Volume 5: The Stone Which Forms Dreams

The Seventeenth Chapter

by Yura Kairi
Translation by Marfisa

Rosa- Where...

It's so very cold.

If I don't walk, I'll freeze.


It's so hard...


to breathe.

Where am I?

What is this room?


It hurts.

Who are all of you!?

It's like I'm going to be crushed...!!

Clan pride
and honor,
you are made to bear the burden of it all.

You must become Queen...

Rosa- Uh... nn.


you poor thing.
No one sees the real you.
There's no one who shows an interest in you as anything but a Queen Candidate.

Yes... even Luva-sama gave me the pendant to encourage me as a Queen Candidate.

Even father, and mother,
......... And nurse...?

I don't understand... I'm not considered as anything but a Queen Candidate.

Even I don't understand me!!

I understand.
Better than anyone,

I understand you...


Lumiale- Rosalia is acting strange?

Ange- Yes.

Ange- I talk to her but she doesn't pay attention and
that usual...

Ange- I'm the perfect Queen Candidate.


Ange- ... line that's arrogant enough to be disagreeable, not hearing it is throwing me off.

Ange- It seems... like she's avoiding me.

A first for this kind of thing...

Lumiale- Angelique, would you please lift your head a little more.

Ange- Oh, yes, sorry.

Ange- Have I been the model?

Lumiale- Don't look so worried. I'll be mindful of Rosalia too.

Ange- Lumiale-sama...


Ange- Huh?

Lumiale- Just like that... don't move.


Oscar- The cultivation is going well... it seems.

Pastha- Yes, since electing a priest, the development is remarkable.
If it continues this way, it might soon reach the center island, the central point of the

Oscar- And the Queen Examination will end.
It will be the birth of a new Queen... won't it?

Pastha- Yes.

Oscar- Pastha, what do you think?
Which Queen Candidate will become Queen?

Pastha- I cannot answer that.
It is possible to make an estimate from the accumulation of data so far, but
the element that must gauge the future is within those girls.

Oscar- What an unexpected opinion.
Those don't seem like the words of the rigid person in charge of the Royal Research Institute.

Oscar- Well then, how would she answer? That passionate, golden-eyed fortune-teller.

Oscar- I was thinking I'd like to have a leisurely chat with that attractive woman.
*She's my favorite type. No, speaking of favorite, all women are my favorite...*

Pastha- Oscar-sama......


Oscar- I... I'm joking. Don't look so grim.



Oscar- Sorry to have bothered you.
*Geez, that guy can't take a joke.*

The end of the Queen Examination.
Is that to be the farewell to those missies...


Oscar- *I give up.*
I've gotten to thinking... I'm just a little lonely.


Oscar- Hey, missy.
Did you come to see the continent.


Rosa- Hello... Oscar-sama.

Oscar- What's the matter, are you not feeling well?
You usually act defiant.

Rosa- I'm telling you to please stop calling me missy.

Oscar- It's not worth the trouble.

Rosa- That's...

Oscar- Did something happen on the continent?

The continent...

Angelique's Elysion...
In just a short time, it has made so much development that it's unrecognizable.

I'm sure it's in no way inferior to my Felicia!

I had hoped that girl, as a similar Queen Candidate, could fight on equal terms.

But now,
how can I feel so impatient...!?


Oscar- Hey, missy.

Oscar- Could you not space-out right in front of me?


Rosa- Oscar-sama?

Oscar- Besides, I don't like talking without making eye contact.


Oscar- Because most women, when their eyes meet mine, instantly fall in love.
*I'm the only man who has roses flying in his background.*



Rosa- As usual, you're being self-confident.
*D, disgraceful person.*

Oscar- That's the perfect Queen Candidate missy.

*in a huff*

Rosa- .........
Does Oscar-sama

Rosa- really think so?

The perfect Queen Candidate...

Oscar- Is something troubling you?
If you'd like, I'll give you advice, but

Oscar- ... When you're in doubt, you should meet with Julious-sama.


Oscar- Just as the power he presides over, he will set forth a guide.
Like detecting a lighthouse in the dark night...

*clenching fist*

Oscar- In the point of pride, I think Julious-sama and you are very similar.

Rosa- Julious-sama...

The head of the Guardians, the Guardian of Light.

I've heard he comes from high nobility on the main planet,
and for that dignity and bearing,
I've had a secret respect and feeling of intimacy.

Julious- Rosalia, you are doing very well as a Queen Candidate.
Felicia is a beautiful continent.

Rosa- Thank you.

Rosa- Since I was young, in case something happened, I was raised so that I should become
the next Queen.
It's natural.

