Volume 6: The Sound of Running Water in the Frozen Night

The Twenty-first Chapter

by Yura Kairi
Translation by Marfisa

Oscar- The servants of the mansion were all unconscious.
Their memory of that day is all vague and their testimony is illogical.
At present, they are receiving treatment from doctors and have regained consciousness, but,

Oscar- Lumiale...

Oscar- Only Lumiale has not awakened.

The Sacrea of Water is vanishingly thin... weak...

Julious- ... An alternation of power... is not what it is, is it?

Dia- No, no such indications can be seen.
Something like this... happening.

Dia- Julious, I am returning with haste to the Sanctuary.

As soon as possible, at Her Majesty's side...

Julious- Yes. With one of the powers supporting the world like this, how great is
Her Majesty's burden.

Julious- I, Julious, will take responsibility for the affairs of the Flying City.
Without anything for which to be reluctant, aid Her Majesty.

Dia- Please, look after the Queen Candidates.

Julious- Dia.

Julious- You too, do not strain yourself.

Dia- Thank you, Julious.


Randy- Marcel?

Marcel- Randy, I'm scared.

Marcel- The last time I went back to the main planet,
the Sanctuary was unchanged, full of pure light and beautiful, but,
it was kind of very quiet and... scary.

Just like a lonely graveyard.

Randy- It's your imagination, Marcel.
I'm sure it's because you've spent too long in the Flying City.
Since this is a new cosmos that's just been born,
it's full of new life force. Here, there's too much activity.

Marcel- ... That's not it, Randy.

Why I'm so worried is because I couldn't feel Her Majesty's power close to me like before.

Julious- Anyway, until the cause is clear, we must act with discretion.
Everyone pay attention to personal safety and attend to work as before.

Oscar- Yes.

Julious- Still...
even at a time like this, what is Clavis doing?


All the Guardians sensed the abrupt decrease of the Sacrea of Water.

That time,

Randy- Lumiale-sama!!

Randy- Wah!

Clavis- Your compassion is too deep...


Olivie- Oh, wait, Clavis.


Olivie- What's with him?

After that, he hasn't shown up even once, but
it's not that he's not worried about Lumiale-sama who is always near.

Does Clavis-sama know something!?

Julious- Rosalia, Angelique.

Julious- I think you already know about Lumiale's illness.


Julious- The Queen Examination will be conducted as before.
The Sacrea of Water can not be used, but I would like you to consult thoroughly with the other
Guardians and each exert yourselves.

Ange- Yes, Julious-sama.

Julious- Rosalia.
I have received a report from the Royal Research Institute about your cultivation.
Why are you suspending the cultivation?

Rosa- ......

Julious- If you have worries about the cultivation, I too have views...

Rosa- Julious-sama.

Rosa- I appreciate your guidance, but,
I have my own ideas for the cultivation of the continent.

Rosa- Grant power as the Queen Candidates wish must be Her Majesty's command.
Though you are a Guardian, I ask that you not interfere.

Ange- Rosalia.

Ange- Rosalia, wait!

Ange- It's rude to say something like that to Julious-sama.

Rosa- Really?

Rosa- Guardian's are servants to the Queen.
We're candidates for the next Queen so there is nothing to fear, right?

Ange- Rosalia......?

Yes, I'm not afraid.

Rosalia is completely in my grasp.
And, one more...

Rosa- Too bad for Her Majesty.
Losing the Sacrea of Water, I'm sure supporting the world will be difficult.

Ange- Rosalia, what are you saying!?
The Sacrea of Water isn't going to be lost.

Rosa- You're an annoying girl.

Rosa- You seem to be forgetting however, you and I are enemies.
Speaking frankly, even speaking with you is unpleasant.

Ange- Rosalia! That's mean...

Rosa- From now on, don't speak to me so casually.



*I won't cry.*

Zephel- Hey, are you going to see how he's doing too?

Ange- Zephel-sama.

Ange- That's... Lumiale-sama's...

Zephel- Oh, this?
It's kind of caught my eye.

Zephel- I don't like neglecting broken things.
I was thinking I would kill time fixing it.

Zephel- See you.
*It's really heavy, damn.*


Luva- Ah, Angelique. So you've come too.

Luva- Zephel too seems worried in his own way...


Lumiale-sama's hand...

*tears welling*

Those beautiful fingers that always played the harp for us.

