Volume 5: The Stone Which Forms Dreams

Sonnet of Dappled Sunlight

by Yura Kairi
Translation by Marfisa

What is this?

I had been strolling through the courtyard of the Holy Palace.
In order to take a break from work as I am wont to do.


Julious- ......

Why is this girl sleeping in a place like this!?


Julious- How immodest adolescent girls are.
*Lumiale must be pampering her.*

Julious- Really, as before she was conscious of being a Queen Candidate...






Watch out!


Julious- Well, then...
What should I do?

To think, in such a situation, she still has not awakened.

She must be tired.


The Queen Examination, for this girl, was a heavy responsibily she was suddenly made to burden.

She was living as an ordinary girl until now.

Ange- ... sor.. ry.

Julious- Talking in her sleep?

Even an unpleasant dream...

Ange- I'm sorry, Julious-sama.

Have... have I
only been scolding her so!?


Enough to cause nightmares...!?

*Appears to be having a nightmare.*

Right margin- *trying to think back*

Julious- .........



Julious- It is... all only because I have your best interests at heart,

Top margin- *Oh.. so young.*

Julious- She smiled?

*A multitude of aspects while sleeping...*


Ange- I, I'm sorry, Julious-sama!!

Julious- Have you awakened?

Just what is this situation!?

Julious- The idea of a woman taking a nap in a place like this does not strike me favorably.

Ange- Yes, I'm sorry.

Julious- Enough, the sun is setting.
You should return to your room quickly.

Julious- Go, at once!

Ange- Y, yes, I'm sorry.


Ange- Uh... um.

Ange- Excuse me.

What should I do? Julious-sama seemed to have a stiff look on his face.

*Oh no.*

Ange- I ended up offending him again.

But, did Julious-sama...
stay with me the whole time?

maybe I should have directed even a single smile towards her...

*His body is numb and can't move.*

Julious- I admit.... it was a mistake!
*Please, let no one come.*

[Sonnet of Dappled Sunlight/End]


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