Volume 6: The Sound of Running Water in the Frozen Night

The Nineteenth Chapter

by Yura Kairi
Translation by Marfisa

My name is Angelique.

Suddenly chosen as the next Queen Candidate, I'm taking the examination with the other
Queen Candidate, Rosalia.

"Wasn't I worried"?

That is, at first, I was full of worries. How could someone like me be a Queen Candidate?

Even now, I don't know that answer...


Well, "am I happy"?

Right now, yes... I'm very fortunate.

My continent is Elysion. There are 9 Guardians.

Rosalia is my rival.

For me right now, it's something very important that has no substitute.

People important to me.

It's something that fills my heart with such feelings of "love"!!

Ange- ...... huh?
Who am I talking to?

?- *chuckle* IT'S NO GOOD.

Young man- Yes.
It seems this girl doesn't need me.

Young man- Farewell, Angelique.
I hope I can meet you again someday.

Nurse- Well, good morning, Miss Rosalia.

Rosa- Good morning, nurse.

Nurse- You took your time today.
You must hurry and get ready.

Nurse- Come, I'll fix your hair.


Rosa- Stop!


Nurse- Miss Rosalia?

Rosa- Don't touch my hair.

Nurse- But...

Rosa- That's enough.

Rosa- You're returning to the main planet.

Rosa- I don't need you now.

Nurse- Miss...


Marcel- Huh? Zephel, what are you doing here?

Zephel- Marcel.

Marcel- Are you waiting for someone?

Zephel- Not really.

Marcel- Angelique?

Zephel- Idiot, that's not it!!

Marcel- *Hmm.*

Zephel- Go away!

Marcel- What's Zephel's problem.


Zephel- Hey.
Hey, wait.

Rosa- What?

Zephel- Oh... about the matter the other day.
I... may have gone a little too far... that is.

Rosa- The matter the other day...
What matter?

Zephel- "What"?
You... um...

Rosa- I don't remember.


What is it... with her.

Zephel- Oh...

Rosa- If you have no other business with me, then excuse me.

Zephel- ... What's with her.

That time...
she was crying.

Zephel- Sure enough... I don't understand girls.


Zephel- Damn.

Rosa- What a lovely song......

Lumiale- Like spring light bouncing off the surface of the water.
Like a gentle wind murmuring.
Since it seems your heart is trembling in the cold,
as if warm memories fill your heart.
I tried to play those feelings.

Rosa- For me?

Lumiale- Yes, for you.

Take me back!

Take me back home.

Rosa- I'm so happy.
I was so cold.
I was always alone.

Get me out of here!!

Rosa- No one loved me.

It's...... not me!!

Julious- I understand... I should send the power of Light to Elysion.
I'll remember.

Ange- Yes, please, Julious-sama.

Julious- Elysion seems to be developing nicely.

Ange- Yes!

Julious- You too have gotten to have a nice expression.

Julious- You seem to be full of confidence now.
It must be because of that.

Ange- Confidence... isn't it.
I'm always just worried.
But, it's because the Guardians are always with me.

Julious- What made Elysion grow this much is your power.
You should be proud.

Ange- Kya!

Ange- Yes, thank you, Julious-sama.

*Kyaa! Julious-sama praised me!*


*The first date in a long time.*

Oscar- Oops, missy.
Are you requesting cultivation?


*backing away*

*Oh, thank you.*
Ange- Good day, Oscar-sama.

*Was he contagious?*

Oscar- Oh, missy.

Oscar- I came from seeing the condition of the continents at the Royal Research Institute.
On your continent, it seems "Strength" is wanted now.
You should come to my office one of these days.
I'll be waiting.

Ange- Y, yes.

Oscar- Excuse me, Julious-sama.

Oscar- I have a report about Felicia's cultivation situation from the Royal Research Institute.

Julious- About Felicia? What is it?

Oscar- Rosalia has abandoned her entire cultivation and......

Julious- What?

Oscar- There was also a warning from Pastha.
As it is now, Felicia will only go to ruin.

Julious- Rosalia has abandoned her cultivation?
I can't believe it. A girl who is full of that much power to act and sense of mission as a
Queen Candidate.

Oscar- Julious-sama, are you aware of Rosalia's demeanor recently?

Julious- No. Since I have not seen her at all lately, I have been concerned. ... What is it?

Oscar- No... it's been on my mind a little.

Oscar- I'll do a little looking into it. Leave it to me.

Ange- Rosalia's nurse.

Nurse- Angelique-san...

Ange- Why do you have that luggage?

Nurse- By the wish of the Miss, I am going back to the main planet...

Ange- Rosalia? I don't believe it.
Up to now, you were always together.........

Nurse- Lately, she has been depressed.
Now, her demeanor is completely different than before.

Nurse- Angelique-san, I know asking this from you who are her rival may be rude, but.

Nurse- Please look after the Miss.

Nurse- Please... please look after her.

Ange- I understand, nurse.



Ange- Rosalia.

Rosa- Angelique.

Ange- I wanted to speak with you and I was waiting.

Ange- Oh... you changed your hair.
You look a bit like a different person, but it's lovely.

Rosa- ... What is it you wanted to say to me?

Ange- ... Your nurse went home.

Rosa- Yes.

Ange- "Yes"?... But she was waiting for you to come back.
You didn't even see her off, it's so sad.

Rosa- It wasn't necessary.

How awful...

Ange- You and your nurse were such friends.

Ange- I came to the Flying City all by myself and I was always envious!

Rosa- She didn't particularly ask to come.
I forcibly brought her so I merely forcibly sent her back.

Ange- That way of putting it...
Rosalia, what's the matter?

Ange- Your nurse was worried too.
You kind of don't seem yourself.

Rosa- I don't seem myself?

Rosa- What do you know about me?

Rosa- Don't be concerned about me.

Rosa- It has nothing to do with you.

*shutting door*


[Nineteenth Chapter/End]


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