Volume 7: The Girl in the Forest of Darkness

The Twenty-sixth Chapter

by Yura Kairi
Translation by Marfisa

*machinery hum*

Luva- How is it, Zephel?
*It's very big.*

Zephel- On the whole, good.

Zephel- It's a fusion of Zephel-sama's Special Dynamic Dynamo and the Royal Research Institute's
mysterious power.

Julious- It's not dangerous, is it?

Zephel- Julious.

Julious- Because of that stone's hardness, it can be used only once.

Zephel- *It's too late to say that now.*

Zephel- So it's an untested, one shot deal?
We won't know if we don't try it.

Luva- Ah, um, by the way, what about Clavis...?

Julious- I had Randy go to fetch him.

*How annoying.*
Julious- If Lumiale is not there, it seems he becomes thoroughly lazy.

Pastha- Julious-sama,
it's faint, but we have detected the Sacrea of Fire.

Julious- Where!?

Pastha- I can't believe it, but it's the center island of the continent.
To be precise, it is the seamlike space that binds the cosmos.

Julious- That means the Nightmares' lair is there.

Pastha- Possibly...

It's terrible.

Pastha- Because Oscar-sama entered the spiritual world physically, I think that space is becoming
Otherwise, I don't know if we would have made the discovery...

Olivie- Maybe Oscar dove in intending to find that out too.

Luva- Olivie.
*Are you ready?*

Olivie- And it means Rosalia's dream is also imprisoned there.
Sorry to keep you waiting.

Olivie- Besides,
Ah, the Wandering Star Disk device has been buried by an inelegant machine...

Zephel- Are you making annoying complaints?

Zephel- Are you saying you're finding fault with the result of me and the Research Institute's
technicians' working all night?

Olivie- Oh, sorry, Zephel. Great job! I've gained a better opinion of you. When the time comes
to do something, you do it.
Thanks to you too.
Shall I give you a kiss?

Zephel- Don't cling.

Julious- Olivie, rescue Rosalia safely and if you meet Oscar, tell him
"hold the sword aloft".

Julious- If we have a sign, we can send our power into the demons' lair.

Olivie- Alright.

Luva- Olivie, here.

Luva- It's sleeping incense.


Olivie- Thanks.
With this I can have a nice long sleep.

Luva- I entrust Rosalia to you.

Olivie- Leave it to me.
In your place, I'll bring back the princess.

Olivie- Fine, begin.

Zephel- Then, let's go.
Come back safe!

*machinery hum*

*shrill sound*

Zephel- What's that sound?

Luva- It's the stone's resonance.

Like a spell,
like an exotic song,
the gentle tones.

Just like a lullaby...


Stone, guide me!
Into Rosalia's dream.

*sitting up*


Olivie- A dormant flower garden?

Olivie- Rosebuds filled with morning dew waiting to awaken... huh.
Well, where is the princess hiding?

*wind whistling*


Olivie- Who is that line meant for?

Trust me.

I want to help Rosalia too!!

Besides, that girl...
If that girl is a Queen Candidate, then why?
Why is she shut up in such a cold dark world?



Randy- Clavis-sama, please hurry up a bit.
Everyone is waiting at the Royal Research Institute.

Clavis- There is no need to be so impatient.

Randy- What are you saying!

Randy- You'll be scolded by Julious-sama again.

Randy- This is kind of reminiscent of what Lumiale-sama goes through, I guess.

Randy- Come on, please hurry and get ready.


Clavis- This...
What is this?

Randy- Wah!


Clavis- Randy.

Clavis- Hurry! The destination has changed.


Randy- Yes?

Clavis- The golden haired Queen Candidate has done it again......!!



The sound of waves?

The blue sea.


Nightmare- I've never seen such a beautiful sea.

Nightmare- A deep forest and a lead colored sky,
a cold, dark, large castle.
That's the only scenery I remember.
But... this warmth was in the past... somewhere...


Lumiale- You should remember little by little.

Lumiale- Stretch your numbed limbs,


Lumiale- Soon, your heart too will thaw.
You'll start to walk with your own feet.

Ange- Lumiale-sama!?

Lumiale- Angelique?
What are you doing here!?

Ange- Lumiale-sama, you're safe.

Her heart has closed.

Lumiale- Angelique, Rosalia is having a dream of sleep in the dream world.
If it's you, it may be possible to wake Rosalia up.


Lumiale- Please find Rosalia...

Ange- Lumiale-sama.

Nightmare- You surprised me.

Nightmare- Breaking into other people's dreams,
you're more impudent than I imagined.

Ange- Oh... I'm sorry.

Ange- But, first of all, I didn't come into the dream world,
I was pulled into the dream world...

Ange- Please, give everyone back!!

Nightmare- You're very greedy.


Ange- Then, let me see Rosalia!
Where is Rosalia!?

Nightmare- Rosalia?
I don't think she wants to see you.

Nightmare- Just to let you know, Rosalia is here of her own will.
As if you know anything about her.

Ange- I

Ange- May not know anything about Rosalia, but...
that's why...

Ange- I want to know more about Rosalia and understand her!!

Ange- Rosalia is my dear friend!!

Nightmare- Friend?

Nightmare- Isn't Rosalia your rival?
One of you will ascend the Queen's throne at the expense of the other.
It's strange that you're friends.

Ange- What are you saying...

Ange- Were there only those kind of people around you?
You're a Queen Candidate too, aren't you?

