Volume 5: The Stone Which Forms Dreams

The Eighteenth Chapter

by Yura Kairi
Translation by Marfisa

Huh? Where...

Catis- Welcome, miss.



Catis- How about something to drink?

Ange- Kya!


Catis- Why don't I choose the perfect wine for you?

Ange- Um, I don't like wine very much...

Catis- Oh? That's too bad.

Catis- That's it! I have one I've been saving.
I'm sure you'll like it.

Catis- The alcohol content is reduced so that even children can drink.
The hidden fresh flavor in the sweetness is rather good.
Won't you try it?

Ange- But...



Catis- It's a lovely color, isn't it?


Ange- .........

Ange- A little pushy...?


But, I wonder why I don't have a bad feeling at all?

Ange- I'll drink it.

*tilting head*

Ange- It's delicious.

Catis- That's great!

Ange- You kind of resemble a person I know.
Even though your age and features are completely different.

There's an atmosphere of wanting to make this person happy...

Ange- So I can allow a little willfulness.




Catis- Oh, we're already out of time.
It's too bad. Miss, I hope we can meet again.

Ange- Wait, you...

Catis- Nice meeting you, golden haired miss.


Ange- Wait!


Ange- Again...
I had a strange dream.
*In the dream I drank wine.*

Ange- I wonder who that person was?
*Have I met him?*

Calm down!

I met unexpectedly with Angelique on Sunday and
We promised to go to the park when today's "requests for cultivation" were finished.

This date... will be fine.


Me and Angelique's first date.

The two of us alone in the park at evening...

Randy- Angelique.

Ange- Yes.

Randy- ...Is it alright if I call you Ange?

Ange- Randy-sama...


*heart pounding*

Randy- Ange...

Sign- One small step.

Ange- Yes.

Ange- What is it, Randy-sama?


Randy- A, Angelique!
A, are you already finished with the cultivation?

Ange- Well...

Randy- Huh?

Ange- Zephel-sama has ended up with something important of Marcel-sama's.

Randy- Zephel?

Ange- I... want to look for Zephel-sama along with Marcel-sama, but.

Randy- Oh... yeah, I'll help too.

Randy- Then, is Zephel still inside the Holy Palace?

Marcel- Yeah, it was confirmed by the doorman so probably.

Randy- Alright, let's split up and search!

Marcel- I'm sorry, Randy.

Randy- What are you saying, Marcel.
*That Zephel!*

Ange- What room is this?


Olivie- It's been bustling and noisy for a while.

Rosa- Olivie-sama.

Rosa- Excuse me after all.

Olivie- Oh, no, no. I've prepared lots of fabrics that suit you.
And a design... look.


Rosa- *I don't wear such exposing clothes.*

Rosa- Today, I don't feel very well.

Olivie- ... Oh, come to think of it, your color isn't good.

Olivie- Oh well, we'll make the dress next time.

Rosa- I'm sorry, Olivie-sama.

Olivie- It's fine, it's fine. Something like this has to be done in a happy mood.

Olivie- She's not very cheerful, is she...
even a new dress does no good... does it?


Marcel- *Maybe over there.*

Olivie- For crying out loud, why do I follow Luva's example?


Randy- *Then I'll go this way.*

Randy- Wah!

*legs giving way*


Olivie- What a miserable sound...

Randy- Olivie-sama.

Olivie- What have you all been doing all this time?



Clavis- It has been noisy for some time.

Clavis- Today it appears Julious is absent.

Lumiale- Yes, perhaps he must have returned to the main planet on Her Majesty's command.

Clavis- Lumiale, continue.

Lumiale- Yes...

Clavis- The tones today,

*suddenly stopping*

Clavis- Are a little different than usual.
Is something the matter?

Lumiale- No.
It must be your imagination.

Lumiale- Clavis-sama,
If... you found a poor injured little bird in a deep forest,
what would you do?

Clavis- Is that some riddle?

Lumiale- No...

Clavis- It depends on that person's fate.
I can provide a peaceful place where its wounds can heal,
but I cannot do anything more than that.

Lumiale- .........
As for me... if it had an injured wing, I'd want to watch over it until it could flap its wings.
If it were weary, I think I'd want to stay with it and soothe it.
At least... take the little bird out of the deep dark forest.

My body is so heavy...

What's the matter with me...
I've been very easy to tire lately.

Sometimes, I even feel like I'm not alone.


Zephel- Hey.

