Volume 6: The Sound of Running Water in the Frozen Night

The Twentieth Chapter

by Yura Kairi
Translation by Marfisa

On Elysion, the "Strength"-providing power of Fire......

Ange- Hello, Oscar-sama.

Oscar- Hey! Welcome, missy.

Man- Well then, Oscar-sama, I'll be going now.

Oscar- Yes, I'll continue to leave it to you.

Ange- Who's that..?

Oscar- I can't allow you to have your attention caught by another man right before my eyes,

Ange- *Kyaa!*

Ange- Please don't suddenly whisper in my ear!

Oscar- *hahaha*

Oscar- How about it? The power of Fire (read my power) is ardently being desired in Elysion,
isn't it?

Ange- Yes...


*heart pounding*

Arrow- Distance.

Ange- Cultivation please, Oscar-sama.


Oscar- I understand. Unlike the continent (read Elysion), you're very unyielding.

Ange- What does that mean?

Ange- ......... *He's mean.*


Those tones.

Lumiale-sama's harp...

Oscar- That's unusual. He's playing the harp during work.

*shutting shutters*

Lumiale-sama was in his room?
But the attendant said he was out...

Ange- ......

Lumiale-sama doesn't meet me very much recently.

I'm sorry, Angelique. Today is a little inconvenient...

When he looks so sad, I end up not being able to say anything to Lumiale-sama.

Even Rosalia... even though she has a sharp tongue, I thought we were friends.

It has nothing to do with you.

How can she say that...

What in the world could be the matter...

Oscar- Missy.

Oscar- Stop looking depressed in front of me.

Ange- Oh...

Oscar- Didn't I tell you before too?


A smile is 20% extra...!!

Sign- See Vol. 1.

Oscar- Missy?

Ange- I understand, Oscar-sama.
I'll be careful.


Ange- Goodbye.

Oscar- Hey... missy.


Oscar- *Oh boy.*


That Oscar-sama is always, always, always, always
making only rude remarks.

Ange- Sexual harasser Guardian!
Enemy of girls!

I can't believe that there are people who are driven wild by that kind of person!!

Women- Kyaa!

Marcel- Ange, wait!

Ange- Huh? Yes.

Marcel- ... What's the matter? You were walking at a furious speed.


Ange- Marcel-sama.

Marcel- Hey, since the flower bulbs I ordered from the main planet arrived,
I sent some to the special dormitory too!

Ange- Flower bulbs?

Marcel- Yeah! That's right.

Marcel- On Sunday, you should plant them in the flower bed with Rosalia.

Marcel- I'd like to help too, but I have to return to the Sanctuary.

Marcel- I'm doing my Guardian work properly,
*mind you.*

Marcel- See you later, Ange.

Ange- Yes, thank you, Marcel-sama.

With Rosalia......
Maybe we can become friends again.

Oscar- Hey. I've been waiting.

Lumiale- What can I do for you?

Oscar- I never thought you'd seriously do it.

Oscar- After Angelique, it's Rosalia?
I'm no match at all for you.

Oscar- You're going too far with your gentleness!

Oscar- To everyone, gentle sounds good, however.

Oscar- Halfway gentleness will eventually hurt someone.
Did you see Angelique's face?

Lumiale- Oscar, I...

Lumiale- ... No, nothing.

Oscar- If there's something you want to say, then say it, Lumiale.
How about if you try an explanation or anything!

Lumiale- Oscar.

Oscar- That kind of thing isn't in your nature!
What's the idea!?

Lumiale- Oh!


Lumiale- If suddenly exposed to strong flames,
hard ice breaks.
Splinters of broken ice scatter and...
you can't know whether they wound someone, can you?



Oscar- Lumiale?

A little longer and the ice of her heart ought to melt.

Lumiale- A little longer.
Please wait just a little longer.

Oscar- Do you know something!?

Oscar- I've noticed that Rosalia's demeanor is strange.
Are you trying to do something?

It's still early.
If she is glared at with that sharp look, the white feet which timidly walked forward will stop.

Lumiale- Please...
give me time, Oscar.

My hands are trembling......

I'm not used to aggravating emotions this way.

Angelique, Rosalia...
Am I doing the wrong thing?

Clavis- Lumiale?

Lumiale- Were you resting?

Clavis- No,
but the sun is already setting.

Lumiale- Yes. You should return to the mansion.

Clavis- Fine... let me hear one piece.

Lumiale- Yes...

The trembling is stopping.


Clavis- Lumiale.

Clavis- If you have doubts, it is best not to get in too deep.
Or you will be drawn into your own thoughts.

Lumiale- Just now, what did you say?

Lumiale- .........

Ange- Rosalia, good morning.


Ange- Hey, let's plant the bulbs given by Marcel-sama in the flower bed together.

Charlotte- Um... Angelique-san.

Charlotte- If you're looking for Rosalia, she went out early this morning...

Ange- ... Oh...

Yesterday and the day before too,
She didn't let me talk to her at all.

Charlotte- Um...

Charlotte- If you like, shall I help in Rosalia's place?

Her name is Charlotte-san.
She's a young maid at the special dormitory and
she's a person who's like a big sister with a kind smile.