The lineages that have turned out Queens and Guardians in the past leave behind their names
as distinguished families.
As a daughter of greater nobility which shows that nature, Queen training was a natural

Julious- I was also young when I became a Guardian.
That is why I think being brought up strictly in order to fulfill the obligation of guiding
the cosmos is necessary.

Rosa- Yes! I think so too.

Julious-sama understands me.

Because of that impression, then I...

Rosa- Julious-sama, I heard that you come from nobility on the main planet.
If you please, won't you tell me your family name?

Julious- Rosalia.


Rosa- Yes.

Julious- The roots of the Guardians are officially kept secret.
We have different family membership than the outside world.

Rosa- Oh...

Julious- More than taking pride in your family name,
taking pride in your nature as a chosen Queen Candidate,
you too should keep that in mind.

Rosa- Yes... I apologize.

I'm so embarrassed...

Austere and upright,
he is a person who will not allow dependance.
Those eyes see through everything.

I can't...!
I'm scared...

Right now I don't have the confidence to meet him.

Rosa- No, as for Julious-sama... I,

Oscar- ? What's the matter?

Rosa- Excuse me, Oscar-sama.

Oscar- Hey, missy.

Why am I so afraid of Julious-sama?

I'm scared...!!

Oscar- Just what was the matter?

Lumiale- Oscar.


Oscar- Lumiale.

Oscar- What's with you? Don't startle me.
*Don't come up from behind me.*

Lumiale- *Read at least the signs.*
Rosalia's behavior... what do you think about it?

Oscar- What?... I think she's not like the usual Rosalia...

Lumiale- Since Angelique was worried, I'm concerned.

Oscar- How kind of you.
From what I saw, Rosalia seems to be losing some considerable confidence.

Oscar- Are you trying to enter through a space in the maiden's heart with your specialty the harp?
It seems you did to the golden-haired missy.

Lumiale- ... That's an impolite manner of speaking.

Oscar- I don't like your method.

Oscar- The missies, like sweet candy, love a gentle man.
Because they feel secure that if he stays with them, they won't be hurt.

Oscar- But didn't I tell you before that they can't grow with that alone?

Lumiale- A tired heart needs healing.

Lumiale- Not everyone is strong like you.
Can't I be nice to a bewildered girl in an unfamiliar environment?


Oscar- Is that all it is?

Lumiale- What does that mean?

Oscar- You're also a man, aren't you?
I don't think you aren't conscious of her as one girl.

Oscar- Even the boys are beginning to falter.

Oscar- You're very friendly with Angelique.
What do you think of that missy?

Lumiale- I consider her... dear.
As a Guardian,
she being a Queen Candidate, I want to support her.



Lumiale- Oscar.

Oscar- It's the usual glossing over.

Oscar- That's just like you, Lumiale.
You don't think at all beyond the standpoint of Guardian and Queen Candidate.
Even though your true intention is different.

Lumiale- A... aren't you... being rude?
Just what are you trying to say!!

Oscar- That you and I have different ways of thinking.

Oscar- If I were serious, it wouldn't matter whether she were a Queen Candidate or Her Majesty.
With my own hands I would steal her away and, even if it destroys the cosmos,
love her to the fullest!

Sign- Fanciful vision II.

Oscar- Hypothetically... that is.



Oscar, you're...

Lumiale- Rosalia, what's the matter? You seem distracted.
*Is it alright if I sit next to you?*

Rosa- Lumiale-sama.

Lumiale- Angelique was worried.
She said you're not in your usual spirits.

Rosa- Angelique?

Rosa- Is that... so? Is Angelique truly worried about me?

Lumiale- Of course, Rosalia.

Rosa- But... we're rivals, aren't we?

Rosa- Aren't we? Lumiale-sama...


Lumiale- Rosa... lia?

Ange- Hello, Lumiale-sama.

*knock knock*

Lumiale- Angelique.

Ange- Since I baked some muffins well, I thought I'd have to offer you some.

Lumiale- ... I apologize, Angelique. Today is not convenient.

Lumiale- Would you give me the next opportunity... another time?

Ange- Oh... yes.

Ange- I came without making a date. It's my fault. I'm sorry, Lumiale-sama.

Ange- I'm going back.
Goodbye, Lumiale-sama.

I should have at least given him the confections.

Randy- Oh,
why if it isn't Angelique. Today's Sunday, but what's the matter?

Ange- Randy-sama.

Rosa- Is it alright, Lumiale-sama?

Lumiale- Yes. I made date with you today, did't I?

Rosa- I'm so happy...

[Sixteenth Chapter/End]


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