Volume 7: The Girl in the Forest of Darkness

The Twenty-fifth Chapter

by Yura Kairi
Translation by Marfisa

A heavy-hanging gray sky.
It's a very,
very cold color.

So cold...

Where am I!?


... Frightening, it's suffocating.

They're only of women.

Her Majesty.

Nightmare- Let me out!!

Nightmare- Please, let me out from here.


Nightmare- I hate this place...

Nightmare- I hate it.

Not her!

That girl.

Nightmare- I really hate this place.

Don't want to become Queen...!!


... A dream?


My chest hurts with feelings of sadness.

That Nightmare girl...

Was that a dream of her?
Of Rosalia...?

Ange- Rosalia.

She was the perfect Queen Candidate.
The effort and pressure behind that were probably considerable.

I don't want to remember anything.
Leave me alone.

Ange- Was Rosalia always facing pressure too?
Even you who are always strong and proud...

Ange- I... really didn't know anything about Rosalia.

Ange- She's a lofty, unyielding young lady who was raised as a Queen Candidate since she was
I'm sure somewhere in my heart I realized you're a special person.

Ange- That you're an ordinary girl exactly the same as me.

Ange- Hurry and open your eyes, Rosalia. There are so many things I want to talk to you about.
The things you like, the things you hate.
About your childhood, about the Guardians.



Randy- You must be tired, Angelique.

Ange- Randy-sama.

Randy- *Please.*

Randy- Elysion looks perfectly stable.

Ange- Yes.

Ange- Felicia also looks fine recently.

Randy- You went and saw it?

Ange- I thought it's just what you'd expect from Rosalia.
Though there has been a short period when she hasn't been able to cultivate, it has an unshakeable

Ange- But it seems the people's desires are great, so Rosalia has to wake up soon.

Randy- Right. As rivals, you'll feel bad if you don't have a fair fight.

Ange- Right!

Ange- So I can't skimp.
If I don't steadily do my cultivation, when Rosalia wakes up, she'll scold me.

Just what have you been doing until now?

Randy- *Hahaha* Me too, I don't want Oscar-sama to be mad at me when he gets back.
So I intend to do my best exerting all the strength I can.

Randy- That's it. After this, I'm going to Clavis-sama's mansion, won't you come with me?

Ange- To Clavis-sama's?

Randy- Clavis-sama has been looking for clues with his crystal ball the whole time.

Randy- Let's go!


Randy- Hello, Clavis-sama.


Clavis- You... you never get tired of coming everyday.

*Wah! He seems to be in a bad mood.*
Ange- Hello.

Clavis- Today with a Queen Candidate too.

Randy- Was there any response in the crystal?

Clavis- The crystal only projects reflections capriciously.
*This isn't like a radar.*

Clavis- But...

Clavis- Angelique.

Ange- Yes.

Clavis- Did you have a dream this morning?

Clavis- Cold, heavy doors and a hall decorated with portraits...

Ange- Huh? How...




Ange- *Kya!*

Randy- *Clavis-sama, y, you're not doing something awful, are you!?*

Clavis- This is it.

Randy- The aurora stone...!! You still had it?
What would you have done if something had happened?

Ange- But...

Ange- I never thought it was so dangerous.
That's why.

Clavis- Yes... For you that stone seems to have a protective power.

Clavis- This stone forms dreams. It seems the dream you had was projected onto my crystal.
That dream was possibly also had by Rosalia...
And is probably that black haired girl's memory.


Ange- Uh... wait, Clavis-sama.
That girl isn't a Nightmare?

Clavis- There are no demons who can penetrate a sanctuary without touching the Queen's barrier.
Much less this Flying City where the Guardians are gathered.

Clavis- But if they have the Queen's holy Sacrea.

Randy- ?

That girl is also a Queen Candidate!?
It can't be...!!




Zephel- Leave me alone.



Zephel- *I'm analyzing it.* Sh, shut up. If you don't have any business, don't come!!

*OH, SCARY...*


Zephel- Luva?

Zephel- Hey. It's strange, you coming here.

*rumpling hair*

Luva- Ah, sorry for coming unannounced.
It's because I has some urgent business with you.

Zephel- Whether it's urgent or whatever, don't you usually summon me?


Luva- Ah, don't you usually not show up obediently?

Luva- This time, I can't really do that.
So I came to fetch you.

Luva- Zephel,
won't you accompany me for a little bit now?

Zephel- ... Where to?

Luva- Olivie's mansion.

Luva- I'll tell you the reason on the way.

Olivie- I'm surprised you got Zephel to come with you.

Luva- Ah, excuse me.

Luva- This is soon, but, about the thing......

Olivie- Mm, over here.

Luva- This is... like another completely different thing.

Olivie- Because having it that way was dull.

Olivie- ... Well, what are you going to do?
What are you going to use this for?

Luva- Ah, actually, last night I ended up wasting a Nightmare's invitation.

Olivie- Luva.

Luva- Later I realized I had done something regrettable.

Luva- And so, I thought about things,
whether I could go to the dream world using the power of the aurora stone...

