi, Luva, it's been a while.

Luva- Ah, Olivie.

Luva- Did you go off to somewhere?

Olivie- Oh, you didn't notice.
*My presence is so weak.*

Olivie- There was a festival on a remote planet and I just returned!
Dia said.

*Though it's during a special Queen Examination,
work is work.*


Olivie- Well, I was thinking what could there be on a somewhat plain planet, but
the people living there are generous.

Luva- That planet is rich in mineral resources and has great skill in metal refining and
working, doesn't it?

Olivie- You know!?
*Just as I would expect from the Guardian of Earth.*

*Jingling with new accessories!*

Luva- *I can tell by looking.*

Olivie- Only since they had a little bad sense, I placed a special order and had several made.

*Her Majesty knows very well that the power of Steel alone is not enough.*

Zephel- *grumble*


Olivie- Well then, I thought I'd show you something nice.

Luva- Is this... an aurora stone?

Olivie- Yes, the stone you wouldn't give to me.
But since I got such a large stone it's alright.

*sticking out tongue*

Olivie- *Even if you said you wanted it, I wouldn't give it to you.*
*Even when I cried, coaxed, and turned on the charm, you didn't give it to me.*

Luva- *Ah...*
You came to flaunt.
*Even if I turned on the charm...*

Olivie- Well, actually, there's one more serious topic.
It's the reason I was summoned...

Olivie- On that planet, this stone is called the stone which forms dreams.
It's a mysterious stone that if you make a wish before going to sleep, shows the dream people
are thinking of.
It has a small protective degree, but it was traded at a very high price.

Olivie- Is that because it's so large?
People were quarreling with each other and trying to get it.
This stone that had absorbed an evil stain of ambition
ended up calling a terrifying Nightmare to the planet.

Luva- A Nightmare? Is that a demon?

Olivie- Yes, the people had nightmares and were in chaos.
Finally, Her Majesty's sanction was issued.

Luva- This stone hides such a terrible power...

Olivie- So you be careful too.
Don't carelessly take it out of that specimen box.

Luva- Ah... ah, but, it's not like that splendidly large stone...
and it's such a teeny-weeny, teensy-tiny thing, it doesn't compare,

Luva- Divided in two, it's even smaller and th, that power is...


Olivie- Luva.........

*firm grasp*

Olivie- What did you do with that stone?

Luva- *gasp*

Olivie- Impossible, you didn't do something like give it to a person, did you?

Luva- Uh, um...

Olivie- Luva!!

Luva- E, excuse me, but the fortune-teller Sara is the one I asked to work on it.
If there were something strange, I think she would notice and I'm sure it's alright.........

Olivie- ......... Well, who did you give it to?

Luva- To A... Angelique and Rosalia...
*I... I'm scared.*

Nurse- Good morning, Miss Rosalia.

Rosa- Good morning, nurse.

Rosa- Oh, how lovely.

Nurse- They are roses that were blooming in the greenhouse of your mansion. Nostalgic, aren't they.

Rosa- What a nice scent.

Rosa- Does Luva-sama likes roses?
*Next time, I'll have some sent.*

Nurse- Miss Rosalia, shall I curl your hair?

Rosa- Yes, please. If my hair isn't arranged, I don't feel refreshed.
After all, you're the best.

Nurse- *Oh my.*
Leave it to me.


Ange- Oh, Rosalia, good morning.

Rosa- Good morning, Angelique. You look futilely well today.

Ange- Gee, Rosalia, for a young lady, you have a sharp tongue.

Ange- Oh, hey, Rosalia, why don't we do to the Holy Palace together?

Rosa- Thanks, but there is a place I'm stopping by today.

Ange- Oh.

Ange- Well then, excuse me.

Ange- Cultivation, cultivation.

The cultivation of my continent Felicia is proceeding well.
After all, I had an unerring eye in choosing him as the priest.

So today,

Rosa- ... Hello.

Sara- Oh, welcome, Queen Candidate.
A love spell or a reading of compatibility with a boyfriend, which do you desire?
The whispers of the stars will guide you.

Rosa- Uh... um, I...

Sara- *giggle* I'm truly glad.
Since you don't come at all, I was losing confidence in my readings.

Rosa- Huh?

You'll certainly fall in love in the Flying City.
You'll discover the jewel of the heart.

Rosa- Oh...


Rosa- I, I didn't particularly come to get a reading about love or that kind of thing.
I thought I would consult you about how to contact future Guardians.

Sara- It's alright, young lady. It's not something you can be very honest about at first.

Sara- I was also that way when I first met Pastha...

Rosa- Uh... um...
*A person who doesn't listen is here too.*

Sara- Oh, you're wearing that pendant. I'm so glad.


Sara- I can see it, under your clothes.

Rosa- Huh?

Sara- Oh, I'm sorry. "I feel it" to be precise.
You got it from Luva-sama, didn't you?

Rosa- H... how...

Sara- I'm the one who made that pendant!
When Luva-sama said he wanted to give a present to a girl, I was a little surprised however.

Rosa- Really?
*Even though I wear a brooch, I wore it under my clothes.*

Sara- He's rather cute when he falters...

Sara- Since it's a stone from which I feel a bit of a strange power,
I thought dividing it into two was a waste however.
If you liked it, then I'm glad.

Rosa- Two?


Sara- Yes, one for each Queen Candidate.


Sara- What's the matter?

Sara- Luva-sama truly cares about both of you.

Rosa- I... must be going.

Sara- Oh, what about your reading?

Rosa- No thank you today.

Rosa- Good day.

Sara- Rosalia...?

It wasn't only to me?

Luva- Ah, Rosalia, this is for you.
It's a lovely pendant... isn't it?

Luva- It's a good-luck charm for the Queen Examination.
Since I feel that you're being a little over-attentive,
I'd like you to relax just a bit.

Luva- You should be a little more relaxed.


Rosa- Angelique.

Ange- Oh, Rosalia.

Rosa- Do you have the pendant Luva-sama gave you?

Ange- Yeah, I'm wearing it today.

Ange- You and I both.
It's beautiful, isn't it.

Ange- Rosalia, what's the matter?

Ange- Rosalia.

Absentminded Luva-sama... he forgot to say it was Angelique and I both.
And I also misunderstood as I pleased...
I thought he understood me better than anyone.

Luva-sama's goodwill is unquestionable.
It's only that it isn't something directed at me alone.

Even though it's only that,

Why do I feel so bad?

Rosa- Oh, no.
I can't stand these feelings.

I am Rosalia De Catargena.
I'm supposed to be the perfect Queen Candidate.

Rosa- Nurse...
Are you here?

I love the smell of roses.
Since they let me think of myself as a very attractive girl.

More exalted than anyone,
Able to be happier than anyone.



Rosa- ...... That hurts.

[Sixteenth Chapter/End]


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