Volume 8: The Key to the Steel Door

Gaiden- Luva

by Yura Kairi
Translation by Marfisa

The cosmos is ruled by a single Queen.
Balancing the powers of we nine Guardians,
With those white hands, she spins the order of the stars.
Because of such busy circumstances, the present Queen rarely showed herself even before we

And so, at last the 254th Queen announced the dawning of a coronation.

Queen- The reason I have had you gather is none other than this.
In determining the next Queen, I think I would like to hear the opinions of you young ones.
I will similarly request an opinion from the Guardian of Green, Catis, and the Guardian of Steel,

Julious- Yes, Your Majesty.

Queen- About the new Queen you will be central in serving,
You should each consider it well and come up with an answer.

Julious- Her Majesty's...... words!
I was so moved I trembled!

Luva- Ah, me too. It's the first time Her Majesty has spoken to us that way.
My hands are still trembling a little.

Julious- Yes, as Guardians who must shoulder the next era, she is relying on us.
This is the first Queen alternation for us. We must be careful.
Don't you think so? Clavis!

Clavis- ... Of course.

Julious- Clavis?

Clavis- I know that it is a role of responsibility.

Julious- ... Why is he so unmotivated...

Luva- Now, now, Julious.

Julious- Luva, you're just as bad.
You're always lacking in assertiveness as a Guardian, aren't you?

Luva- Maybe I should have kept quiet.

Since the time I came to the Sanctuary as a Guardian, they have always been like that.
The Guardian of Dark, Clavis, and the Guardian of Light, Julious.
The same as the Sacreas they have, they are two of contrasting impressions.

I was a little worried by the suffocated expression Clavis sometimes shows.

Clavis- I know the words you desire.
But I can't possibly behave the same as you.

Angelique- What are you talking about?

Clavis- Who's there?


Angelique- I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hear.

Clavis- You...

Angelique- Hello, Clavis-sama.

Clavis- So it's the golden-haired Queen Candidate.


Angelique- Yes, I'm Angelique.

Clavis- What are you doing here?

Angelique- Climbing a tree. Um.
If you try climbing too, you'll understand.

Clavis- I, climb a tree?

Angelique- Oh, after all, Guardians don't do things like that, do they?
Besides, with that clothing...

Clavis- How should I do it?

Angelique- Just a little more. Put your hand to the right.

Angelique- How is it? It's a lovely view, isn't it?

Clavis- Yes. I've lived in the Sanctuary a very long time, but this is the first time I've
seen such a view.

Angelique- *giggling*

Clavis- What is so funny?

Angelique- Well, I didn't think you'd really climb.
I thought the Guardians would be harder to approach.

Clavis- It's nothing like that.
Even though we're Guardians, we're ordinary people.


Clavis- Here, the sunlight shining through the branches bears a soft light.
It's like I've entered inside a dome of light.

Clavis- It's beautiful.
Your hair, it reflects the soft light and shines.

Angelique- ...... Just my hair?

Clavis- ...... No.

Clavis- I notice there are freckles on your nose.

Angelique- Please don't look at me too much.

Clavis- Sorry.

Angelique- Your eyes under the light look violet.
You seem kind of a different person than usual.

Clavis- Really?

Angelique- I'm glad. I was thinking you might be a person who doesn't smile.

Angelique- I'm a bit relieved.

No one knew that the two had had such a meeting.

Luva- What is it you've been reading so enthusiastically for quite a while?

Angelique- I found a flower that bloomed at home in the Sanctuary.
So I'm looking if there are others.

Luva- What flower is it?

Angelique- This one.
A tsukimachi violet.

Luva- Ah, the scientific name of that flower is, um, Viola celestis.
It's a highly fragrant violet also used in perfumes.
Look, at the center of the night-like deep purple petals there is a pattern like it held
the moon.

Angelique- Luva-sama.

Luva- *Speaking of plants of the Sanctuary.*

Angelique- Um... what is Clavis-sama like?

Luva- Clavis... is it?
*Ah, here it is.*
Let's see.
The impression of being unsociable is true. And he also seems to dislike speaking.

Luva- Ah, but that is a part of his cautious personality. He is probably looking for the
appropriate words.
So when speaking with him, the trick is to try to wait a little leisurely for his words.

Luva- Was that helpful?

Angelique- Yes, thank you.

Luva- Ah, I just remembered.
Angelique, lots of those violets bloom around the waterfall at the lake in the woods.

Luva- Well, I'll put away the books.

Dia- I'll help you, Luva-sama.

Luva- Ah, thanks.

The lake in the woods?



Angelique- There really are a lot blooming.

Angelique- This purple... it's like the color of Clavis-sama's eyes.

I wonder if I can meet with him like that again.

Clavis- Angelique?

Angelique- Clavis-sama!?

Angelique- No way...

Clavis- I felt as if you called me...

Luva- It seems Angelique is concerned about Clavis.

What will I do, Dia?
I can't get Clavis-sama out of my head.

Dia- Yes, it's something like that.
He seems the type she can't ignore.
*Since long ago, she has been a person who can't ignore things like stray dogs and
people in trouble.*

At that time, I felt the two's exchange was a very good thing.
As a Guardian, thinking that might not be good, but,
I really thought so.

[Gaiden- Luva/End]


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