Volume 6: The Sound of Running Water in the Frozen Night

The Twenty-second Chapter

by Yura Kairi
Translation by Marfisa

Luva- Ah, Oli... Olivie.


Luva- Wake up, Olivie!!

Olivie- Nnng, enough, what is it? It's so early in the morning.

Luva- It's a Nightmare, Olivie! It is related to that stone after all.

Luva- What... what will I do? Evil has gotten into this Flying City.

Luva- I have to let the other Guardians know,
first I have to consult with Julious.

Olivie- Luva, calm down a bit.

Luva- Ah, you come too, Olivie!!

Olivie- Give me enough time to take a shower.

Julious- Well then, this trouble is the work of that evil?
Lumiale is possessed by a Nightmare...

Luva- Yes, I'm afraid there's no mistake, I believe.

Julious- A Nightmare...

Julious- Such a one has appeared in this Flying City...

Julious- Anyway, let us think of a counter-measure as quickly as possible.
I want a little more detailed information about that aurora stone.

Luva- Yes...
I'm sorry, Julious.

Julious- Olivie.
What do you think? As the person who presides over dreams.

Olivie- I'm the Guardian of Dream who grants beauty to people.
I specialize in beautiful dreams!
I don't know about grotesque things like Nightmares.

Olivie- See you.
Sorry to bother you before work, Julious.

*door shutting*

Julious- Pure lands.
Felicia and Elysion...

She was not a girl with such cold eyes.

Could it be...?

Olivie- Hey, Luva. Still, those pendants,
like this, isn't it dangerous for those girls to have them?

Luva- Yes... I was thinking so too.

Luva- Ah, I plan to try asking for them back soon.
That is... we don't know what danger might befall them at some chance.

Luva- Olivie... I'm worried about Rosalia's behavior.

Luva- How do I put it... recently she seems to be emitting an intention of rejection from
her whole body.

Lately, every time I think I'll go see her,
she avoids me...

Luva- That previously positive and cheerful girl is... well...

Olivie- Like a completely different person......?


Luva- Olivie...!



Ange- Luva-sama,
Luva-sama, are you here?

Luva- Angelique.

Luva- Ah, what's the matter? You're in such a hurry.


Ange- There's something I want to ask you...


Ange- This... what is it!?
This pendant that you gave me.


Luva- Y... yes?

Ange- If you think about it, Rosalia's behavior became strange after you gave her
the same thing.
Maybe this stone has some secret, doesn't it?

Ange- Yesterday too... what did you want to ask me?

Luva- Oh... um, no.

Luva- Ah, please don't worry about it.
It's nothing, it's just a slightly strange stone. Yes.

Luva- I said something unnecessary in the middle of an important Queen Examination.

Ange- ......

Luva- Well then... um.
Ah, the truth... is.
How do I put it... well...

Luva- Ah, this is a selfish request but,
won't you give it back to me?

Ange- ...... Why?

Ange- I knew it, this pendant does have...

Luva- Oh, Angelique?
No, it's nothing.
I need to do a little quick research... ah, is why.

Ange- ... That's a lie.
Luva-sama, you're not very good at lying.

Luva- Angelique...

Ange- Please tell me, what is this?
Why are you hiding it?

Luva- Oh... um.

Ange- If you don't tell me,


Ange- I won't give this pendant back.

Ange- I'm sorry, Luva-sama.

Luva- Oh, Angelique.

Luva- Angelique...
... Why am I doing this?

I'm... worried about you...

I knew it, the stone in this pendant does have some secret.
What is it?
Why won't he tell me?

Luva-sama even lied...

What am I?

I was suddenly nominated.

I don't know anything.
The Queen Examination is full of things I don't understand.

What is a Queen Candidate!?

*aha hahaha*

It's nice. Here there's activity and everyone's cheerful.
I feel relieved.

Chupi- *chirp*


Marcel- Oh, Chupi?

Rosa- Marcel-sama.

Rosa- Good day, Marcel-sama.