Luva- Ah, Lumiale is only sleeping.
That is... maybe it's better said that his consciousness is deeply blocked.

Luva- The cause is under investigation so...
I'm sure he will soon wake up.

Ange- Luva-sama.

Luva- Oh... um, Angelique. Excuse me for asking something irrelevant at a time like this, but,
it's about the pendant... um... that I gave you.

Ange- Yes.

Luva- After that... was there anything different?

Ange- No... not really.
Oh, but...

Luva- But...? What is it?


Ange- When I look at that pendant, it kind of makes me happy.
It cheers me up.

Luva- Oh, ah.


Luva- For you it seems to be acting in a good direction.
Thank goodness. Thank goodness.

Luva- I hope it's bringing pleasant dreams for Rosalia too, however.

Ange- Pleasant dreams?

Ange- What are you talking about?

Luva- Ah, no, no, nothing.

Luva- Ah, I'll be in attendance on Lumiale for a while, so
if he wakes up, I'll let you know first.

Luva- Keep doing your best on the examination, Angelique.

Ange- Yes, thank you, Luva-sama.

Yeah, I'm sure it will be alright. The Guardians and Her Majesty are with Lumiale-sama.

I'm sure he'll wake up soon and
smile and talk to us.



About Rosalia.

Go see Sara-san from the Fortune-Telling Hall...

The Fortune-Telling Hall...

Sara- Well! Welcome, Queen Candidate.
A love spell or a compatibility reading, what do you desire?
The whispers of the stars will guide you just right.

Ange- Uh... um.


Ange- A... a compatibility reading...


Sara- Yes! Yes! Please leave it to me.
Who is your companion? A Guardian?
Or is it a person from this Flying City, I wonder?
*This way please.*


Sara- Please!

Ange- Um...

Ange- A compatibility reading with Rosalia......

Sara- Huh?

Ange- That's why I'm here, I'd like a compatibility reading of me and Rosalia.

Sara- ......

Sara- I don't mean to complain about your interests, but...
I don't recommend a fellow girl.

Ange- That's not what I mean!

Ange- It's just a compatibility reading.
As friends!

Sara- Oh, really?

Ange- It's fine......

Sara- I'm sorry, I...


Sara- Well then, pulling myself together.

Sara- Gold ring, silver chain, revolving in the heavens.
Constellations of fate.

Sara- Show me.


Sara- I can hear the whispers of the stars.

Sara- Angelique Limoges, first is your star.

Sara- Small and white... but it twinkles more than any star.
It is a star which harbors an unknown number of sparkles.

*heart beating*

Sara- And, Rosalia De Catargena.
A rosy shine emitting a sublime brilliance...

Sara- .........

Sara- That's strange.

Ange- What's the matter?

Sara- I can't see the stars anymore.
What does this mean......

Ange- Sara-san?

Sara- I can't see her future.
Rosalia's star is blocked.


Rosa- Rosalia, your continent (read Felicia) is magnificent.
You were carefully raised so that you should become Queen, mild and happy young lady.

This beautiful perfect world you made is
attractive enough that I want to tear it to shreds.

Nightmare- *chuckle*...

Rosa- How amusing. This cosmos is a pure world just born.
With just a little bit of touching up by me, it changes to any form.



Rosa- Yes. Wearing down the Queen's power little by little this way is also interesting,
isn't it...?

Oscar- Are you talking with someone?


Rosa- No. There is no one other than me but you here.

Oscar- Well then, won't you chat with me a little?

Rosa- I too... was just thinking that I wanted to speak with you.

I can't see Rosalia's star.

Ange- What could that mean?

Ange- Even Luva-sama was saying something strange.

I hope it's bringing pleasant dreams for Rosalia too.

Could this pendant have some secret, I wonder?

Come to think of it, after I got this pendant,
I have a feeling like I've often been having dreams of the Guardians...


That's impossible... isn't it...

The sweet scent of roses.


Rosa- Who are you?

Ange- What are you saying? It's me.

Rosa- Angelique.

Rosa- No... I don't want to remember.

Ange- Rosalia.


Ange- Rosalia...!

Ange- Oh...

What was that dream just now?

Could it be this pendant!?



Luva- Lumiale?


Luva- Are you coming to?

Luva- Huh? What is it?



Night mare?



[Twenty-first Chapter/End]


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