Volume 5: The Stone Which Forms Dreams

Midnight Gap

by Yura Kairi
Translation by Marfisa

When you are lost in the desert at night, look up at the sky.

You must not forget.

There are stars that will guide you.

"What should I do on nights when the stars aren't visible"?

It's the first time you have asked that sort of thing.

*sitting up*

Luva- It's too bad.
I'm wide awake and can't sleep.

A silent midnight that is not the end of yesterday and not the beginning of tomorrow.
It's like tonight has ended up completely fallen into that gap.

In my home this time is called "spirits tapping on the shoulder".

It's said that mischievous spirits sneak into the heart and create mischief.

You must not listen to that voice.
Usually it's worthless and will only lead you around in circles.



Digging up the forgotten events of the past
is leading things in a worse and worse direction it seems.

Luva- At first I voluntarily reached out to books,
this certainly wasn't the time, was it?

Luva- Every time I turned a page, I lost myself a wide world.
Before I knew it, morning had broken.

*shutting book*

Come to think of it, does Clavis remain in the darkness of this midnight...?
Since that time.

Luva- In your own words, honestly...
You should speak as you feel more.

Because I, who cannot be said to be skilled at dealing with other people,
interfered unnecessarily, it resulted in his getting deeply hurt...

Whatever someone like me may do, the flow of fate can't be changed.
Maybe if I hadn't done unwanted things, the present would have been different.
The past, which is linked to the present, doesn't change.

But, I can't stop feeling that way either...

Luva- Ah, I shouldn't do this.
Retrospective thoughts proceed very one-sidedly.

Luva- This really is just like a maze of thought, going around in circles.

*knock knock*

Luva- Olivie.

Olivie- Good evening.
*Excuse me for coming in from the terrace.*

Olivie- Since the lights were on, I just came for a quick peek.

Olivie- Here, a present.


Olivie- It's wine I got a share of at Marcel's house.
How about you use it as a nightcap and fall asleep quickly?

Luva- Huh?

Olivie- *Ugh, this mountain of books.*
Knowing you, you're continuing to investigate that stone, aren't you?

Olivie- It's not good to overdo it. You overthink things, you know.

Luva- Olivie.


*Just when I thought you were fiendish.*
Luva- Today you're being nice, like a different person.

Olivie- ... Sorry.

Olivie- It's like you completely reverted to like when I had just arrived in the Sanctuary,
you know.
That's my fault. I'm sorry.

Pale-faced like a keeper of a book storeroom and seldom going out, and
he wouldn't have very much to do with other people.

Olivie- You were back then, to put it frankly, so gloomy I couldn't stand it!

Luva- Oh, really?

Olivie- After you became in charge of Zephel's education, being pulled around here and there,
it's like you changed a lot however.
*Her Majesty and Madam Aide were good judges of character as may be expected, weren't they?*

Olivie- Speaking of Zephel, hasn't he come and said anything recently?
His... sense at least is good.

Luva- You mean... Rosalia?

Zephel- She's kind of strange...

Luva- Did something happen?

Zephel- Nothing in particular.

Zephel- I can't put it very well, but something's strange.
Don't you sense anything, Luva?

Luva- Ah, recently Rosalia is avoiding me for some reason.

*with a jolt*

Zephel- !? No way, did you make some blunder, Luva?

Luva- To Rosalia...
might I have...?

Did I end up doing another irrevocable thing?

That worry is making my sleep light now.

Olivie- Well then, I'm going home. Good night.

Luva- Ah, Olivie.

Olivie- What?

Luva- Uh, um, it's about the aurora stone...

Luva- It seems there is credibility to the legend that that stone grants dreams.
More than granting dreams, it has the effect of making emotions stronger.

Luva- That is, if a person who has the stone has positive thoughts, it amplifies the mind in a
more positive direction.
If they have negative thoughts, in a more negative direction.

Luva- In various lands in remote regions, it was used as an amulet or talisman.
I was foolish.

Luva- Ah, if Rosalia's mind becomes unstable,
That is... that stone will enhance that effect.

Luva- It's very... dangerous.

Olivie- Luva, about overthinking.........

Luva- Ah, no, no, what I wanted to say was,

Luva- You please take plenty of care too.
*You brought back a big one.*

Olivie- You don't need to worry!
Who do you think I am?

*hair mussed from sleep*

Luva- That was... rude of me to say.
*Mr. Guardian of Dream...*

Olivie- As long as you understand.

Luva- Oh.

Luva- Ah, Olivie.

Luva- Thank you for the wine (read this).


Olivie- What is he doing...

A stone which summons dreams...

Come tomorrow, I'll go to meet Rosalia.

*shutting doors*

Since he took the trouble, I'll try drinking a bit.


*sputtering and coughing*

It... it's strong!




Come tomorrow...

I'll talk with Rosalia and
if there is something worrying her, I'll help get rid of it.


I mustn't give up fearing the result and acting.

Yes, even on a night with no stars, you must not give up.
At that time, strain your eyes.

Even in the closed, dark, night sky, there are certainly stars.

[Midnight Gap/End]


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