Marcel- Rosalia?

Rosa- Oh, your color doesn't look very good.

Marcel- That can't...


Marcel- Oh...

Rosa- Look... you've gotten too much sun.
Let's go to the shade of the tree.

Marcel- Y... yeah...

Marcel- Wait, Rosalia.

Marcel- My eyes aren't adjusted to the shade.

The shadows are heavy...

It's just like I'm entering a world of darkness.

Marcel- Rosalia... your hands are cold.

Rosa- Oh?

It feels very nice.

Marcel- Chupi, wait.



Marcel- Who is it?

Queen- This way.


Queen- Come.

Marcel- Your Majesty?
You're Her Majesty, aren't you!?

Marcel- Yay, I'm finally able to meet you.
I've always wanted to meet you.

Queen- Marcel.



Marcel- Majesty!?

Marcel- !!

I can't feel the breath of living things.

Marcel- Chupi.

Marcel- No...
What is this!?

This is... just like
a world of death.




Rosa- Ugh!?

Rosa- YOU...

Catis- Be gone.

Rosa- Keh!...

Marcel- Catis-sama?

Marcel- Catis-sama.

Do you always intend to be sobbing?
Pull yourself together, Marcel.

Marcel- Oh...

Listen, Marcel, become strong.
Like a bountiful large tree fastened by stout roots.

You're the Guardian of Green.





Why didn't I realize until now...
The election of the next Queen means the abdication of the present Queen.
But I'm sure that's not all...

In this hurriedly begun unprecedented Queen Examination,
a puzzle we weren't informed about is hidden.
Maybe that's...

Marcel- ......

Her Majesty...

Marcel- I can't always just be protected.
I have to be strong.
Because I'm a Guardian who protects Her Majesty.

Marcel- Rosalia?


How annoying... And I just needed a little longer.

What strong protective power...!!



*It's Oscar-sama.*

Olivie- Oscar.


Olivie- What are you doing?

Oscar- Olivie?

Olivie- Isn't it strange. You're not greeting the butterflies fluttering around you.

Oscar- I was lost in thought a bit.

Olivie- In such a lively place?

Oscar- The vividly colored forms of women coming and going raise my concentration.
They give out alpha waves.


Oscar- You yourself must not be dressed for walking in the park in broad daylight.


Oscar- Your makeup... has gotten heavy, hasn't it?

Olivie- Leave me alone.

Olivie- I came chasing after Rosalia, but
I lost sight of her.

Oscar- Rosalia?

Olivie- Has Julious told you?

Oscar- Yes.

Olivie- Why not an exchange of information?


Oscar- If it's gossip, I decline.


Olivie- Stop joking at a time like this.
It's about Rosalia.

Oscar- Rosalia... is it?

Olivie- She's changed.
Girls sometimes change startlingly but...

Olivie- From her hairstyle, her expressions... her mannerisms.
Now, everything is not like she had before.

Oscar- Yes, that's not Rosalia.
Yesterday, I tried to see her and I was convinced. Perhaps, a different personality is in

Oscar- How careless for a person of my standing.

Olivie- Well then, Lumiale noticed it and......
was approaching Rosalia?

Oscar- It seems he had his own plan.

Olivie- But, in the end, if he's caught, there's no help for him.
Since he actually isn't so clever,
he should have asked for a word of advice.

Olivie- How unfriendly. (lit. watery)

Oscar- ...... Is that a pun?


Olivie- I'm telling you I'm worried!!

Olivie- If Rosalia is possessed by a Nightmare, we can't do anything careless.
It's the same as being taken hostage.

Olivie- There may be no good move to make...

Oscar- To win a battle, first know the enemy.

Oscar- I made an appointment for a date with that "Rosalia".

Olivie- You plan to seduce a Nightmare!?


Oscar- Nightmare or whatever, as long as it's a woman, it's not impossible for I, Oscar.

Olivie- ....... Are you serious?

[Twenty-second Chapter/End]


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