Luva- Applying voltage to this stone and causing to oscillate,
If it is made to synchronize with the sleeping person's brain waves,
It might be possible to enter into that person's dream.

Olivie- ......

Olivie- Can you do that?

Zephel- ... I don't know.
What Luva's saying is absurd.

Luva- Oh, Zephel, weren't you doing an experiment to talk to plants at Marcel's request before?
*Attaching electrodes to a cactus...*

Zephel- It's not a game like that!!
*I ought to punch you.*

Luva- Really?

Zephel- Are you really the Guardian of wisdom?

Luva- Ah, of course it's not a game.
Don't you want to exhaust every means?
In order to not have regrets afterwards.

Luva- Right, Zephel?

Zephel- ......

Zephel- ... I understand.

Zephel- I'll do what I can.
But, it's not my fault if it fails.

Luva- I'll depend on you.

Luva- *Actually...* I was thinking it might be possible to use the Royal Research Institute's
teleportation device.

Zephel- *Geh!*

Olivie- Wait a minute, Luva.
Could it be that you intend to do that alone?

Luva- Nonsense! How can I do such a large scale thing by myself?

Luva- Besides, when you heard about this plan, you were itching to go to the dream world.
How about it?

Olivie- I don't understand.

Luva- The Guardian presiding over beautiful dreams,
there is no one but you qualified for this duty.

Olivie- Naturally!

Using "dreams" with an evil intent and hurting feelings.
To me it's as much of an insult as having my face trampled with shoes on.

Olivie- Who else is there,
Active, aggressive, stylish,

I can't forgive it!!

Olivie- And as beautiful as a dream
Besides me?

Luva- Olivie...
*I wouldn't go that far...*

Olivie- Storming into the Nightmare's world.
Sounds interesting.

Servant- There has been no change in Lumiale-sama's condition.
While the Sacrea of Water is weak, it is stable.

Julious- What about Oscar's whereabouts?

Servant- We have yet to be able to determine.

Servant- We will continue the ongoing investigation.

Julious- I'll leave it to you.

Servant- Yes, sir.

Julious- Is there any communication from the Sanctuary?

Servant2- No.

Julious- Oh. You may retire for today.

Servant2- Yes, sir.


The appearance of the Nightmares, the loss of both the Sacreas of Water and Fire.
In this situation, there are still no instructions from Her Majesty.

Does Her Majesty have some plan?

Julious- At a time like this, if Oscar were here, we could have exchanged frank opinions...

Julious- I'm complaining. I of all people.



*door opening*

Marcel- Oh... *I was about to knock...*

Julious- Marcel?

Marcel- Uh, um, I heard that recently you were working without returning to your private
So I brought you some things...

Marcel- It may not be to your taste, but
I brought a relaxing tea.
*It's a brand Catis-sama recommended.*

Julious- No, it's fine for now. Thank you, Marcel.

Marcel- Um... Julious-sama, if you don't get enough rest, it's bad for your body.

Marcel- I may not be able to substitute for Oscar-sama, but
I'll do my very best to help you.

Marcel- So please don't overdo it.

Julious- ... It smells good.
I'll have the tea and rest for tonight.

Julious- You should also return to your mansion soon and sleep.

Marcel- Right!

Marcel- Hey, Julious-sama, next time please teach me horseback riding.

Marcel- Chess is a little hard, but I really like horses.

Julious- Yes, I'll remember.

Marcel- Good night.


Servant- Excuse me, Julious-sama.

Servant- The Guardian of Earth, Luva-sama, and the Guardian of Dream, Olivie-sama, have arrived.
They seem to be in a terrible rush for some reason.



Olivie- Right, right, right, out of the way.



Olivie- Thanks for your work.

Luva- Ah, sorry to come at night.

Julious- What's the matter?

Luva- Ah, um...
Julious, actually, there's something extremely urgent we want to talk to you about.

Julious- Apparently, I can't rest so easily.

Luva- Um, Julious.

Julious- ... I understand.
As head of the Guardians, I approve the plan.
I will request the cooperation of the Royal Research Institute.

Luva- Thank you, Julious.

Olivie- You saved us a long talk.

Julious- It was you. You were determined to do it even without permission, weren't you, Olivie,
If that's the case, I have to keep a firm grip on the reins.

Olivie- *Am I a horse?*

Luva- *Now, now.*

Julious- Only, the Queen Candidate must under no circumstances be exposed to danger.
Don't forget to keep Rosalia's safety the highest priority.

Olivie- I understand.
Neither her body nor her mind will get a single wound.
Under no circumstances.


Olivie- Good morning, sleepyheaded princess.


Olivie- Look, I finished your dress.

Olivie- You promised to put it on and dance with me.
Please wake up now.

Olivie- I'm furiously angry right now.
Even though your heart was hurting like this, you couldn't do anything for yourself.

Olivie- At least, let me make up for your share of flowing tears.

Olivie- So, Rosalia...
I'll go to meet you.

Ange- Olivie-sama.

Olivie- Angelique.

Ange- Where are you taking Rosalia?

Olivie- Angelique, trust me.


[Twenty-fifth Chapter/End]


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