Nightmare- ... Yes. But I didn't desire it.
Distinguished aristocrats, possessed by ambition and vanity,
sought out a girl born to descendants of the clan and forcibly adopted her.

From now on you will receive education as a Queen Candidate.
For that purpose we have taken you in.

My, how vulgar. At this age, hair is arranged up.

No, don't touch me.

You want to become a Queen Candidate, don't you!? Then become one. That's why.

Don't touch me!!

Nightmare- Do you know?

Nightmare- There are lots of girls which have that disposition but aren't chosen as Queen
Still more, there's not always a Queen Alternation in those girls' lifetime... naturally.

Nightmare- Someone like you is an exception among exceptions!

Do you know the meaning of your good fortune?

Nightmare- Can you understand Rosalia's pain?

Ange- ... I don't understand...
For me, it's a world I can only imagine...

Ange- But, hearing that, I feel like I understand Rosalia and you a little.
Thank you for telling me.

Nightmare- ... Fine, then why don't you try?


Ange- Kya!

Rosalia is somewhere in this place.

Let me see you find your friend!


O, Olivie-sama.

Olivie- Angelique!?

Ange- Kyaa.

Olivie- Wait! What are you doing here!!

Olivie- Here, face this way.

Ange- Oh, um, I was worried about Rosalia,
and then before I knew it, I was here...

Ange- I don't understand it very well either.

Olivie- You're hopeless.

Ange- Olivie-sama?

Olivie- Oh well.

Olivie- I said it before. I'll protect you.



Olivie- I won't let you lay a finger on this girl.

Ange- Olivie-sama, I came to find Rosalia.

Olivie- You're saying Rosalia is here?

Nightmare- ROSALIA?

Olivie- Be quiet a minute!!

Ange- That's right. Let's try calling out to Rosalia.

Olivie- It's alright. I'm sure your voice will reach Rosalia.



This time I feel like Rosalia is very close by.
If you wake up and return to the real world,
Maybe we can become much, much dearer friends.

Answer me, Rosalia.

Everyone is waiting for you to wake up!!

Rosa- Say, nurse.
Can I become Queen?

Nurse- Yes, miss.
You naturally have the qualifications.

Nurse- Nobler than anyone, meek and gentle.
A miss like you is a nurse's pride.


?- Look, Rosalia. They're all called roses, but every flower is different.
There are many girls who have a Queen's disposition.
But you are the only Rosalia De Catargena.

You are the flower of the Catargena name.
Our pride and joy.

Father, Mother.

?- Rosalia De Catargena is chosen as a Queen Candidate!

And one other, Angelique Limoges.

Angelique Limoges.
I know that girl.

I've seen her before at the Smallney school building.
She was an average student frolicking with her friends.

She's a girl from a different world than me...
That's what I thought.

Actually, her behavior is slow,
She's a crybaby,
And yet optimistic.
She has no sense of being a Queen Candidate!!

Why is a girl like this my rival!?

She can't do anything and yet
she does what is impossible for me.

Actually, I may have been a little envious...




Someone's calling me.
That voice...


I'm here...


Olivie- Angelique?


What a lovely blue rose...

Ange- Rosalia?

Olivie- Is that rose Rosalia?

Ange- You always woke me up on mornings when I overslept.
But this is the opposite.

Ange- Wake up, Rosalia.
I want to talk more with you.

That voice...

Olivie- Rosalia!?

Ange... lique...?

Ange- Rosalia, I found you!!

*wind whistling*

Nightmare- Amazing, you really did find her.
But it seems Rosalia doesn't want to go back.

Ange- Rosalia.

Rosa- I...

Ange- Rosalia... what's the matter? Tell me.

Ange- Whenever I had a problem with the examination, you always gave me advice.
You had a sharp tongue and your attitude was high-handed, but I was happy.

Ange- Without you, I'm sure I wouldn't have come this far.
So, next time I want to hear what you have to say.

Because you were there...
We tried our best together.

Nightmare- *chuckling*... IT'S NO GOOD.

Olivie- Be quiet!
What happiness is there in running away to a place like this?

Olivie- This girl's wings aren't so weak.


Nightmare- You have been hurt... poor, Rosalia.
You're another me.

For the sake of the honor of the nobility and family pride,
Used by adults...

Ange- That's not true.
Rosalia is Rosalia!!

Olivie- Everyone likes you because you're Rosalia.

Hey, blue-eyed missy.
Felicia is a fine continent.

Ange- The people of Felicia have also been waiting for you all this time.


Nightmare- It's useless.

Felicia, my continent.

Rosa- You're wrong...

Nightmare- ?

didn't come to take the Queen Examination because it was a duty forced upon me...


Rosa- I'm different from you.
I came to try my best of my own will. I have pride in being a Queen Candidate!!

Rosa- Family pride doesn't matter to me.
Pride isn't something that can be bestowed.
It's something that you hold up strong and high in your own heart!

Rosa- I am Rosalia De Catargena!
No one else!!

Ange- Rosalia, thank goodness!

Rosa- Angelique.

Rosa- I'm sorry for being sharp-tongued and high-handed.

Ange- Oh...

Rosa- But, thanks.
I was nearly forgetting what was important.

Olivie- Rosalia.

Rosa- Olivie-sama.

Olivie- Welcome back.

Rosa- I'm sorry to have worried you.

[Twenty-sixth Chapter/End]


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