Volume 7: The Girl in the Forest of Darkness


by Yura Kairi
Translation by Marfisa

This time it's 4 panel.

As for the two Zephels in the color frontispiece illustration, one is the imposter Guardian
Sionna-kun from "Tenkuu no Requiem".

Zephel- There's kind of no difference in our treatment, is there?

This time,

I tried making the afterword in 4 panel style.

It's certainly not that there wasn't any material for this afterword, but

... I've had enough, enough...


I don't have the capacity to think of text any more and
my arm hurts and my handwriting is messy.

Always Together

Rosa- Say, nurse.

Nurse- Yes, miss.

Rosa- How long have you been my nurse?

Nurse- Now, now, I'll always be your nurse.

Rosa- ...... That's not what I had in mind.
*... A third wheel? Or something.*

Nurse- We'll always be together.

Marcel- Chupi, we'll always be together too.

Chupi- *chupipi*

No punch line.


Black Box...?

There's something I always wonder about.

*You shouldn't weld in that outfit.*

Zephel- Whatever you say, you're a slave driver.

As Guardian of Steel, one can say it's a natural concern.

What is the power source of the Sanctuary, where quill pens & paper and laptops,
And carriages and airbikes are mixed?

Julious- It's a matter of taste.

Cameo appearance by an intern.

Zephel- I can't understand it!

Zephel- Let me take apart the Wandering Star Disk!
*Just once!*

Pastha- I won't let you.



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