Zephel- What are you so distracted about?

Rosa- Zephel-sama...

Zephel- It's dangerous.


Zephel- Tch.

Zephel- Come here a minute!

Rosa- Huh?

Randy- Did you find him?

Ange- No...

Rosa- Why me too...?

Zephel- Shh.


Rosa- *muffled*

Zephel- Don't make a sound.

Rosa- What is this?

Zephel- Oh, give it back!


Rosa- What is that...?

Zephel- ...... It's wine.
The Guardian of Green's treasure.

Rosa- ... Is it stolen?

Zephel- Don't say something so disreputable!

Zephel- I rescued this wine.
Marcel carefully locks it away and leaves it as decoration like a good-luck charm.

Zephel- Wine is wine in the drinking!
Isn't it pitiful to just leave it as decoration?

Rosa- That's not an excuse.

Zephel- ...... Don't bother me.

Rosa- If it's something important to Marcel-sama, you have to give it back!
I don't think it's something a Guardian would do at all.

Zephel- Geez, listen to the honor student.

Zephel- I don't like people like you!
With your overbearing way of talking.
You're always boasting about prestige and lineage and the like.

Zephel- Isn't there anything else for you!!

Rosa- I...

Rosa- I,



Zephel- Hey, wait...

Zephel- Why is she crying at so little?

Zephel- Aw, damn! It's so annoying.

Olivie- Zephel, I've found you.


Olivie- You can't run any more.



Zephel- Why you too?

Olivie- When I heard about his treasured wine, I couldn't ignore it.
Hurry up and hand it over this way!

Zephel- You must be kidding!

Olivie- Wait!


Zephel- Uwa!


Zephel- What's with these guys?

*inching closer*

Zephel- Hmph.

Olivie- Don't let him escape!

Zephel- Why is he the only one in private wear?

Marcel- What Zephel got, you know,
is something the Guardian of Green before me left.
Even though he said it's wine even I can drink and specially offered it to me,
I said I don't drink wine...
I really regretted it.

Ange- .........

Marcel- As a memory of him, I treasured it, but,
Zephel told me a little while ago and I realized it.

Zephel- Why don't you drink it?
It's wine for you isn't it?

Before Catis-sama was gone...

Marcel- I... wish we had drunk it together.

Marcel- Angelique...

Ange- I'm sure even after this it's not too late, is it?


Zephel- That Olivie, using weird servants...

*reverberating footsteps*

Randy- Zephel, I found you!!

Zephel- Ugh, Randy.





Randy- Zephel, I'm in a seriously bad mood today.
Prepare yourself.

Zephel- That's big talk.



Oscar- What are you two doing!!

Zephel- Ow, what are you doing!!

Oscar- It's noisy in Julious-sama's absence!

Randy- Oscar-sama.

Zephel- Let go!! You jerk.

Olivie- Oh, you ended up catching him? How dull.



Marcel- Zephel.

Marcel- I'm sorry! I was mistaken.
Let's all drink this wine together!

Olivie- Oh, good, I approve.

Randy- But we're underage and this is the Holy Palace.

Olivie- Don't say something so Julious-like.

Oscar- Oh, I'll pass.
I'll be tactfully reporting to Julious-sama, so have fun for me.

Olivie- That's putting it extremely simply.
Let me see that.

Olivie- Oh... this
was a present for Marcel, wasn't it.
You should drink, Marcel.
If you let the right time to drink escape, it's a waste.

Oh? This color...

*tilting head*

Olivie- How is it? The taste...

Marcel- It's... delicious.

Sweet and refreshing.

Randy- It's good.

Zephel- It's sweet.
But good.

This wine...

Olivie- It's natural that it pleases your palate!
This is what he chose for you.
I'm sure he's glad you drank it for him.

"To my young friend"


How is it? Was it good?

Ange- Marcel-sama.
Maybe you'll be able to meet that person in a dream.

Marcel- Huh?


Marcel- That's a strange thing to say, Ange.

Marcel- But,
I'd like to meet him even in a dream.
One more time.
If that were so, next time we'd drink the wine together.

This color like liquid sunlight...
It's like the color of Catis-sama's eyes.


There's nothing... for me...?

Then, what am I here for?

?- *chuckling*......

?- *giggling*......

Rosa- Oh... so dark...

Rosa- I can't think of anything anymore.

?- Yes, sleep Rosalia.
Forget everything.


?- Into the dream.

[Eighteenth Chapter/End]


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