Charlotte- *First, let's even the soil and put in fertilizer.*

Charlotte- With Rosalia's nurse gone, I'm lonely too.

Charlotte- To her, Rosalia-san is the best and she was a bit nagging, however,
she taught me various things.

Nurse- *That's no way to make tea.*

Ange- In that respect, she's exactly like Rosalia.

Ange- Rosalia too, while saying things like "I can't watch" or "you're so troublesome",
she teaches me lessons.

Ange- But, recently it's different.

What do you know about me!?

Ange- I was trying to understand Rosalia, but...
maybe I didn't understand her at all......

Charlotte- Angelique-san, how about if you try going to Sara-san's place?

Ange- Sara-san? From the Fortune-Telling Hall?

Charlotte- Yes. She gives advice various ways.
Compatibility readings and spells.

Charlotte- Especially the spells are actually very effective.

Ange- ... That means you used a spell on someone.

Charlotte- Oh.

Ange- *Hey, who did you use a spell on? Tell me, Charlotte-san.*

Charlotte- *I don't know.*

Oscar- Why, you're looking extremely cheerful.


Ange- Oscar-sama!

Oscar- I was thinking I would invite you for a long ride.

Ange- Now?

Oscar- Yes, right now.
Do you have other plans?

Ange- No... but.

Ange- I was gardening so I'm covered in mud.

Oscar- I don't care.

Ange- Kya!



Oscar- Beautiful dark-eyed missy.

Oscar- I'm borrowing the Queen Candidate missy for a while.
I'll bring her back before supper so don't worry.

Ange- Oscar-sama!

Charlotte- *Oscar-sama live...*


Ange- Oscar-sama, aren't you being forceful!?

Oscar- Really?

Oscar- Look, if you're not careful, your skirt will flip up.

Ange- Oh, no!

Ange- Oscar-sama, you pervert!!

Oscar- *hahahaha*


Oscar- We're here, missy.

Oscar- It's a nice view, isn't it?
This hill overlooks the lake in the woods.

Oscar- It's not bad to occasionally take it easy in a place like this.

The wind is blowing across.

Oscar- Being like this, doesn't it seem that it's no use worrying about little things?

Oscar- My home is a planet with vast grassy plains.
The scenery here, just a little... resembles it.

Ange- ?



With his eyes closed he kind of looks like a different person.
Just with those sharp ice-blue eyes hidden,
he makes such a different impression?


Oscar-sama is actually...

Rosa- I wonder why...
Lumiale-sama, being with you, inside my heart is warm.

Lumiale- It is because the fond memories within you have a warm light.
Do you remember?

Rosa- Memories...

Lumiale- The you there, is the real you.
You must be happy as yourself,
without borrowing the form of another person.

Lumiale- Come out.

Lumiale- Summon up your courage.

Rosa- Lumiale-sama.

The real me...

Lumiale- What is your name?

Rosa- Name?

Rosa- My... my name... is.

?- NO.

Rosa- *gasp*


Lumiale- Who is it?

Rosa- Oh...

Lumiale- Who's there?

Young man- Pleased to meet you, Lumiale-sama.

Lumiale- Who are you?
People with evil intentions shouldn't be able to get into this Flying City which has the
protection of Her Majesty...!

Young man- Lumiale-sama, you're very dangerous for her and...
an obstacle!

Rosa- No...! Don't hurt Lumiale-sama.

Young man- Ah... look, you're being tricked again...

Young man- I can see,
gentle Guardian of Water.
Your delicate heart can't stand strife and discord.

Young man- In order to protect the peace of your own heart,
you just want to keep away she who will be the seed of disaster, don't you?

Lumiale- No...

Young man- Think carefully, is that gentleness really for your benefit?

For Queen Candidate Rosalia's benefit.
For Angelique's benefit.

And, above all for his own benefit...
For the benefit of a peaceful world.

Lumiale- That's wrong, I...

Yes, everyone thinks only of themselves.

Young-man- I'm the only one.
I'm the only one who won't betray you.

Young man- Well, what is your wish?

Rosa- The end of the world ruled by the Queen...

Lumiale- !


*strings snapping*


What's that?

Now, suddenly there's a strange feeling like the wind has stopped...

Ange- Oscar-sama?

Oscar- Missy, we're going back.

Ange- Yes...

Oscar- We'll run. Hold on tight.


What? Oscar-sama looks so grim...

Just what happened?

Lumiale-sama's mansion...?

Olivie- Oscar.


Oscar- Olivie.

Oscar- Did you feel it too?

Olivie- Anyone would notice something like this...

The sense of loss of the power (read Sacrea) of Water...!!

Olivie- Why did you bring that girl along, Oscar?

Oscar- It couldn't be helped, it's an emergency.

Oscar- If something happens, I'll protect her.

*Well, well.*
Olivie- You're brimming with self confidence, aren't you.

Ange- Oscar-sama, Olivie-sama.

Oscar- *Where is Lumiale's room?*

Olivie- *It's that way.*

Ange- What's the matter? It's different than usual...

Did something happen to Lumiale-sama!?


Ange- Lumiale-sama!!

[Twentieth Chapter/End]


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